A Geographical Survey of Africa

A Geographical Survey of Africa : Its Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Productions, States, Population, etc.

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James MacQueen (1778-1870) was a British geographer and also one of the most outspoken critics of the methods of the British anti-slavery campaign in the 1820s and 1830s. Although he never visited Africa, he became an acknowledged expert on the continent, through reading all available accounts, ancient and modern, as well as interviewing slave merchants while managing a sugar plantation in the West Indies. This work was published in 1840, and was aimed at assisting the expansion of colonial trading interests. In the preface he is critical of the efficacy of British attempts to eradicate the slave trade, and also of the ill-preparedness and often fatal ignorance of many explorers. He believed that with better information and planning, European involvement in Africa could be much more effective, and that the slave trade could be better reduced by the work of missionaries and by increased trade than by military intervention.show more

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Table of contents

Letter to Lord John Russell; Preface; 1. General view of Africa, population and states; 2. Great Desert, nature, extent, miseries in crossing it; 3. Arabian divisions of Africa; 4. Guinea; 5. Ashantee, or Western Wangara; 6. Human sacrifices; 7. Western division of Africa, countries, rivers, Rokelle, Rio Nunez, Rio Grande, Gambia, Senegal, etc. etc.; 8. The Niger, or Joliba, and its early tributaries, the Tankisso, Sarano, the Bagoe, the Kowara Ba, Ba Nimma, etc. etc.; 9. Butter Tree, Colat-Nut Tree, Jinne, Massina, etc. etc.; 10. Course of the Niger below Jinne, Lake Dibbie; 11. La Mar Zarah River, Cabra, Timbuctoo, small rivers, etc.; 12. The Niger below Timbuctoo; 13. The Niger below Boussa, the Oli, the Moussa, Wawa; 14. The country from Badagry to Katungah; 15. Delta of the Niger; 16. The Lower Niger and the Shadda, etc. etc.; 17. Yacoba, Adamowa, Kernorsa, Biafra, etc.; 18. Rivers and countries eastward from Boussa to Bornou, Mayyarrow, Coodonia, Quarrama, etc. etc.; 19. Kashna, Ghana, Oongaroo, Meczara, Lamlam, Agadez, the Yeou, Old Birnie, Gambarou, etc.; 20. Bornou, Kouka, Lander and Clapperton's itineraries; 21. The River Shary and its tributaries; 22. Country from Mourzook to Bornou; 23. Lake Shad, or Zad, Bagherme, Bahr el Gazelle, Wajunga, the Gir, the Asoo, Caugha, Kuku, Lake Fittre, etc.; 24. Runza, Dar Saley or Waday, Darfur, Kordofan, Zagawa, Nubia; 25. The Bahr el Abiad, Shilluk, Denke, or Donga, the Bahr el Azreek, Abyssinia, Angot, Gondar, etc. etc.; 26. African rivers which flow to the south, Shoa and Effat, Tadjoura, Zeilah, River Hawash, Ancober; 27. Berbera - Eastern Horn of Africa, etc. etc.; 28. Magdosha, the Zebbee, Narea, Gingiro, etc.; 29. Jaba, the Quillamancy, Limmou, the Habahia and its tributaries; 30. The Zaire or Congo, cataracts, etc.; 31. The Coanza, the Cuanene, Mattemba, Cassange, Meropooa, the Fish River; 32. The eastern coast of Africa, the Zambeze and Senna, Tatta, Zanzibar, Quiloa, population of South Africa, lakes in South Africa; Concluding remarks; Construction of the map; Appendix.show more