The Gamma Ray Sky with Compton GRO and SIGMA

The Gamma Ray Sky with Compton GRO and SIGMA

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This volume consists of invited lectures and seminars presented at the NATO Advanced Study Institute "The Gamma Ray Sky with COMPTON GRO and SIGMA" , which was held at the Centre de Physique Theorique of Les Houches (France) in January / February 1994. The school has been planned by a Scientific Organizing Committee. It was organized with the aim of providing students and young researchers with an up-to-date account of the high-energy phenomena in the vicinity of compact objets and the diffuse gamma-ray backgrounds after the early results from the gamma-ray telescope SIGMA and the four instruments onboard COMPTON GRO (Gamma Ray Observatory) : BATSE (Burst and Transient Source Experiment),COMPTEL(Compto'l Telescope),EGRET (Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope) and OS SE(Oriented Scintillation Spectrometer Experiment) . It was attended by more than sixty researchers from many countries. The lectures and seminars represent a complete coverage of our present knowledge and understanding of: Gamma-ray backgrounds, Gamma-ray Burts,Active Galactic Nuclei,Galactic Compact Objects, Gamma-ray Spectroscopy, Instrumentation and observation techniques, etc ... Most of these lectures are reproduced in this volume. Unfortunately, a few lecturers have chosen not to submit their manuscript.
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Table of contents

Preface. I: Introductory Lectures. The COMPTON Gamma Ray Observatory: Highlights from the First Three Years of the Mission; N. Gehrels, C. Shrader, D.A. Kniffen. Overview of the SIGMA Results; J. Paul. TEV Gamma-Ray Astronomy, Techniques; T.C. Weekes. II: Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Sources. High-Energy Radiation from Active Galactic Nuclei: Implications for AGN Unification Scenarios: C.D. Dermer. Modelling the High Energy Spectra of AGN; G. Henri. Multi-wavelength Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei; T.J.-L. Courvoisier. OSSE Observations of Galactic Nuclei; J.D. Kurfess, W.N. Johnson, K. McNaron-Brown. EGRET Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei; R.C. Hartman. TEV Gamma-Ray Astronomy, Extragalactic Sources; T.C. Weekes. III: Gamma-Ray Backgrounds. Diffuse Gamma Rays from WIMP Decay and Annihilation; M. Kamionkowski. The Diffuse Gamma Ray from Cosmic Ray Interactions in the Galaxy; P. Chardonnet. Diffuse Galactic Continuum Emission; E.W. Strong. EGRET Observations of the Diffuse Galactic and Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Backgrounds; P.F. Michelson. IV: Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources. The Equation of State of Dense Matter; D. Vautherin. Binary Pulsar Shock Emission as Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources; M. Tavani. TEV Gamma-Ray Astronomy/Galactic Sources; T.C. Weekes. EGRET Observations of Galactic Gamma-Ray Sources; G. Kanbach. BATSE Observations of Galactic Black Hole Candidates; W.S. Paciesas, B.A. Harmon, B.C. Rubin, C.A. Wilson, S.N. Zhang. Observations of Discrete Galactic Sources with OSSE; J.D. Kurfess, M.S. Strickman, J.E. Grove. V: The Galactic Center. SIGMA Observations of the Galactic Center in the Hard X-Ray and Soft -Ray Regime; B. Cordier. Balloon Observations of the Galactic Center 511keV Line and their Relationship to Satellite Results; B.J. Teegarden. VI: Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy. Gamma-Ray Producing Radioactivities from Supernova Explosions; R.D. Hoffman, S.E. Woosley, T.A. Weaver, F.X. Timmes, R.G. Eastman, D.H. Hartmann. Astrophysical Gamma-Ray Lines from Accelerated Particle Interactions; R. Ramaty. Gamma-Ray Line Observations with the COMPTEL Imaging Telescope; R.L. Diehl. Gamma-Ray Line Observational Results from OSSE; J.D. Kurfess, R.J. Murphy, M.D. Leising, W.R. Purcell. VII: Gamma-Ray Bursts. Gamma-Ray Bursts: Theoretical Considerations; D.H. Hartmann. Statistics of the Gamma-Ray Burst Population; J.L. Atteia. Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts; G.J. Fishman. Inquisitive Correlations in the BATSE Gamma-Ray Burst Data; N.J. Shaviv. Gamma Ray Bursts, Inverse COMPTON Scattering and the Processing Jets in Galactic Halo; D. Fargion, A. Salis. VIII: Conclusion. Summary; A.W. Strong. Author Index. Subject Index.
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