Fine Particles Science and Technology

Fine Particles Science and Technology : From Micro to Nanoparticles

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Fine Particles Science and Technology deals with the preparation, characterization and technological applications of monodisperse particles in the micro to nano size range. A broad view of this frontier field is given, covering understanding the mechanisms by which uniform fine particles are formed and the search for new processes; the mechanism of the precipitation technique, requiring knowledge of the relationship between the complex solution chemistry and the products formed; the sequence of events leading to the formation of monodisperse colloids. The following topics are presented: microparticles, nanoparticles, applications in the preparation of materials, synthesis and properties, environmental applications, and many others.
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  • Dordrecht, Netherlands
  • English
  • 1996 ed.
  • XXVI, 840 p.
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Table of contents

Preface. Internally and Externally Composite Monodispersed Colloid Particles; E. Matijevic. Interactions of Microparticles with Interfaces: Kinetics and Structure; Z. Adamczyk, et al. Possibilities and Limitations in the Growth of Mixed Metal Oxide Particles from Aqueous Media; M.A. Blesa. Electrochemical Characterization of Submicron Particle Surface Including Surface Chemistry and Structure; S.S. Dukhin. A New Method in Preparation of Monodisperse Particles; T. Sugimoto. Nonporous Silica Microspheres in the Micron and Submicron Size Range: Manufacture, Characterization and Application; C. Kaiser, et al. Adsorption of Cations on Colloidal Oxide Particles. Cobalt Ions on Hematite; N. Ogrinc, et al. Formation of Uniform Crystalline Germanium (IV) Oxide Particles; S. Hamada. Model Particles for Concentrated Colloidal Dispersions: From Hard Spheres to Soft Rods; A. Vrij, A.P. Philipse. Thermodynamics of the Metalelectrolye Interface Charging; N. Kallay, et al. Fundamentals of Forced Hydrolysis of Indium Hydroxide; T.A. Ring, Y. Kudo. Adsorption of Backround Electrolyte Ions at the Metal Oxide/Water Solution Interface. Theory and Experiment - A Comparison; W. Janusz. Structures of Microporous Hematite Particles Prepared from delta-FeOOH; T. Ishikawa. Zeta Potential of Submicron Titania Particles in Mixed Solvents; M. Kosmulski. Structural and Magnetic Properties of Fine gamma- Fe2O3 Particles; M.P. Morales, et al. Water, Hydrophobes and Silica Particles; M.L. Hair, C.P. Tripp. Dielectric Spectroscopy of Model Colloids, and the Role of Conduction Behind the Plane of Shecu; M. Minor, et al. Some Colloid-Chemical Aspects of the Small Particles Contact Interactions; E.D. Shchukin. Electro-Optic Characterization of Anisotropic Sub-Micron Particles; B. Jennings. Polyphosphate Nanoparticles and Gels; F. Galembeck, et al. Luminescence Properties of Silver Bromide: From Nanocrystals to Microcrystals; M.I. Freedhoff, et al. Carrier Dynamics in Silicon Nanocrystals and Porous Silicon Films; L. Brus. Photoinduced Charge Transfer Processes in Semiconductor Heterostructures. Capped vs. Coupled Systems; P. Kamat, et al. Synthesis and Characterization of GaP, InP, and GaInP2 Quantum Dots; O.I. Micic. A Comparison of Pressure-Induced Structural Transformations in CdSe, InP, and Si Nanocrystals; A.B. Herhold. Directed Photocurrents in Nanostructured SnO2/TiO2/Ru(II)L2 (CNS)2 Heterojunctions; B. Levy, et al. Colloidal Dispersion of Bimetallic Nanoparticles: Preparation, Structure and Catalysis; N. Toshima. Electrochemical Studies of Nanosized Sols of Titanium Dioxide and Cadmium Sulfide; R. Andriamanampisoa, et al. Photoelectrochemistry with TiO2 Aerogels; M. Tomkiewicz, S. Kelly. Control of the Size and Shape of Nanoparticles; M.P. Pileni, et al. Synthesis of Monodisperse GeO2 Particles in Reversed Micellar Systems; K. Kon-No. Preparation of CdS, and ZnS Particles in Nanophase Reactors Provided by Binary Liquids Adsorbed at Layered Clay and Spherical Silica Particle Surfaces; I. Dekany, J.H. Fendler. Excess Charge in Small Semiconductor Particles; C. Luangdilok, et al. Radiation Induced Reactions at `Small' Surfaces and on Small Particles; G. Zhang, et al. Mie-Plasmonspectroscopy: A Tool of Surface Science; U. Kreibig, et al. Large Metal Ion Clusters Small Magnetic Particles; D. Gatteschi, R. Sessoli. Synthesis and consolidation of ZnS/GaP Powders; M. Akinc, Y. Han. Magnetic and Transport Properties of
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