From Dust to Terrestrial Planets

From Dust to Terrestrial Planets : Proceedings of an ISSI Workshop, 15-19 February 1999, Bern, Switzerland

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The workshop "From Dust to Terrestrial Planets" was initiated by a working group of planetary scientists invited to ISSI by Johannes Geiss in November 1997. The group split to focus on three topics, one of which was the history of the early solar system, including the formation of the terrestrial planets in the inner solar system. Willy Benz, Gunter Lugmair, and Frank Podosek were invited to convene planetary scientists, astrophysicists, and cosmochemists to synthesize the current knowledge on the origin and evolution of our inner planetary system. The convenors raised the interest of scientists from all over the world in the detailed assessment of the available astronomical, chronological, geochemical and dynamical constraints of the first period of inner solar system evolution. In partic- ular, this included appraisal of the newest results from astronomical observations by the Hubble Space Telescope, the Infrared Space Observatory, and other space and ground-based facilities of solar-like systems and nebular disks, possibly repre- senting early stages of the solar accretion disk and planet formation. At the same time, the current models of the origin, evolution, transport, and accretion processes of circum stellar disks were presented. This included the new insights provided by the recent discovery of extrasolar giant planets, which were considered insofar as they are relevant to the overall dynamics of the inner part of the solar system.
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Table of contents

Foreword. From Dust to Terrestrial Planets - Introduction; Timescales for the Formation of Terrestrial Planets; R. Kallenbach, et al. Disk Formation, Stability, and Evolution. Triggering Protostellar Collapse, Injection, and Disk Formation; A.P. Boss, H.A.T. Vanhala. Protostellar Disk Formation and Early Evolution; F.C. Adams, G. Laughlin. Solar Nebula Magnetohydrodynamics; S.A. Balbus, J.F. Hawley. Observational Constraints on Transport (and Mixing) in Pre-main Sequence Disks; L. Hartmann. Beta Pictoris and Other Solar Systems; P. Artymowicz. Temperature and Pressure Gradients in the Solar Nebula; J.A. Wood. Formation of Compounds and First Solids. The Beginning: Swift and Violent; J.A. Wood. Short-lived Radionuclides in Meteorites: Constraints on Nebular Timescales for the Production of Solids; R.H. Nichols, Jr. The Extinct Radionuclide Timescale of the Early Solar System; J.D. Gilmour. Short-lived Radioactivities and the Birth of the Sun; B.S. Meyer, D.D. Clayton. Protostellar Winds and Chondritic Meteorites; H. Shang, et al. Kinetics of Gas-grain Reactions in the Solar Nebula; B. Fegley, Jr. The Solar System D/H Ratio: Observations and Theories; F. Robert, et al. On the 53Mn Heterogeneity in the Early Solar Nebula; A. Shukolyukov, G.W. Lugmair. Are There Chemical Gradients in the Inner Solar System? H. Palme. Formation of Planetesimals and Planetary Embryos. Laboratory Experiments on Preplanetary Dust Aggregation; J. Blum. Low Velocity Collisions and the Growth of Planetesimals; W. Benz. Formation of Planetesimals and Accretion of the Terrestrial Planets; S.J. Weidenschilling. Planetary Accumulation with a Continuous Supply of Planetesimals; G.W. Wetherill, S. Inaba. Formation and Evolution of Planets. Disks, Extrasolar Planets, and Migration; C. Terquem, et al. An oxygen isotope Mixing Model for the Accretion and Composition of Rocky Planets; K. Lodders. Hf-W Chronometry and Inner Solar System Accretion Rates; A.N. Halliday. On the isotopic Composition of Primordial Xenon in Terrestrial Planet Atmospheres; R.O. Pepin. Minor Bodies: Spectral Gradients and Relationships with Meteorites; A. Cellino. Glossary. List of Acronyms. Author Index. List of Participants.
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