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Green Mental Health Care : How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs

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The so-called "War On Drugs" has a new battleground - your doctor's office, where the unholy alliance between the pharmaceutical and psychiatric industries presents a pseudo medical model that inflicts addictive, chemical abuse on innocent victims while lying to the public with "sales science" and calling it medicine. Their drugs are nothing more than variations of the very same illegal drugs the government has spent billions of dollars fighting-not because they care about you, only to preserve pharmaceutical sales. Make no mistake; a drug is a drug-pushed or prescribed. They are all toxic, and psychotropic pharmaceuticals are far more toxic to brain tissue and the liver; diminishing quality of life, causing multiple addictions and ultimately resulting in disease and death-never health and wellness! As a scientist and licensed practitioner I want to educate all those interested in what is causing the epidemic mental health crisis of today, how to avoid it, how to get off of psychiatric drugs if you are on them now, and why toxic drugs should never be sold as medicine. My work is toward a medical model for all mental health issues to be based on patient outcomes and not profit. This is accomplished with Orthomolecular Neurochemical Rehabilitation (ONR). I wrote Green Mental Health Care - How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs because the psychiatric patient with Prozac in his/her medicine cabinet is in even more danger than the crack head smoking crack. This is because the crack head knows they have to stop smoking crack to get well-the psychiatric patient thinks they are taking medicine and that their condition is the best they can hope for-when neither is true. They don't recognize the fundamental truth that drugs injure the body and mind - prescribed or pushed. To sit on the sidelines and do nothing while I watch people suffer from the effects of psychiatric drugs is not an option. I know what these drugs do to cells, tissues, critical organs and brain function and I can't just turn my head because everywhere I turn I see more pain and suffering while Big Pharma continues to make bank and control society. They are literally using our money against us, forcing out all evidence-based holistic options that should be sponsored by public medicine like pharmaceutical drugs are. They are using our taxes and out of pocket cash spent on their drugs to buy lobbyists in Washington to get pro-Pharma laws passed and forced medical practices pushed through such as the Mother's Act, the language of which is now in the health care reform bill. Come on, the notion of giving an antidepressant to a pregnant woman? These drugs are extremely harmful to grown adults; can you imagine what they do to the development of a fetus that doesn't have the functional maturity to even try to protect itself from them? They will stunt every process of development in that child and already have been shown in numerous studies to cause birth defects. Psychiatric drug use is particularly destroying the youth in our society. The vast majority of the mass school shootings are done by young adults on psych meds (see People will say, "Well, that's why they were on meds, there was something wrong with them" or "They weren't taking their meds, therefore they went crazy." Don't believe this for a second, kids have been going through all the challenges and discomforts of adolescent bullying, ostracism etc.... since the beginning of time and it wasn't until our toxic health care system started drugging them that they started taking guns to school and initiating mass murders. If you want out of the chemical prison induced by psychiatric drugs, this book will show you the way.
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About Genita M Mason Hhp

Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., is the Recipient of the 2010 Human Rights Award and most recently September 6th, 2014, the High Achievement Award from the American Naturopathic Medical Association. She is the author of 4 books on the topic of Environmental Toxicology & Non Toxic, Non Invasive and Non Addictive Healing, is published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine and has medical and celebrity endorsements spanning two decades of service. A Champion of Green Health Care - Providing Solutions That Are Non-Invasive, Non-Addictive & Non Toxic Medical Director, Radio, Books, TV, Documentaries, Lectures, Videos, Medical Model Progenitor, Print, Political Activism = Lives Reclaimed and Family's Healed activism Awards 2014 American Naturopathic Medical Association's 'High Achievement' Award. 2010 'Human Rights Award' for the High Impact Biological Medicine "Green Body & Mind Medical Model" she developed which practices the best of Functional Medicine for a long list of today's epidemic physical and mental diseases and metabolic disorders such as addiction. Professional - Founder & Medical Director, The BioSanctuary A High Impact Biological Medicine Clinic & Retreat in the Santa Monica Mountain near Malibu, CA. Dietary & Environmental Body Burden Detoxification & Environmental Medicine Clinic Orthomolecular Biochemical Restoration (OBR) 877.285.9266 All Conditions Treated Specializing in Detoxification, Sustainability, CORE Values, Green Living, Expression & Creative Indulgence, Ancient Traditions, Exploration of the Authentic Self, Fractal Environmentalism. - Medical Director, Orthomolecular Bio & Neurochemical Restoration - Recipient of the 2010 Human Rights Award for the Green Mental Health Care Medical Model a non-toxic, non-invasive, and non-addictive solution to today's epidemic mental health conditions - Recipient of the 2014 High Achievement Award from the American Naturopathic Medical Association. - Author, Green Mental Health Care How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs - Producer / Promoter, Green Mental Health Care Day - Published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine - Contributing Writer for Veritas Health Magazine - Topic: effects of dietary and environmental toxicity on mental & physical health & solutions for staying healthy in a toxic world. - Medical and Celebrity Endorsements - Radio / TV - many interviews on High Impact Biological Medicine for Addictive Biochemistry & Other Conditions
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