The Force Equation

The Force Equation : Unleash the Power

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In this new ground-breaking book, the author has uncovered the mathematical formula that defines how easily The Force can be used in every day life right now, not a long time ago and right here on Earth and not in some galaxy far, far away. Those of us who may want to use The Force for physical violence will be greatly disappointed, however, since The Force that created the universe and all things within it is not capable of being abused by mere mortals and there is no Dark Side of The Force. There are people who are on the Dark Side of something, to be sure, but it is not The Force. The book details how the Force Equation is as simple to understand as Einstein's famous equation of E = mc2. With Einstein's simple formula of how matter is converted into energy, we were able to construct the Atomic bomb. In the case of The Force Equation we learn how to convert Time into a greater power than mankind has ever known or will ever know and which shall make all atomic power pale in comparison. When we learn how to do this, we are able to achieve things that we would never be able to without the use of The Force. Most of us, luckily experience moments of clarity and even accomplish great things at random times in our lives, however, we're oblivious to the true nature of The Force that can be used to do this more and more often, no longer relying on dumb luck. For today, there is a mathematical equation that makes it possible to use The Force at will. In this ground-breaking new book you will learn how E = mc2 has now morphed into F = tc3 . . . where 'F' is The Force. 'T' is Time and 'c3' is the speed of light cubed. This amounts to an almost infinite amount of power that is always available - just under the radar - to each and every thinking individual on planet Earth today. More importantly reader will learn how to apply this formula in their every day life. This information will instruct you on how to completely live in the moment because in each and every moment of time, even as little as a microsecond, as the Force Equation shows, there lies hidden enough power to completely change the world any of us are experiencing or even the total experience that we enjoy collectively on this planet. Of course, it is not done with laser swords, jedi-knights, fancy space-ships, or legions of clone warriors. It's all done in much more subtle ways. And, it can be done in much more spiritual ways. And, it can be done in many systemic ways. This book is the blueprint for all of them in the order of importance to each and every one of us living today. If you were as intrigued by the Star Wars movies as I was but wanted to know more about The Force - in this book you will learn the actual laws of Physics that relate to the magical and mystical Force as used by the Jedi Knights of this most famous saga to defeat the Empire. The book shows in plain and simple language The Force and how it relates to all other known Laws of Physics. We're so convinced that this is the most important scientific breakthrough of all time that the publishers want to give any reader who will leave a REVIEW on Amazon or Audible with their impressions of this book, all of the following free benefits that can save the average family hundreds of dollars, if not thousands over time. The details on how to have them sent to you are in the final chapter of the book. A Free Grocery Club Membership where you get Free Grocery Coupons every month - (Total Value over $1,000 Per Year) Free Restaurant Meals - (Total Value over $2,000 Per Year) Free Travel Discount Club - saves hundreds over all other Online Travel discounts (My family saved over $1,000 last year using this plan.) Free Discount Health Care Membership - (Everything including Dental included and saves the average family over $1,000 Per Year in Dental alone. And - Free TV (No Cable charges) - over 1,000 Channels. All the latest movies and TV Shows, music, video games etc. - alshow more

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About Michael Mathiesen

Much of what I have discovered here is through my prior discovery of the God Particle Field and how to put it to use in my daily life. This research culminated in the publishing of The God Particle Bible, also available on Amazon. Later, I realized that this force that is now proven really acts in the the same was as The Force in Star Wars. I then realized I had to get the word out about it. No understanding of The Force can be complete until one also learns as much as possible about the God Particle. Share These truly revolutionary ideas with everyone you know. To change the world we must all come together. - - Please CONTINUE your JOURNEY by reading my Science Fiction Novels based on all of the above - Including: Immortality - A True Story AND America 2.0 Inc. - Taking Stock In America I can be reached at - Here's to all of us using The Force in unison together. AND if you want to help spread the word of The Force, please see my Amazon Affiliate instructions at the end of the book. My earlier works include: And America 2.0 Inc. - Take Stock In America Wherein I discuss in detail how we can and must incorporate the United States Government into a For-Profit corporation instead of the lose-as-much-money-as-you-can Non Profit that we must all suffer at the present time -- Thus finally crushing the Evil Empire. With further details on how to achieve a Real Democracy in America by voting on the Internet with many more examples of the use of The Force that you have learned in detail here. IF you want further knowledge about The Force and the Science and spirit behind it - it's detailed in my earlier work. - http: // - Also the author of 'One Million A.D. - The Story of Civilization 1,000,000 years from now. And - 'Born Again - The 2nd Greatest Story Ever Told' Also found on Amazon Also author of - How To Beat Obamacare - Stay Healthy And How To Lose Weight Fasting. I fast every other day which is also the cure for Diabetes. Thanks to Dr. Jason Fung of Toronto Canada. If you are a type 2 Diabetic as I was you should Google Dr. Fung and watch his videos. The cure is Free. I'm all about the Health of the Body, Mind and Spirit. May the Force be with more