The Health Dangers of Microwave Oven Cooking and How It Causes Autism and All Autoimmune Diseases

The Health Dangers of Microwave Oven Cooking and How It Causes Autism and All Autoimmune Diseases : How I Developed Multiple Autoimmune Diseases and Autistic Disorders in Just 1 Year and Discovered It Was Through Microwave Oven Cooking!

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Have you ever wondered why your gut hurts so much after you eat food and you have diarrhea every time you eat meals? Are you wondering why you got so many different food allergies over the years even though you feel you are doing everything right when it comes to eating healthy? Do you want to know why you are developing a rash on your neck or cheeks? Are you curious why your thyroid is enlarged and it hurts to turn your neck? Do you often wonder what caused you to start experiencing depression and why you are now on a lifelong treatment plan taking SSRIs or anti-depressants? Do you know why doctors prescribe prescriptions and do not give you advice about nutrition or your diet? Have you been to the doctor multiple times and now you are taking medications for depression, thyroid, diabetes, migraines, nerve pain, eye discomfort, muscle cramps and stiffness, joint pain, swelling, food allergies, skin rashes and many more? I developed food allergies, eczema, thyroiditis, MS, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, ASD, migraines, ADHD, depression and many other autoimmune diseases. At first I couldn't figure out why my health was going down the tubes even though I ate right and exercised. Like millions of you out there who suffer from these debilitating diseases or have children with autoimmune diseases, you search the internet for answers, read thousands of testimonials and articles about autoimmune diseases, go to doctors almost once every other month and come away with another prescription, purchase books on autoimmune diseases and have completely changed your diet but still experience health issues and stomach pain, eliminated gluten but still have brain fog and migraines, and take supplements to feel a little better but are not satisfied since you have to consume about 20 different kinds each day. When I went to the doctors and specialists for many different autoimmune diseases in 2011-2014, I told them about "the true cause" from my discovery with microwave oven cooking and they agreed with me. But when I also discovered those doctors and their families avoid this "source" themselves I knew something was amiss. When I told parents of children with food allergies and eczema about this source and they eliminated it from their diet, their food allergy and eczema completely disappeared within 2 weeks! When the parents told their doctors about this source, they kept it to themselves rather than passing it along to other parents and children with food allergies and eczema! They already know the exact source of your autoimmune suffering, but instead of telling you and eliminating autoimmune diseases altogether in our world, it drives big business and generates huge profits for these specialists and drug companies. As you read through my story, I am going to show you exactly what this source does to your body and why so many of you are in the same boat as me. When I started developing swelling in my lips, swelling under my eyes, hives on my arms and legs, muscle cramps, muscle stiffness, nerve and joint pain, swelling in my legs and fingers and much more, I was extremely curious so I took pictures and documented my battle with these health issues. I am finally releasing my story with full undeniable proof on what truly causes all autoimmune diseases. And even if you are not suffering from this source yet, you still need to read my story because this source is a silent killer that is quietly destroying your cells, brain, mind, muscles, tissues, organs, skin, lungs, mitochondria, and more. After several years of exposure to this source, I promise that you too will develop an autoimmune disease unless you read the entire story today and eliminate it from your more

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About G Viviano

I am the 2nd born of 7 children from a family tree that originated from Sicilian immigrants who came over on the boat in the very early 1900s. Over the years my cousins and my parents had so many children, it quickly developed into one of the largest Sicilian families in the Midwest. But since I was born with a condition that gave me full brain migraines by the time I was 5 years old, I spent a lot of my childhood years in pain. There were many times my siblings would be upset with me because my condition would place restrictions on our family pastimes. We often had to cancel plans going to the drive-in theatre or cut short our day at the lake since my head would be throbbing, making me cry and nauseous most of the time. Over the next several years during childhood, I had nothing else to do but to read and enrich my mind. I usually spent my weeks/weekends reading books and staying inside. Since I didn't really have any close friends to play with during my childhood years because of the migraines, I spent most of my time reading and studying for school. It was extremely easy for me to get straight As in school over the years. As I grew up with this condition during my teenager years, I found it hard to make friends at times since I did not have very good social skills like most other children. So, I would spend most of my summers reading in my bedroom while my siblings were off playing or hanging out with friends. Many years later I finally realized this may have been a benefit since I could very easily study new or existing technologies/subjects and within a short period of time, felt like I was a subject matter expert. I could look at problems or issues and through deductive and analytical reasoning I could either reverse engineer or figure out if the solution someone else proposed was correct or not. One of the reasons I felt comfortable writing this book was because I could look at proposed solutions from leading scientists and "experts" and quickly determine if they were on the right track or just throwing darts at a wall. Many years later when I suddenly developed so many autoimmune diseases, I quickly entrenched myself in human anatomy and autoimmune diseases. I wanted to understand these diseases since the doctors were giving me the more