The Glimpse

The Glimpse

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London, in the not too distant future, and people are now divided into Pures and Crazies, according to the results of a DNA test, with the Crazies sectioned off to live within 'the City.' Until the age of fifteen, Ana has lived amongst the Pures, but her whole world crumbles when she finds out that her DNA test was faked, which makes her one of the Crazies. She has just three years before she will be cast out of the Community . . .

But Ana meets Pure-born Jasper and is offered a ticket to freedom when he asks her to Join with him. She looks forward to a 'normal' life, and fulfilling her dreams of becoming a musician. Then, just a week before the Joining ceremony, Jasper goes missing; it appears he is somewhere in the City, and no one knows why. Ana sets off on his trail, which takes her into the pits of the human soul. And as she delves deeper into the mystery of Jasper's disappearance, Ana uncovers some devastating truths that destroy everything she has grown up to believe, but she also learns to love as she has never loved before.
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  • 12-17
  • Paperback | 432 pages
  • 126 x 198 x 27mm | 336g
  • London, United Kingdom
  • English
  • Main
  • 0571280536
  • 9780571280537
  • 183,124

About Claire Merle

Claire wrote her first paranormal screenplay at the age of thirteen and named it after a road sign. Danger Alive never made it to the big screen, but she continued to write and daydream her way through school and university. Claire graduated with a first BA (Hons) in Film Studies, and spent the next few years working in the BFI. She worked as a runner and camera assistant, and fantasised about creating her own films. In 2000, she wrote and directed the short film, Colours, which sold to Canal Plus. Today, Claire is concentrating on writing YA fiction. She spends her time between Paris and London, along with her French husband and two young sons.
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2,176 ratings
3.51 out of 5 stars
5 24% (533)
4 29% (632)
3 27% (589)
2 12% (261)
1 7% (161)

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The Glimpse is the first out of two books in The Glimpse series by Claire Merle. There were a lot of aspects to this book that I really enjoyed reading. I loved the fact that Merle had set this dystopian fiction not so far into the future. She linked things in her books with things that are going on around us at the moment and things that had happened in the past. It felt realistic in those terms when she was explaining what things had happened. This book was a huge wake up call for stigma around mental health and illnesses. I think it really showed where things could go if we let things carry on the way they are. Towards the beginning of the book I thought that Merle was only really focusing towards the extremes on mental illnesses but as the book went on you could see where she was trying to go with it and why she had put things into that life. What I did find with this book, is that it never really gave you time to sit to question and guess what was going to happen next. Personally, I like to be able to try and guess what’s going to happen next but I really didn’t get the chance to here. At points it felt so jam packed with information that it was hard to process everything and then other parts just seemed quite empty. I’m, personally, not really huge fan on Ana. I felt throughout the book she was still quite ignorant about what life in the City was like and the people in there. It felt as though it wasn’t until towards the end that you saw the character development in her within a few chapters, when you had been waiting throughout the book for it. There were some parts in the book where I felt the plot took a little while to move on but it’s still worth a read and there were quite a few parts that I found more
by Saira Ahmed
I'm a French girl reading in English... Not always easy, but totally worth it! The Glimpse is an amazing suspense and love story, brilliantly constructed: in the first part of the book, the reader see things through Ana's education, everything she has always "known" about her society ... just like people today believe everything they are being taught at home, at school and by the media... and then you get to see her discover the truth from a brand new view point... I loved so much The Glimpse that I couldn't wait to read its sequel: The Fall... so I managed to get my own personal copy signed by the author!show more
Rating: 4.5/5 The cover: This cover is just pure. It is well connected to the story and it represents the love that develops between the two main characters and the barriers they had between them. The storyline: This is the first dystopian YA book I've ever read and I was lucky enough to have it as my first. In three words: it was amazing. It is hard to summarize what happens in the story because there is so much going on at the same time. And I'll probably just spoil the book for you, since I'm in love with this book I won't be able to contain myself and I'll just spill it all out. So, this time, I'm going directly to what I liked and what I didn't but before that here's one sentence which a quote actually from the book that summarizes the story very well : Things are not what they seem. What I loved: - First of all I should thank Claire for the amazing story and how unique it is. I wished I was living in that time and place. The story is so alive and full of emotions. - I thought the concept of human beings being separated according to their genes was amazing. - During the story, we get to read from different point of views. I thought it was suitable for this book. This way we could know what was going on with each important character during the same period time or just after it (Something happens with one character and in the next chapter we get to hear what happened with the other one just after the previous chapter or at the same time, depending on the characters him/herself). - I loved the characters, all of them (except the Wardens, Ashby, Cusher and the whole Three Mills staff to be honest. I thought they were predators). - I loved the futuristic setting where everyone have an internet connection and have interfaces and no one used normal PCs or phones. It was pure pleasure to me ^_^. - The relationships between the characters kept going on and twisting until I didn't know who was telling the truth. That kept me reading until the last page! - This book is full of mystery and is somehow thrilling. It has death, murder, torture, betrayal, love, fraud and many more. It's like a whole unique world that Claire created and it kept only getting better. - I appreciate the London atmosphere in the book. I kept imagining the surroundings (thanks to the books I read about and set in London ^^) and the characters' accents while reading. - I'm not a romantic person whatsoever, but the romance in The Glimpse made me wish I had someone like Cole. The romance was clean, slowly developing and safe. I appreciated that. - May I say the ending was so great in a cliffhanger way that I kept re-reading the last three chapters looking for answers I didn't find. Which made me wonder, is there a sequel? *praying for a sequel* What I disliked: - The story at the beginning was slow paced, for me. Now that could simply be because of how I kept reading few pages while I was suppose to study for my finals. I just felt things started too slow, but maybe it's because I love the action so much I can't wait! The characters: Ariana Barber (a.k.a Ana): is the main protagonist. A 16 years old at the beginning of the book, the age in which she was diagnosed as a BIG 3 sleeper. Then she's 17 and one month away from turning 18, in the rest of the book. So all of the story happens during that month or so. Ana is simply smart, beautiful, stubborn in a good way and yet friendly, nice and understanding. I think in all the books I've read by far, she's my favorite protagonist. This is a character you could count on if you were alone with in a deserted place full of Zombies (She hates zombies, by the way ;)). Jasper Taurell: is a pure boy that Ana befriended when she first moved to the Community. She fell for him and then they were bound waiting for their joining when she turned 18. (Joining is technically marriage. Except there's no option for a divorce once joined). He somewhat bothered me at the beginning of the book like something was wrong with him. And then I understood why. He is handsome and smart but he has this feeling about him that I don't like. Oh! and at the end of the book, I couldn't believe what I read! Sorry, Jasper, I just don't like you nor do I sympathize with you. Tamsin: is the long lost friend of Ana. They've been friends since they were fourteen but seven months before Ariana's bounding, Tamsin disappeared. She's later discovered by Ana and yet again, they get separated. Lila: is a girl living in the City (where the "Crazies" live). She and Ana meet when Ana goes to the City searching for... someone. During the story they become friends. Cole: is supposed to be a terrorist and a suspect in three different cases. Ana helps him after knowing he's Lila's brother. Towards the end, a love sparkles between them. He's strong, determent, sometimes scary, intelligent and loves music. Ashby Barber: Ana's father. I don't think I ever hated any character's father as much as I hate him right now. He's a puzzle to be solved, yet it is obvious he's ignorant when it comes to others' lives and selfish. So selfish. Other characters worth mentioning: Nate, Cole's brother. Jack Dormant, a Warden working for Ashby. Conclusion: This book is essential to any dystopian reader. You won't be disappointed. I have a strong feeling this book is going to be my favorite read in 2012, and so far, it is! I should thank Faber & Faber for granting me the opportunity to read the book. Thank more
by Randa Kerbache
Review also posted here: To be be honest, I found it really hard to write this review.. I can't really think of much to say about this book. I'm speechless! The Glimpse is one of the, if not the, favourite dysopian book I have ever read. I loved the pace of this book.There was twist after turn, I couldn't put it down! At the end of every chapter there was something that kept me reading; it was brilliant. The book flowed really well, I couldn't put it down. The characters were well written and really easy to familiarise with; even some of the bad ones. (Which never happens to me; this shows how much of a epic author Merle is). And the boys! Never in my life was I so adamant who I wanted the main character to end up with. Though both boys are both fabulous in their own right, (I found Jasper really sweet, but perhaps a little to old fashioned for me). It's Cole, who Ana meets in the city, who stole my heart. I was really hoping that they'd get together. *no spoilers for you, though. Sorry!* I think they're even my favourite book couple. Yes, I love them that much! I can't wait for the sequel to see how everything between them plays out. The plot was really original too, which was wonderful. I love seeing the new things that get thought up for the dysopian genre, and this book has one of my favourite plots. I could have never have thought of something like it; it's got so much depth too! The different layers to this story shows how much thought Merle has put into it. I really admire and respect her as an author, she really is talented and I can't wait for the sequel! There wasn't one cliffhanger as such; there were lots. I know the follow up will be fabulous. But if the sequel is more phenomenal than this book, I don't think the universe will be able to cope, to be honest. This book was just written so well, there were no plot points, (though this is part of a duet so there will be a few). So this book is fantastic, it really draws you in, and when you're hooked, you're hooked. :) My favourite character from this book would have to be Ana. She's just so badass, and yet really broken, which I really liked. Not the fact that she is broken, but the fact that you can see that more vunerable side of her; even though she is the main character, and they are usually flawless, so that really impressed me. Another thing I really liked about her was the fact that she was blonde! No real reason about this one, but I think that you never really see any kickass female characters that are blonde in books! So I really like Ana; she is witty, flawed but strong, and I just love her character in general. I wish she were real, I know we'd be friends. So hats off to Merle for this excellent character! So if you'd like a book that is dysopian YA at it's best; thriller, mystery, romance. Everything you'd really wish for, then what are you waiting for?! go and read this book. You will definitely not regret it! I highly recommend it and have already done to all my friends. Seriously! I cannot recommend it enough. If you even just read this review anf think 'boy, I might read this. It sounds good!' Go and read it. NOW. This book won't just make you think - it'll make you never stop. If you like this genre of book, or it even sounds that little bit interesting - please read it! You'll enjoy it! I would give it an age rating of 13+ or mature readers, and a personal rating of 9/ more
by gemma smith
Never having heard of this book before, I didn't really have any expectations. I think this was a good thing, because after reading some of the reviews, both positive and negative, <i>after</i> I finished the book, I think I may have been let down a little if I had read these <i>before</i> starting the book. That being said, I really did think the whole plot of THE GLIMPSE was pretty original and because of that, there was a lot the Ms. Merle could have done (and still CAN do) with this series. But, in some ways, I feel like aspects of this book fell short. But before I talk about what I <i>didn't</i> like, let me talk about what I <i>did</i> like. I really enjoyed getting to see both "worlds" in this story. As a reader, we get to experiece what life is like for the PURES and what life is like for the CRAZIES, who live outside a protected wall, in a rather vicious atmosphere. The Pures have their own schools, neighborhoods, etc... And most of them feel privileged and superior, while those living in the Community, labeled as "less-than", are doing their best to survive while being manipulated and mistreated by the government and each other. Not only do we get to see the Community, but we get to get a peak inside a mental-health facility where some of the ACTIVATED Crazies must live. Surprisingly, these facilities are not what they are <i>supposed</i> to be and the patients suffer abuse and torture at the hands of many. Standing alone, I also really enjoyed all of the characters. I believe they all served some purpose in the telling of the story and made it richer. Whether they were there to make things harder for Ana and her friends, or whether they were written to <i>help</i> them. The characters were all written so well, that I can't help wanting to know a little bit more about them all, what makes them tick, what motivates them. And I believe there are many questions that are still unanswered. Hopefully, in the next installment, we'll get some of those answers. Now, as for what I <i>didn't</i> like so much. The "love story". I feel like we're supposed to like and root for Cole, but we're not given enough reason why Ana would risk everything to be with him. Because there's also Jasper. And while we're left at the end, wondering how this will end for Ana, I can't help but feel like she's not making an educated decision. Don't get me wrong, I liked Cole, I'm just not sure if I can see why Ana would be so confident in their relationship. To me, a few passionate kisses doesn't justify a life-long commitment. All that in consideration, I really do think this story is worth reading. I also can't help but think that the next installment will be stronger and better than this more
by Christy @ Captivated Reading
4.5 Stars Ariana Barber (Ana) lives in a world of Pures. Outside the walls of the community are the Crazies. All of whom either have, carry or will develop, a mental illness. Any kind of meltdown, including a child's temper tantrum, can result in admittance to a mental health facility. It is discovered that there was a mistake in Ana's test, and she's not a pure but could develop the same mental illness that caused her mother to commit suicide. Ana's father is a respected man in the community as he developed the pure tests, so Ana is allowed to stay with the Pure's as long as Jasper Taurell still agrees to be joined with her. But just weeks before they are due to be joined, Jasper disappears. Ana leaves the community to try to find him and is opened up to a world of deceit and lies at the hands of her father. Dystopian novels seem to be flooding the market at the moment and for some reason, I always seem to approach them with some trepidation. I don't know why, because most times I really enjoy them. And this time, with The Glimpse, was no different. Claire created a fantastic world surrounding the Pures and the Crazies, in the city and the community. This book is based in future England which was a nice change as so many books are based in the States. This is a world of high technology where everyone has an electronic ID and an interface that they carry around their neck. It was like constant access to the internet from a projection which could just appear anywhere with the press of a button. The character definition and development was well done. Ana appears as a quiet, obedient girl but once outside in the city, amongst the Crazies and looking for information on Jasper, her true strengths start to show. Her caring nature and strength of character make her an asset to have on your side. She will help people as much as she can and seems to give little thought to her own well being while doing so. I started to enjoy this book even more with the introduction of Cole Winters. He is a Crazy and a suspect in criminal activity on behalf of the Enlightenment Project, a sect that promised it's members it would save the country from the evils of modern society. I was taken in by him on impact. There is just a kind of presence appears with him. "his smooth movements conveyed deep self assurance". He is intelligent and sweet and shares a love of music with Ana. There is a spark between them almost straight away and I enjoyed the relationship they share. Don't be disillusioned, there is no love triangle in this. I never really felt any connection in the relationship between Jasper and Ana. All of the secondary characters in this book are easily recognisable and memorable, adding impact to the storyline. Especially Lila, Cole's younger sister. I really enjoyed her presence and the part she played. This book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. I was scared, sad, anxious and nervous, sometimes all at once. You may notice I am missing happy. I didn't feel much to be happy about in this book. I'm hoping that will come in the next instalment, currently titled The more
by Suzanne Finnegan
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