Existence of God

Existence of God : God, Jesus Christ and Christianity

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GOD, JESUS CHRIST AND CHRISTIANITY Is there more to life than the material world around us? Is it natural instinct, to look to the transcendent, beyond our physical world? Can we have real meaning and purpose in life without the existence of God? The Kingdom of God: A major theme of the Bible that can be found throughout the four Gospels. Jesus Christ's Ministry: Jesus preached about the Kingdom of God. And, almost two-thirds of His Parables (stories) refer to the Kingdom of God. Creation And Evolution: Can life and a life-supporting earth happen by chance? And, what about our thoughts, feelings, emotions and dreams! Did all this just somehow create itself? Does it make any sense that we endure a lifetime of work, have a family and, develop lifelong friendships, only to lose it all when we die? Throughout History: Every culture has had some form of religion and a belief in a life after death. Big Bang Theory: Science advocates the Big Bang theory of how the universe was created by tremendous explosions and then developed over billions of years. Evolution: The theory of evolution, developed by English naturalist, Charles Darwin, describes the gradual process by which all forms of life evolved from earlier forms which were on earth milleniums ago. His book, The Origins of Species, published in 1859, states the idea of "natural selection" and, “survival of the fittest” to account for the way in which evolution takes place. Another of his books, The Descent Of Man, published in 1871, traces man's ancestors to ape-like creatures. Can You Get Design Without Intelligence Or Purpose? Isaiah Said, "Lift up your eyes on high and behold, Who hath Created these things...by the Greatness of His Might". The existence of life and the complexity of the universe with all its galaxies, planets and stars show design that move to laws that remain consistent for their orderly existence. Without them, everything would have long since been destroyed. Isaac Newton: "This most beautiful system of the sun, planets and comets could only proceed from the Counsel and Dominion of an Intelligent and Powerful Being". Human Creations Come To Life Through Intelligence And Design: Everything man-made has a creator. How is it possible that chance and non-intelligence ever produced such wonders and beauty that we see in life, nature and the universe? Everything Is Dependent Upon Other Things For Their Existence: *interdependent conditions are needed for the orderly movement of heavenly bodies. *ideal conditions are necessary to support the existence of over one million different species of plant, animal and human life on earth. Steps Needed For Making A Loaf Of Bread: Plowing, seeding, harvesting, binding sheaves, beating the grains, winnowing, separating, grinding into flour, sifting, adding milk, eggs and yeast, kneading and then baking until it gets to the kitchen table. Deep Inside The Heart: We know we were created for more than this life has to offer, something more than just the pain and suffering, something more than living a lifetime with family, having lifelong friendships, getting an education and working only to have it all end with death. Heaven: The dwelling place of our dear Lord, Jesus Christ, our Blessed Virgin Mary, the Saints, the Prophets and all God's children. This is our destiny where we will finally realize our full spiritual potential as individuals.show more

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