Gothic Horror Works

Gothic Horror Works : Small Town Crimes

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Book characters caught in a storm of emotions gone astray: Ron Willow, well on his way to wealth and prosperity, he stumbled on his escape from a traumatic past. Pedro Martillo, the man realizing the American Dream. Model employee, lucky in love, and strong like someone out of Muscle Beach. But is loving-too-much a reason to suffer unspeakably? Bonita Burns, ambitious, ivory-skinned, raised like a model to imitate the life of the Rich and Famous. Are these sufficient reasons for her punishment? Mario Ricardo: Dressed in polo shirts and well-pressed slacks, debonair, svelte, sociable, with a full head of wavy dark hair with elegant side touches of grey. He could be bought with sex and money. Butch Snyper, he shouldn't be demonized for an indifference to extreme suffering product of his parents neglect and a chronic drug habit. Lazar Morpheus, his addiction to children ruined his life and sent him into a spiral of orgy and crime. Bobby Torino-pizza face-scared in body and soul by his father's beatings, learned from a pro and put the lessons into practice before he turned 18. Clyde Needles. Junk food and adulterated liquor had changed his appearance. He gained weight. His chiseled, youthful anatomy deteriorated into a caricature of himself ten years later; cheeks, puffy and swollen; once flat stomach, a belly pouch protruding through an oversized shirt; his muscular legs, now hairy cedar logs bumpy with cellulite. Baby-face Lolita, eighteen, could pass for fifteen, but was more precautious than any 21-year old.
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About Mike Morell

Mike Morell's mini-biography. Earned a bachelor degree from the UCLA's school of theater arts and a master's in Arts Administration. He's been writing on and off since 1973 while supporting his family with several jobs, the last one in real estate. Residing in Arizona, the last 12 years have been productive. His ouvre include Show Me Your Papers! a full-size immigration romp offered by Amazon and Kindle. Thoughts for Food and Food for Thought, a non-fiction work on longevity, health and happiness. Gothic Horror Works, a collection of crime stories. The following plays: Hitler and Stalin, a horror play; Madass and W, a political romp between a Middle East dictator and the president of a powerful western nation; and Romeo and Julieta (doomed lovers in the Drug Wars). The following plays are in the making: Deyanira in LA, after Sophocles' The Women of Trachis; Jews Loved Jesus, about the Roman-Palestinian war, and Half Off, a play of the absurd about Advertising. The Politicos, a do-it-yourself work about winning elections is in process.
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