Gentle Healing for Baby and Child

Gentle Healing for Baby and Child : A Parent's Guide to Child-Friendly Herbs and Other

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Give your child the gift of natural healthWhen your children are sick or injured, you want them to feel better -- fast. Although in some cases there is no substitute for traditional medical care, prescription drugs are not always the best answer. Countless parents are discovering that natural, health-promoting substances can often be both safer and more effective. Now, a master herbalist with more than twenty-five years of experience who is also a mother of two shares her natural approach to wellness. Inside you'll find easy holistic therapies for common childhood injuries and ailments, and learn: how a banana can remove a splinter which herbs help reduce fever how an onion helps both bruises and earaches why garlic is nature's antibiotic how a spritz of rosemary hair juice prevents lice why peppermint tea relieves both headaches and stomachaches how gargling with lemon juice and table salt can ease a sore throat why ginger root can ease motion sickness and many other intelligent uses of foods and therapeutic plants -- nature's own medicine -- to alleviate discomforts.Best of all, this invaluable reference stresses and approach that helps you teach you children the benefits of proventing illness -- not just treating it.
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Table of contents

ContentsForeword1 A Word from the Author2 A Brief History of Herbs3 Dosing GuidelinesHow to Dose Your Child Adult Doses Reduce Quantity, Not Frequency How to Dose Eardrops Cayenne Dosing Garlic DosingHow to Administer Herbs to A Child4 Herbs to the Rescue!Splinters The Banana Trick The Sticky Tape TrickFrom Cuts and Scrapes to Bleeding Wounds The Disappearing Blood Trick Nature's Soothers Honey: Nature's Skin Healer Antiseptic Washes The Brown Paper Bag Trick Cayenne Pepper to the Rescue Rescue Remedy Comfrey Garlic Garlic PoulticeBurns When to Seek Emergency Help Natural Remedies for Burns Dr. Christopher's Burn Ointment Baby Bear's Burn Remedy Amazing Aloe CureSunburn Apple Cider Vinegar Bath Yogurt Skin Healer Baking Soda Sunburn Soother Aloe Vera Plant Soupy, Goopy Burn GelBroken Bones Calming the Nerves Dr. Christopher's BF&C Healing VisualizationsBone-Loving Tea Bruises, Sprains, Strains, Sports Injuries Smelly Yellow Onion Debruiser and Sprain Remedy Castor Oil St. John's Wort Bruiseaway Arnica Oil Dr. Christopher's BF&C Ointment Comfrey PoulticeInflammation and Pain Analgesic Herbs Anti-Inflammatory Herbs Antiseptic Herbs Nervine HerbsMuscle Stress and SpasmsRestless Leg SyndromeChiropractic/OsteopathyStiff Neck The Tension-Taming Neck Game YogaNosebleeds Quick & Easy Remedies The Healer of All HealersInsect Bites and Stings Plantain, Comfrey, Chickweed Aloe Lavender Peppermint Yellow Onion Tea Tree Oil Calendula Vitamin E Castor Oil Dr. Christopher's CMM Ointment Chamomile Compress Baking Soda Mud Banana Apis Be Fragrance Free A Word About Insect Repellents Pennyroyal Mosquito RepellentLyme DiseaseJellyfish StingsPoison Ivy Catch That Dot Dry It UpHerbal First Aid Kit Personalize Your Kit Keep the Kit Portable! Standard First Aid Supplies Andrea's First Aid Kit First Aid Home Herbal Pack5 The Upper Respiratory SystemSore Throats Gargle Without the Giggle Salty Lemon Gargle Grapefruit Seed Gargle Throat-Healing HerbsEar Infections Diet, Herbs, and ChiropracticEaraches The Onion Pain Reliever Cell Salt TherapyItchy Ears Tea Tree and GarlicWaxy Build-Up Peppermint De-CloggerEye Irritations Calendula/Chamomile Eye Therapy Compress Calendula/Chamomile Eyedrop Therapy Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eyebright FormulaDigestive Headaches Soothing Peppermint Tea #1 Soothing Peppermint Tea #2 More Headache-Relieving RemediesSinus-Related Headaches Decongesting HerbsEmotionally Based Headaches Lovely Lavender Spirit Soothers Chamomile BathFever-Related Headaches Fever-Reducing Herbs Headache ImageryNasal Congestion The Eucalyptus Inhaler The Eucalyptus Vapor The Eucalyptus Bath The Eucalyptus Dot Herbal Snuff Head-Clearing TeaSwollen Glands Carrot Poultice Lymph-Cleansing Tea The Castor Oil PackThe Common Cold Herbal Teas Echinacea Garlic Fluids InhalationsHerbal Remedies for the Mouth and Lips Castor Oil Lip Salve Herbal Salves and Lipsticks Calendula Mouth RinseCold Sores Nutritional Support Herbal Healers Aloe Leaf Remedy Raspberry Leaf Mouth RinseBleeding Gums Flossing Can Be Fund Astringent Mouthwash Tea Tree/Peppermint MouthwashToothaches Ouch-tooth! Remedy6 The Lower Respiratory SystemCoughs/Laryngitis/Lung Congestion Onion/Honey Cough Syrup Thyme/Honey Syrup Thyme/Eucalyptus Bath Heavy-Duty Onion Poultice The Onion Pack Chest-Relaxing Ginger Rub Aromatic Congestion Oil Echinacea Cold and Flu Tea Garlic: Nature's Antibiotic CMG Syrup Garlic Fever Reducer Dr. Christopher's Anti-Plague Syrup Lung Formula Tea Fluids Cell Salts Suggested ProtocolAsthma Environmental Toxins Food Intolerance Empower Your Child! To Restore Emotional Balance Physical Exertion/Adrenal Nourishment Infection Herbal Therapies for Asthmatic Attacks Honegar Pressure Points The Integrated Approach7 Skin-Loving Herbs How Herbs Penetrate the Skin The Simple Pimple FixHives Nature's PharmacyInsect Bites/StingsHead Lice Preventive Measures Rosemary Hair Juice Anise Lice Be-Gone Tea Tree Oil Overnight Lice Treatment Garlic and EchinaceaRashes Soothing Applications Dry It UpChicken Pox Skin Relief Support the Immune SystemInfected Skin Sage Wash Tea Tree Oil Echinacea PasteWarts The Castor Oil Wart ChaserEczema and Chronic Rashes Chickweed Chickweed Bath Inner Cleansing Itchy-Skin RelieverPrickly Heat Rash 120Cysts Magical Castor Oil Internal CleansersBoils/Infected Skin/Pustules Drawing Poultices Instant Drawing PoulticePsoriasisSkin UlcersInflamed Skin and Poison Plant Rashes Soothe-All PoulticeImpetigoAnxiety-Reducing HerbsDandruffFungal Infections Pau D'Arco Tea Tree Oil Andrea's Anti-Fungal Oil Athlete's Foot RemedyWarm Hands and Feet Ginger Hand-and-Foot Warmer Cayenne Foot Warmer8 The Gastrointestinal SystemTummyachesGas, Bloating, and Digestive Upset Food Issues Herbal Support HonegarDiarrhea Herbal Teas, Tablets, and Oil Food RecommendationsConstipation Natural Remedies Dairy and ConstipationStomach CrampsIrritable Bowel Syndrome/Colitis Anti-Spasmodics Soothing CalmingNausea/Motion Sickness Peppermint Oil Motion Sickness Tea The Throw-Up Button!HiccoughsParasites and Worms The Glorious Garlic Go-FerHeartburn Dehydration Food Intake Natural Solutions9 Baby's ComfortDiaper Rash Tender Skin-Cleansing Herbs for Baby Herbs for Soothing Diaper Rash Powder Protection An Ounce of PreventionThrush, Candida, and YeastCradle Cap Natural Approaches (Internal) Natural Approaches (Topical) Comfrey Root Scalp RinseGeneral Skin Care Cleansing Baths Moisturizing HerbsColic Herbal Digestive Aids: Teas and Baths Tummy Intestinal Massage and Compress Ginger CompressConstipationDiarrhea Natural AidsVomiting Natural AidsOozing EyesPink Eye/ConjunctivitisFevers Fever-Reducing Infusions Elderberry Syrup Fever-Reducing Baths/Compresses Cell SaltsTeething Herbal Teething Calmer Cell SaltsVaccination Reactions Preparing for Vaccinations Calming Pre-Injection Jitters The Magic of Castor Oil If Vaccination Is Followed by Fever An Extra Dose for Peace of Mind10 Herbal Programs for the Teen Years HonegarTeen Energy Boosters Peppermint Bath Siberian GinsengMood Swings St. John's Wort Bach Flower EssencesAcne The Outside-In Gentle Facial Scrub Honey-Nutmeg Cleansing Mask Aloe Acne Treatment Herbal Zinc Zapper Herbal Steams The Inside-Out Approach Food Testing Constipation Cleansing of the Internal Organs Juni-Pars (Kidney and Bladder Cleanser) Barberry LG (Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanser) Fen LB (Colon Cleanser) Red Clover Combination (Blood Cleanser) Colon 8Menstrual Cramps Gentle Ginger Compress Dr. Christopher's Nu-Fem Formula A Teen Tonic Raspberry Leaf Tonic TeaOne More Thought...11 Calming the JittersHerbs to Calm the Nervous System Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Tranquili-TeaSleep Problems Natural Approaches Peaceful Dreams Tea Essential Oils Herbal ExtractsNail Biting Topical DeterrentsFears and AnxietiesAttention Deficit Disorder (ADD)Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) Diet Herbs How to Tailor a Formula to Your Child Essential Fatty Acids Essential Oils Aromatic Massage Oil Aromalamp Scented Pillow Aromatic Bath Vitamins and Minerals Bone Tea Punch Chemicals in Your Child's Home and School Environment Empower Your Child! One Last Thought...The Healing Power of MusicA Word on Mindful Living12 Immune System Enhancers Foods to Support the Immune System Fresh Nettles Mineral Tonic Tea Immune-Boosting SoupExcellent All-Around Immune Enhancers Siberian Ginseng Echinacea In What Form to Use Echinacea Why and How to Use Echinacea How to Dose a Child with Echinacea When to Give EchinaceaFever-Fighting Herbs Get a Medical Diagnosis Herbal Baths Herbal Teas Herbs to Bolster the Immune System Vaporizing Herbs Cell Salts for Fever Nervine Herbs Bach Flower RemediesAllergies Hive-Reducing Tea Helpful Botanicals Bee Pollen Cell SaltsBedwetting Food Sensitivities Parsley and Juniper Berry Tea Remedies to Calm a Nervous Constitution ChiropracticYeast and Fungal Problems Nail Fungus Candidiasis Supporting Antibiotic Therapy to Prevent CandidaAppendix A: ApplicationsSuppositories How to Make an Herbal SuppositoryHow to Prepare a Medicinal Tea Infusions/Using Dried Herbs Infusions/Using Fresh Herbs Decoctions/Using Fresh or Dried HerbsEquivalenciesEncapsulated HerbsCompressesPoultices Castor Oil PackInhalationsHow to Store and Preserve Herbal Remedies Liquid Extracts Dried Herbs and Capsules Herbal Teas Where to Get Your HerbsAppendix B: Characteristics of HerbsAppendix C: Food Testing How to Test Foods Wrist/Thigh Position Thumb/Pinky Connection Surrogate TestingAppendix D: Understanding Toxicity and How It Affects Your Child Rebuilding Health Internal Cleansing Herbal CleansersAppendix E: Healing ImageryAppendix F: Cell Salts Dosing Cell SaltsAppendix G: Resource Guide Product Resources Resources for Locating Natural Health Practitioners To Find Out More About Medicinal HerbsAppendix H: Product IngredientsAppendix I: Bach Flower Essences and Rescue Remedy Bach Flower Essences Rescue Remedy How to Dose ReferencesAppendix J: Herbs and Their Latin NamesBibliographyIndex
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About Andrea Candee

Andrea Candee, M.H., M.S.C., is a master herbalist with a consultation practice in Westchester County, New York. She lectures at the New York Botanical Garden and throughout the country on how to use nautre's pharmacy for regaining health and maintaining wellness. She consults with physicians and other health-care practitioners, designing protocols of botanical medicine for their patients. She has been featured in many publications, including the Sunday New York Times, Self, and New Woman magazines, and has made numerous television and radio appearances.
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