The Existence of God

The Existence of God

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The latter third of the 20th century has seen the philosophical defence of theism - many philosophers were caught off-guard because they assumed that metaphysics and theology had been dealt with. Moreover, the leaders of this renaissance were analytically-rooted philosophers. Upon examination however, it is clear that significant developments in philosophical theism historically have come upon the heels of breakthroughs in the core areas of philosophy concerning meaning, logic and scientific methodology - cornerstones of analytic philosophy. This volume attempts to document this golden era of analytical theism.
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Table of contents

Part 1 Atheological arguments and the nature of God: the logic of omnipotence, Harry Frankfurt; eternity, Eleonore Stump and Norman Kretzmann; facts, John Martin Fischer. Part 2 The problem of evil: freedom and the free will defense, Richard M. Gale; middle knowledge and the problem of evil, Robert M. Adams; must God create the best?, Robert M. Adams; does theism need a theodicy?, Richard Swinburne; the many-universes solution to the problem of evil, Donald A. Turner; probabilistic arguments from evil, Paul Draper; the "inductive" argument from evil - a dialogue, Bruce Russell and Stephen Wykstra; suffering, soul-making and salvation, William Hasker; the inductive argument from evil and the human cognitive condition, William Alston. Part 3 The atheological argument from Hartle-Hawking cosmology: Stephen Hawking's cosmology and theism, Quentin Smith. Part 4 Theistic arguments: ontological arguments - Anselm and actuality, David Lewis, ontological arguments, Peter van Inwagen; cosmological arguments - defense of the "Kalam" argument, William Lane Craig, theological misinterpretations of current physical cosmology, Adolf Grunbaum, the Hume-Edwards principle and the cosmological argument, Alexander R. Pruss, a new cosmological argument, Richard M. Gale and Alexander R. Pruss, prospects for a sound stage-3 of cosmological arguments, Jerome Gellman; teleological arguments - some reflections on Richard Swinburne's argument from design, Mark Wynn, the prerequisites for life in our universe, John Leslie; arguments involving religious experience and practice - the perception of God, William Alston, the fulfillment of promises as evidence for religious belief, William Alston, the prospects for natural theology, Alvin Plantinga, in search of the foundations of theism, Philip L. Quinn. Part 5 Avoiding propositional belief: faith and doubt, or does faith entail belief?, Louis Pojman; the groundlessness of belief, Norman Malcolm.
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