Greek Art and Archaeology

Greek Art and Archaeology

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Greek Art and Architecture explores the development of Greek art across three centuries. This extensively illustrated and clearly written text is accessible to introductory-level students. The major categories of Greek Art and architecture- including sculpture, vase painting, wall painting, and metal work in a historical, social, and archaeological context, are more

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  • 12-17
  • Paperback | 400 pages
  • 210.82 x 276.86 x 22.86mm | 1,202.01g
  • Pearson Education (US)
  • Upper Saddle River, United States
  • English
  • Revised
  • 5th Revised edition
  • Illustrations, maps (some col.)
  • 0205001335
  • 9780205001330
  • 88,691

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"Reading this book is like having a wonderful conversation with a learned and enthusiastic teacher who has a deep appreciation for the Classical world." Mary Ann Eaverly, University of Florida "This text is as much a cultural history text as it is an art and archaeology one-which is exactly why I use it." Paul Scotton, California State University, Long Beachshow more

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Now in its fifth edition, "Greek Art and Archaeology "charts the achievements of Greek art and civilization over 3000 years, from the abstract figures of the Cycladic islands and the mighty palaces of Crete to the baroque sculptures and complex architecture of the Hellenistic kingdoms. This new edition introduces a wealth of new material including discussion and illustration of new findings at early Bronze Age sites in Crete and the Cycladic Islands, the fourteenth century bc Uluburun shipwreck, the evolution of coinage in the Greek city states, the purpose and function of temples and the kouros figure in Archaic Greece, new ideas on interpreting the frieze of the Parthenon, and expanded coverage of the wealth and culture of Macedon. In addition, there are over 50 new color images of key works in the history of Greek art, including the Hera of Samos, the Motya charioteer, the Parthenon frieze, and newly commissioned photography of one of the masterpieces of later Greek art, the Alexander Sarcophagus. Written in a clear style, the book neatly balances lucid description with insightful interpretation and discussion. Intended for students and art enthusiasts of any age, it provides the most accessible and authoritative introduction to Greek art and archaeology available today."show more

About John Griffiths Pedley

John G. Pedley is Professor Emeritus of Classical Archaeology and Greek at the University of more

Table of contents

PREFACE 8 INTRODUCTION 10 The Recovery of Antiquity 13 The Eighteenth Century 17 The Nineteenth Century 19 The Twentieth Century 21 The Twenty-First Century 23 Literary Sources 26 The Development of Classical Archaeology 27 Culture and Society HARRIET BOYD HAWES: AMERICAN PIONEER 20 MAP The Greek World 12 Chapter 1 THE AEGEAN IN THE THIRD MILLENNIUM C. 3000-2000 BC 30 Chronology 32 Crete 34 Architecture 34 Pottery and Stonework 35 The Cyclades 37 Architecture 37 Sculpture 37 Pottery and Stonework 40 Greece 40 Architecture 41 Pottery 43 MAP Minoan Crete and the Bronze Age Aegean 32 Chapter 2 THE MIDDLE BRONZE AGE C. 2000-1550 BC 44 Crete 46 Architecture 46 Sculpture 48 Pottery 52 The Cyclades 52 Architecture 52 Pottery 54 Greece 54 Architecture 54 Pottery 55 Troy 56 Controversies and Issues ART AND THE MARKET: FORGERY 50 Controversies and Issues HEINRICH SCHLIEMANN: SCHOLAR OR RASCAL? 56 Controversies and Issues PRIAM'S TREASURE: DOUBTS AND DIFFICULTIES 59 Chapter 3 THE LATE BRONZE AGE C. 1550-1100 BC 60 The Shipwreck off Uluburun 62 Crete 63 Architecture and Wall Painting 63 Sculpture and Pottery 70 Scripts 77 Minoan Religion 79 The LM III Period 81 The Cyclades 81 Keos 81 Melos: Phylakopi III 81 The Minoan Thalassocracy 81 Pottery 81 Thera 83 The Volcanic Eruption 85 Melos: Phylakopi IV 85 Greece 86 The Grave Circles at Mycenae 86 Architecture and Wall Painting 89 Sculpture and Pottery 95 Troy and the End of the Bronze Age in Greece 99 Culture and Society LINEAR B AND ITS DECIPHERMENT 76 Chapter 4 THE DARK AGE AND GEOMETRIC GREECE C. 1100-700 BC 102 Architecture 105 Sculpture 110 Pottery 112 Colonization 118 Culture and Society BURYING THE DEAD 115 MAP The Greek World to c. 400 BC 104 MAP South Italy and Sicily 119 Chapter 5 THE ORIENTALIZING PERIOD C. 700-600 BC 120 Pottery 121 Corinth 122 Athens 126 East Greece and the Islands 129 Architecture and Architectural Sculpture 131 Sculpture 139 Culture and Society DRINKING AND DINING: THE SYMPOSIUM 125 Culture and Society FOOD 135 Chapter 6 ARCHAIC GREECE C. 600-480 BC 146 Athens 147 Architecture and Architectural Sculpture 150 The Orders 150 Doric Temples 151 Ionic Temples 154 The Cyclades 156 Temple Functions 156 Sanctuaries 158 Doric and Ionic Treasuries 160 Sicily and South Italy 164 Athens 170 Sculpture 171 Kouroi 172 Korai 176 Reliefs 187 Pottery 189 Athens 192 Corinth 196 Laconia, East Greece, and the West 197 Athenian Red-figure 200 Culture and Society COINS AND COINAGE 149 Controversies and Issues THE GETTY KOUROS: IS IT FOR REAL? 181 Culture and Society CONNOISSEURSHIP 196 MAP Greece and the Aegean 148 Chapter 7 THE PERIOD OF TRANSITION C. 480-450 BC 206 Athens and the Western Greeks 209 The Women's World 210 Architecture and Architectural Sculpture 213 Aegina 213 Olympia 214 The Olympic Games 221 Sicily and South Italy 223 Athens 227 Sculpture 229 Pottery and Wall Painting 242 Culture and Society SILVER MINES AND SILVER COINS AT ATHENS 208 Culture and Society HOMOSEXUALITY 243 Chapter 8 THE HIGH CLASSICAL PERIOD C. 450-400 BC 248 The Peloponnesian War 250 Architecture and Architectural Sculpture 251 Athens 251 Sicily and South Italy 274 Sculpture 276 Pottery and Wall Painting 281 Controversies and Issues LORD ELGIN AND THE PARTHENON MARBLES 263 MAP Attica 256 Chapter 9 THE FOURTH CENTURY C. 400-300 BC 288 Architecture and Architectural Sculpture 293 Bassae 293 Epidauros 294 Athens 297 Olynthos 299 Priene 300 Halikarnassos 302 Sculpture 305 Alexander the Great 312 Pottery 318 Wall Painting and Mosaics 322 Macedon 325 Vergina 325 Pella 334 Lefkadia 336 Controversies and Issues THE THEATER AT ATHENS: WERE WOMEN IN THE AUDIENCE? 326 Controversies and Issues VERGINA: THE TOMB OF PHILIP (BUT WHICH PHILIP?) 333 MAP The Greek World. c. 400-30 BC 290 Chapter 10 THE HELLENISTIC PERIOD C. 323-31 BC 338 Rome and Greece 340 Architecture 341 Pergamon 341 Kos 345 Magnesia and Didyma 345 Athens 348 Miletus 351 Syracuse 354 Sculpture 354 Wall Painting and Mosaics 377 Pottery 382 Culture and Society THE ANTIKYTHERA MECHANISM 343 Culture and Society SALVAGE ARCHAEOLOGY 352 Conclusion 386 Chronology 388 Glossary 389 Select Bibliography 392 Photographic Credits 394 Index 395show more