Grounding & Protection for Everyday Living

Grounding & Protection for Everyday Living : It's Just That Simple! - Volume 2

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Here you will learn about energies and how they affect your everyday life. This book includes step-by-step instructions to protect you from negative, harmful energies that you come in contact with on a daily basis such as: Microwaves, cell phones; computers; cranky or negative co-workers, family & friends and a lot more, that we are not even aware of. As science is now discovering and reporting everyday, these unseen energies can affect your well-being on all levels -- Physically, mentally, emotional and even spiritually. This book also teaches you how to stay grounded so you don't short-circuit yourself, when put in stressful situations. So why not learn how to work with these energies, that's what we are right? Therefore this book gives you the insight and techniques to literally put a shield around yourself, which repels, negative energies, yet still letting you be in control as to which energies you do want to come into your life to assist you for the day. So why not work with them, or for that matter have them work for you, to benefit your life, rather than harming it. Who needs to read this book? My opinion, everyone, as we are scientifically energy too! So, if you are extra sensitive to electronics, or you are an empath and feel everything, or you work in any kind of health environment (Alternative or traditional medicine, counselor, energy worker, Reiki Master, etc.), or you work within the electronics, computers, wireless arenas, then you especially need this! Not to mention if you are exploring the metaphysical world, where portals and vortexes are created everyday, without you even knowing it and yes you do need to be protected, so your own energy system is not taken advantage of by outside energies, once you lift the veil when exploring those realms as well. It is also for those of who are easily bullied, like young children or for those who carry guilt or fear, or you don't know how to say no to others, or stick up for yourself, because maybe you are just too nice of a person, well then this is for you too! Just think no more drama, that plays havoc on your emotional, mental and physical being. You will now be in control of the energies, that come into your life, and send the rest away! Taking back your power, as you walk your daily journey! You should never leave home without it! It's fun to learn; and it only takes a few minutes a day to start feeling the benefits of this amazing process. Please, go ahead, take a look and start being in control of all the energies that run through and around us everyday... Blessings
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