Fundamentals of Adsorption

Fundamentals of Adsorption : Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Fundamentals of Adsorption

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Fundamentals of Adsorption is the proceedings of the fifth International Conference on the Fundamentals of Adsorption, which was held on May 13-18, 1995 at the Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, California. This conference was organized completely under the auspices of the International Adsorption Society. It was attended by 196 participants from 24 countries. Members of the Scientific Advisory Board, together with the Conference Committee, selected papers for presentation from a large number of proposals involving an especially high level of international participation.
The fundamental aspects of adsorption is a subject which has grown rapidly in recent years, drawing researchers from many disciplines including materials science, chemistry, physics, biochemistry and biotechnology, and chemical, civil, mechanical and environmental engineering.
Fundamentals of Adsorption serves as an excellent reference and may be used as a primary text for a graduate level course on adsorption research or as a secondary text for a course on any of the disciplines mentioned above.
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Table of contents

Plenary Lectures.- Application of Adsorption Technology for Environmental Control.- Computer Simulations of Sorption in Model Cylindrical Pores.- Contributed Papers.- Development and Characterisation of Specialty Activated Carbons from Lignite.- Continuous Isotope Separation by Simulated Countercurrent Moving Bed Chromatography and Ion Exchange.- Pressure Behavior during the Loading of Adsorption Systems.- Assessment of Connectivity in Mixed Meso/Macroporous Solids Using Nitrogen Sorption.- The Kinetics of Adsorption of Water from Aqueous Ethanol Using 3 A Molecular Sieves.- C5 Separation in a Vapor Phase Simulated Moving Bed Unit.- Influence of Surface Heterogeneity on Thermodynamics of Adsorption. Computer Simulation Study.- Influence of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Adsorbent and Adsorbate on Competitive Adsorption Equilibrium and Kinetics.- Problems Associated with Thermodynamic Analysis of Gas-Solid Adsorption Isotherms Measured at High Pressures.- Chemical Character of Active Carbon Surface After Oxidation in Liquid or Gas Phase.- Investigation of the Chromium-Copper-Silver Catalyst Distribution in the Porous Structure of Active Carbon Carrier Granules.- Temperature Measurements to Characterize Dispersion Within PSA Beds.- Utilization of Zeolites for Processes of Gas Desulphurization.- Sorption Kinetics of Oxygen on CaA Type Molecular Sieve.- Binary and Ternary Adsorption Equilibria at High Pressure on Molecular Sieves.- Sorption Phenomena on Babacu Starch.- Adsorbed Solution Theory - A One-Dimensional Analysis.- Chromatographic Study and Molecular Simulation on Adsorption in Supercritical Fluid.- Control of Adsorption Rate on Zeolite by Chemical Vapor Deposition.- Dynamics of Two-Adsorbent Beds with Flow-Reversal for Gas Separation.- Experiments on a Rapid Pressure Swing Adsorption Process for Air Separation.- A Parametric Study of Pressure Swing Adsorption for the Recovery of Carbon Dioxide from Flue Gas.- Structural Analysis by Neutron Diffraction of Nitrogen Sorbed Phases on Silicalite I and ZSM-5 (Si/Al = 23) Zeolites.- Analysis of High-Pressure Adsorption Equilibria and Kinetics.- Optimization of Adsorptive Storage Systems for Natural Gas.- Application of Adsorption from Solutions for Characterizing Inorganic Sorbents.- Modeling and Simulation of SMB Technology for Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemical Applications.- An Equilibrium Model for Pressure Swing Adsorption Process with Equalization Step.- Measurement of Adsorption Equilibria of Pure and Mixed Corrosive Gases: The Magnetic Suspension Balance.- Fast Numerical Solution to Adsorption Column Dynamics with Application to Enthalpy Recovery Wheels and Cold Start Hydrocarbon Traps.- Heats of Adsorption of Polar and Non-Polar Gases in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Adsorbents.- Glycocalyx Adsorption Enhances Biocompatibility of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate).- Isotherms from Temperature-Programmed Desorption Experiments.- Studies of Active Carbons of Controlled Structural Properties.- Size Effects, Thermodynamic Consistency and Non-Ideal Energetic Behavior of Adsorption Isotherms in Microporous Materials (Extended Abstract).- Monte Carlo Simulations of Preferential Adsorption: the Effects of Energetic Heterogeneity and of Surface Diffusion (Extended Abstract).- Investigations of Adsorption Properties of Disperse Si02 Surface by Means of Laser Spectroscopy Methods.- Adsorption from Ternary Liquid Mixtures on Porous Silica Gels.- The Comparison of the Static and Dynamic Adsorption of Benzene, Methanol and Acetone as Single Adsorbates and Binary Mixtures.- A Microscopic Study of Multicomponent Adsorption Equilibrium in Porous Solids.- Gas Adsorption Characteristics of Cation-Exchanged Natural Zeolite.- Convective Approximation of Adsorption Processes.- Simulation of Single Pellet Adsorption Kinetics with Experimentally Determined Dusty Gas and Surface Diffusion Coefficients.- Thermal Applications of Zeolite/Water Adsorption Processes.- Sorption Kinetics of n-Paraffins in MFI-type Zeolites Investigated by micro-FTIR.- Effect of Pore Size Distribution on the Prediction of Multicomponent Adsorption Equilibria.- Sorption Kinetics of Gases in Heterogeneous Solids.- Organized Molecular States in Carbon Micropores.- Study of Heat Transfer Characteristics of MAT-type Adsorber for Adsorption Heat Pump.- Thermodynamically Consistent Analysis of Silica Surface Heterogeneity Using Alkane and Alkene Adsorption Isotherms.- Studies of Energetic Heterogeneity of Porous Solids by Using Gas Chromatographic Data.- Pore Size Distributions of Microporous Adsorbents using Experimental Isotherms and Molecular Simulation.- Adsorptive Waste Gas Purification and Solvent Recovery by Inert Gas Regeneration.- The Role of Recovery Step in N2-PSA using Zeolite Molecular Sieve.- A Novel Pressure Swing Adsorption System for Ammonia Synthesis.- Parametric Studies of a Silica Gel Honeycomb Rotor Adsorber Operated With Thermal Swing.- Selective Adsorption and Catalysis on Aluminophosphate, MCM-41 Materials: Spectroscopy and Simulation.- Removal Efficiency of Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs, by Ceramic Honeycomb Rotor Adsorbents.- Simulation of an Adsorptive Deodorizing Rotor for Exhaust Gas Treatment.- Complex Carbon-Silica Adsorbents: Preparation, Properties and Some Applications as Model Adsorbents.- The Performance of the "Extended" Linear Driving Force Model to Simulate Adsorptive Processes using "Large-Pore" Materials.- Diffusion of N-paraffins in Pillared and other Expanded Clays.- Synthesis of SiO2-A12O3 Xerogels: Effect of pH and Composition on the Surface Area, Pore Volume, and Pore Structure.- Diffusion in Carbon Molecular Sieves.- The Adsorption of Phenol and its Reaction in the Presence of Oxygen on Granular Activated Carbon.- Algebraic Prediction of the Behavior of a Three-step One Column PSA Unit.- Adsorption and Permeation Properties of Vycor Glass Membranes.- Molecular Simulation of Pure Fluid and Binary Mixture Adsorption in Buckytubes and MCM-41.- Simulation Studies of Pore Blocking Hysteresis in Model Porous Carbon Networks.- Non-Isothermal Effects of PSA for Air Purification.- Measure of the Translational Mobility Dt of Methane Molecules Sorbed in the One-Dimensional Micropore Network of the A1P04-5 Zeolite.- Twofold Description of Percolation in Porous Media.- Simulations of Adsorption and the Design of Activated Carbons.- Adsorption Properties of NaX and BaX Zeolites: Correlation between Structural and Thermodynamic Results on Para- and Meta-xylene Adsorption.- Simulation Study of Coupled Membrane/Pressure Swing Adsorption Processes for VOC Removal from Air.- Entropic Analysis of Regenerative Adsorptive Refrigeration Cycles.- Reversing Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on Liquid-Phase Adsorption.- Heat Effect and Performance in Pressure Swing Adsorption.- Thermodynamics of Adsorption of C8 Aromatics Solutions on Y Zeolites.- Characterization of Rough Surfaces.- Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Capillary Hysteresis in MCM-41.- Molecular Selectivity in Slit Shaped Micropores.- Self Diffusion and Transport in Slit Shaped Pores.- Studies on Adsorption Characteristics of Micropores Composed of Graphitic Micro-crystallines by Monte Carlo Simulations.- The Determination of Surface Energetic Heterogeneity Using Model Isotherms Calculated by Density Functional Theory.- Activation Mechanism, Surface Properties and Adsorption Characteristics of KOH Activated High Surface Area Carbon.- Magnetic Field Effect on Water Adsorption.- Polypeptide Adsorption onto Hydroxyapatite, Silica, and Chrysotile Asbestos: Separation of ?-Helix and Random Coil.- Simulated Moving Bed Chromatographic Reactors.- A Mossbauer Study of Iron Adsorption on Active Carbons.- On Tailoring the Surface Chemistry of Activated Carbons for Their Use in Purification of Aqueous Effluents.- The Viability of Mordenite for the Separation of Oxygen and Nitrogen: Evidence from Molecular Modeling.- Modeling and Operation of a Simulated Moving Bed for the Separation of Optical Isomers.- Surface Heterogeneity Effects in Simple Ion Adsorption at Oxide/Electrolyte Interfaces.- Adsorption of Methane onto Activated Carbon by a Graphite Crystal Aggregate Model.- Adsorption Cooling for Automobiles Utilizing Exhaust Heat.- Adsorption Process for the Fractionation of Citrus Oil by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide.- Hydrogen Isotope Exchange via Catalyzed Phase Transfer.- Adsorption Dynamics in a Monolithic Adsorbent.- Using Semi-Empirical Algorithms in the Development of Linear Driving Force Approximations for Complex Intraparticle Diffusion/Convection Models.- Mathematical Simulation of Pressure Swing Adsorption Cycle with Pressure Equalization Step.- Effect of Pressurization Rate on the Performance of Nitrogen Pressure Swing Adsorption Processes.- Desorption by Purge (Extended Abstract).- Adsorption Characteristics of Carbon Filter Materials.- Removal of Trace Pollutants by Adsorption: Density Functional Theory and Monte Carlo Simulation.- Generalized Isotherms for Mono- and Multicomponent Adsorption.- An Engineering Model for Adsorption of Gases onto Various Media.- Comparison of Local Equilibrium Model and Mass Transfer Model for Prediction of PSA Performance.- Measurement of Adsorption Dynamics Using the Thermal Frequency Response Method.- A Theoretical Study on Interactions between Silica Gel and Adsorbed Molecules by using abinitio MO Method.- An ab Initio Study on Adsorptive Interactions of Alcohols and Aromatic Compounds onto the Surface of Silica Gel.- Adsorption from Aqueous Solutions of Selected Heavy Metal Cations on Chemically Modified Activated Carbon.- Simultaneous Solution of the Adsorption Integral Equation from a Set of Isotherms at Different Temperatures: a Way for More Detailed Characterization of Heterogeneous Adsorbents.- Removal and Recovery of a Substitute for Chlorofluorocarbon by High Silica Zeolite.- Biological Activated Carbon Treatment of Waste Water Containing Organics and Heavy Metal Ions.- Prediction of Adsorption of Polar and Non-Polar Gases on Silicalite by Molecular Simulation.- Molecular Diffusion in a Single Zeolite Crystal.- Appearance of Irreversible Adsorption of Nucleophiles on Carbonaceous Adsorbents from Liquid Phase.- Nonidealities in Vapor-Phase Coadsorption of Organic Compounds and Water on Activated Carbon.- Performance of a Parallel Passage Adsorbent Contactor.- Adsorption-induced Phase Transition of ZSM-5 Zeolites.- Adsorption Isotherms of Associating Fluids in Slit-like Pores. A Monte Carlo Simulation Study.- Equilibria in Pressure Swing Adsorption Processes - Experimental and Theoretical Needs.- Heats of Adsorption from Molecular Models of Adsorption in Heterogeneous Solids.- Solid/Solid Adsorption and Preparation of Ethylene Adsorbents.- Predicting the Separation Performance in Ion-Exchange Chromatography of Proteins.- Dynamics and Simulation of PSA Processes for Hydrogen Separation.- New Sorbents for Olefin-Paraffin and Acetylene Separations by ?-Complexation.- Chitosan Dextran-DEAE Composite for Separation of Proteins: Adsorption of BSA.- Adsorption of Lysine on Activated Carbon Fibers: I. Equilibria.- RPSA Air Separation: Influence of Selectivities and Transport Properties of the Adsorbents on the Performance.- Author Index.
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