German Aircraft of World War I

German Aircraft of World War I : 1914-1918

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Organised chronologically by type, German Aircraft of World War I offers a highly-illustrated guide to the main types of aircraft used by the German Air Force during World War I. The book offers a comprehensive survey of German aircraft, from the Albatros B.1 and Fokker E.II of the early years, to the more sophisticated Fokker D.VII and Junkers CL.1 of the final months of the war.
All the major and many minor types are featured, including monoplanes, biplanes, single-seater fighters, two-seater fighters, bombers, ground attack aircraft, night bombers, giant bombers and floatplanes. This includes both well-known and lesser- known models, such as the LVG and Pfalz single-seater fighters, the Gotha and Zeppelin Staaken large bombers, AEG ground attack aircraft, and the Albatross, Halberstadt and Brandenburg two-seater biplanes.
Each featured profile includes authentic markings and colour schemes, while every separate model is accompanied by exhaustive specifications.
Packed with 110 full-colour artworks with detailed specifications, German Aircraft of World War I is a key reference guide for military modellers and World War I enthusiasts.
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  • Hardback | 128 pages
  • 176 x 222 x 15mm | 500g
  • London, United Kingdom
  • English
  • 110 artworks and 20 photos; 130 Illustrations, unspecified
  • 1838861122
  • 9781838861124

Table of contents



Single Seat Fighters

D types
Albatros D.I
Albatros D.II
Albatros D.III
Albatros D.V & Va
Fokker D.I, D.II, D.IV
Fokker D.III
Fokker D.V
Fokker D.VI
Fokker D.VII
Halberstadt D.II, D.III, D.V
Junkers D.I
Roland D.II & D.IIa
Roland D-VIa & D-Vib
Pfalz D.III & IIIa
Pfalz D.VIII
Pfalz D.XII
Siemens-Schuckert D.I
Siemens-Schuckert D.III
Siemens-Schuckert D.IV

Dr & F types
Fokker Dr.I

E types (Eindecker - armed monoplanes)
Fokker E-I
Fokker E-II
Fokker E-III
Fokker E-IV
Fokker E-V/D-VIII
Pfalz E-types (E-I & E-II)

Two-seater Reconnaissance and General Purpose

A & B types
Albatros B-types
Aviatik B-types
Fokker A-series
Fokker B-series

C types (armed two seat biplanes)
AEG C-types
Albatros C-III
Albatros later C-types
Aviatik C-types
DFW C-types
Halberstadt C-types
LFG Roland C.II and C.III 'Walfisch'
LVG C.V and C.VI
Rumpler C.I
Rumpler C.III and C.IV

Ground Attack and Escort Fighters

CL types (close support & two seat fighters)
Halberstadt CL.II and CL.IV
Hannover CL-II
Hannover CL-III and CL-IIIa
Junkers CL.I

J types (ground attack)
Albatros J.I and II
Junkers J.I

Bombers and Seaplanes

G & K types (Grossflugzeuge - large bombers, originally Kampfflugzeuge - battleplane)
Friedrichshafen G.III & IV
Gotha G.I (the Gotha UWD is a seaplane version)
Gotha G.II-V
Rumpler G series

R types (Riesenflugzeuge - giant bombers)
Siemens-Schuckert R-series
Zeppelin-Staaken R-series

W types and other seaplanes (Wasser - floatplane)
Gotha WD series
Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 (1917) (fighter)
Hansa-Brandenburg W.19 (reconnaissance)
Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 (1918) (fighter)
(includes AEG J.I)

Zeppelin and Schutte-Lanz dirigibles
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About Edward Ward

Edward Ward is a writer and illustrator who has written on a variety of aviation
subjects for over ten years. He has produced many articles for aviation journals both in print and online and is a regular contributor to the Hush Kit aviation blog. Edward lives with his wife and daughter in Sydney, Australia. Ronny Bar has had a lifelong interest in aircraft since growing up near the El Palomar Air Force Base in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His artwork regularly appears on websites, journals and publications like Wingnut Wings, Windsock Worldwide, Windsock Datafiles, Cross & Cockade and Over the Front.
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