Gandhi : Social Beckon to Spiritual Beacon

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The "Non-violence" is the tool of his philosophy, for the evolution of an individual towards 'Truth'. This is the society Gandhi aspired.Gandhi's message of 'Truth' and 'Non-violence' is the gospel delivered from the 'Super mind State'. 'Non-violence is the moral state of an individual and the 'Ethical' state of a society. 'Non-violence' make a man of 'Compassion', and the 'Compassion' should be the ethical base of any society. The philosophy of Gandhi is truly a 'Universal Spiritual revolution', to transform the man of 'Lower Mental Mind state' to the 'Super Mind State' a highest human evolution. Islam preaches us the seven evolutionary states. Islam does not take the soul as a different entity that descends from somewhere and mixes with the body. The soul, at its inception, lies concealed in the animal consciousness of man; it comes to the surface at a later stage; after which further development make it perfect. Seven are its evolutionary states of Islam: Ammarah: the commanding; Lawwama: the self-accusing; Mulhima: the inspired; Mutmainna: at rest; Radiah: pleased with God; Mardiyyah: pleased to God and finally to Kamilah: the perfected. The Seven 'Virtues of 'Socrates' is the chief business of life and the greatest good. But this virtue must be Universal, constant and the same for all. As a matter of fact, all the founding masters of the world religions have preached the 'Truth' after evolving to the 'Super mind State'. The 'Truth' of all the masters is same as Gandhi. Truth cannot be two, nor have any variation. As 'Jesus' said, 'Good tree will give good fruit; and evil tree will give evil fruit'. We must understand here, that the good has no variation, but the by 'Jesus' saying evil tree, there is a variation of evil as less to highest...till it reaches good. Anything that is less than the 'Good' cannot be called as 'Truth'. Gandhiji always said that God has no religion. Until man un-conditions himself and rise above the religious dogmatism, one can't spiritually evolve to the higher Conscious level. Every 'ism' is organized and conditioned. All the organized and conditioned systems or religions in the world are dogmatic. Conditioning of any kind will possess inherence of violence in it. That must be the reason, Gandhiji said, there is nothing like 'Gandhism'. 'Truth' is the experience of an individual, but has different angles of perception in its ways. All the perceptions may be true to the person of the preceptor, but it contradicts with other person's perception, due to different stand points of the preceptors. This deviation in perception always creates conflict among the aspirators of truth. If thirteen mountaineers claim a mountain from different angles of the mountain, the perception and the experience of every individual may differ from each other and create a conflict among them. Once they reach the peak of the mountain, all of them will experience the same truth. At this point all their differences will disappear and they all will see the same Truth. If the goal of every religion is 'Truth', creating conflicts arises out of the paths, can be eliminated by knowing the truth. 'Truth' alone can eliminate the conflict of differences. If the goal of all the thirteen major religions of the world is "Truth," by viewing the truth with the help of Gandhi's philosophy, the differences among the religions will come to an end. Gandhi is one of the main intellectual figures today who has the disturbing capacity to unsettle our fixed categories, to shake our inherited conceptual habit, and to let us see world in a new light. "Truth, then, is the source and foundation of all things that are good and great," said Gandhi whose life was a pursuit of 'Truth'. "Any failure to understand Gandhi's ideas will be a great loss for the future generations; we may not agree with him in all his views, but we shouldn't attempt to criticize before understanding him
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