The Forex Millionaire

The Forex Millionaire : Bust Your Brokers Lies

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I hope you sitting down, cause I am laughing on the floor at the notion of hearing, one more little talk abut“the Forex Indicators, and how you can be the next Forex Millionaire using such and such crossing lines”See, the reason there are winners and losers in life and Forex as well, is some can see deception coming from a 100 miles away and some refuse to look at the truth. See, I was taken for a sucker, and was brought on a rollercoaster of books, trainings, Forex education like there is no tomorrow…But it took me nearly 3 years, to wake up from the magic little cozy balloon of guru’s webinars and the next Big Talking head. During this time of course, I was spending thousandsof dollars on books and Forex Robots and allkind of crap…you know what I am talking about.My family and friends, thought I have lost my mind,spending all this time in front of the screen(you mayrecognize yourself here) and looking at “stupid charts”I kind of had become the laughing stock of thecompany “ Look ,the Forex Head is Alive” Eventually it got so bad, that I lost all interest intrading and was ready to quit…One afternoon, I overheard a conversation while at the golf course…yeah I am a snooper.There were two guys, sipping on something that camewith a “small umbrella on top” and one of them was saying something so impressive , that made my earsbecome as big as an elevator shaft.The guys were speaking of a stock trader, turn to bea Forex trader, that was raking in the vicinity of 20 to 30ka month, from his house computer, doing it with coupletrades a month. Listen to this, the guy was not a screen struck maniac like myself , he was not some kind of national televisionspeaker, it turned out he was a member of the same golf club, I was a member too. Now, you can imagine my excitement and hopes cameup, I was determined to meet this guy and squeeze everyonce of knowledge out of him…However, there was a big problem, that trader, I will callhim trader X, for familiar reasons, did not go to the bars, was not in the social networks, and was not holding any training and educational courses on “how to be the nextforex millionaire”. He was quietly running the Forex Cash machine of his, had a large family and was spending time in his huge house. Now, I came in with a plan, where I would meet Trader X at one of the Club Events…you know those fund raiser things, Trader X was known for one thing, dumping a large sums of money on different causes that he cared about.I was able to talk Trader X in to giving me a half hour short consult. At the end I offered trader X to pay him for his services,and that’s where my frustration became full, Trader X was notfor sale. It didn’t matter what I offered…whatever that was, it was all I had, he would not chime in to my idea of training me.Finally after much bugging him, he gave in and we started a regular weekly meetings, but he refused to get any money.He was saying…”Boy you are my fun today, all that trading is too boring and makes me sad”. I was like, “K, if it is that boring, make me sad too” you know,let the stashes of cash come down.Eventually I moved to a different city and never heard of Trade X again.What I am about to reveal in this book is the real dirty truth aboutForex and how you too can be the next Trader X. Forex trading is not all it is cracked up to be, the real winners are not your daily gurus, I will teach you everything that Trader X Taught me and more. You have a choice, keep going in circles, looking for the Holy Grail of Froex, or move your fingers, make a few mouse clicks and meet me on the other side. Take a click of faith!See you on the other side!
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