Geometry Teachers Activity Kit: Lessons and Worksheets For grades 6-12

Geometry Teachers Activity Kit: Lessons and Worksheets For grades 6-12

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For all math teachers in grades 6-12, this practical resource provides 130 detailed lessons with reproducible worksheets to help students understand geometry concepts and recognize and interpret geometry's relationship to the real world. The lessons and worksheets are organized into seven sections, each covering one major area of geometry and presented in an easy-to-follow format including title focusing on a specific topic/skill, learning objective, special materials (if any), teaching notes with step-by-step directions, answer key, and reproducible student activity sheets. Activities in sections 1-6 are presented in order of difficulty within each section while those in Part 7, "A Potpourri of Geometry," are open-ended and may be used with most middle and high school classes. Many activities throughout the book may be used with calculators and computers in line with the NCTM's more

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About Judith A. Muschla

About the Authors Geometry Teacher's Activities Kit is the fourth practical resource for math teachers co-authored by Judith and Gary Muschla. Their earlier works included The Math Life Applications (The Center, 1996), and Math Starters! 5- to 10-Minute Activities to Make Kids Think, Grades 6-12 (The Center, 1999).show more

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GEOMETRY TEACHER'S Activities Kit Ready-to-Use Lessons & Worksheets for Grade 6-12 Judith A. Muschla ♦ Gary R. Muschla This unique resource gives teachers 130 lessons with accompanying activity sheets to help students understand geometric concepts and recognize, interpret, and appreciate geometry's relationship to the real world--from hexagonal snowflakes to the Golden Rectangle of art and architecture! Each lesson features an Objective, Special Materials, Teaching Notes with step-by-step directions, Answer Key when necessary, and worksheet. And for easy access and use, materials are organized into seven parts and printed in a big 8 1/4" x 11" format for photocopying of any worksheet as many times as needed. Here's just a sampling of the ready-to-use help you'll find in each part: The Language of Geometry offers 26 activities that focus on fundamental concepts and skills, from basic vocabulary and figures (A Geometry "Word" Puzzle), networks (Tracing Networks), tangrams (Constructing a Tangram) to lines, segments, angles, transversals, optical illusions, and if-then statements. Polygons--The Foundations provides 19 activities that cover the basics of polygons, including concave and convex polygons...symmetry (The Symmetry of Logos)...triangles (Try Your Hand at Drawing Triangles)...The Pythagorean Theorem...magic squares...and quadrilaterals (Creating Quadrilaterals by Connecting Midpoints). Polygons--Advanced includes 25 activities that address advanced topics of polygons, such as figurate numbers... attributes of triangles (What Type of Triangle?)... Pascal's Triangle...interior angles (Finding the Sum of Interior Angles of a Polygon)...diagonals (Sides, Diagonals, and Handshakes)...right triangles (Right Triangles and Special Right Triangles)...sine, cosine, and tangent ratios...congruency...similarity...and Fibonacci Rectangles. Circles contains 15 activities that include magic circles...symmetry (Circles and Symmetry)...inscribed polygons... tangents (Tangents: Circles and Lines)...The Archimedean Spiral (A Curve from Concentric Circles)...and trigonometric functions (The Circular Definition of the Trigonometric Functions). 3-D Figures supplies 12 activities, covering topics like pentominoes (Visualizing with Pentominoes)...cubes (Stacking Cubes)...prisms (Creating Prisms from Nets)...nets...regular pyramids (Constructing Nets and Regular Pyramids)...Platonic solids...and the creation of three-dimensional models (Drawing Three-Dimensional Models). Applications of Geometry provides 12 activities that demonstrate ways geometry can be applied to the real world, focusing on working with scale...finding perimeter (Fencing a Yard)...area (Fertilizing a Lawn)...volume (Surface Area and Volume of a Prism)...and working with formulas (Creating Problems and Applying Formulas). A Potpourri of Geometry offers 21 open-ended activities, such as a student-designed geometry lesson (The Geometry Teacher)...geometry poems (Writing Concrete Poems in Geometry) (A Collage of Geometry Careers)... geometry in Native American cultures...geometry in sports, nature, and architecture...and more! You'll find that lessons in Parts 1-6 are sequenced in order of difficulty--beginning with activities geared to middle school geometry and proceeding to activities designed for the high school curriculum. The activities in Part 7 can be used in any order you wish. What's more, many activities throughout the Kit are ideal for calculators and computer use. In short, Geometry Teacher's Activities Kit gives you scores of stimulating ways to reinforce and extend the skills taught in your classroom while improving your students' ability to analyze, problem solve, and see geometry's vital role in the study of more