English for the Real World

English for the Real World

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Reach your life goals with "English for the Real World." Learn English now. "English for the Real World "teaches English as it's really spoken in practical situations and day-to-day life. This language course""includes a book and three 60-minute CDs that work together to boost conversational speech and listening comprehension skills. The book features realistic English dialogues, thorough explanations of English grammar that go beyond the basics, and English vocabulary sections that include the most commonly used idiomatic expressions. Plenty of exercises, both in the book and on the recordings, will help you improve your English today. "English for the Real World" also includes a flashcard CD-ROM that gives you the chance to learn and practice common idiomatic expressions -- a multi-media approach to English language practice that improves retention.show more

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  • Mixed media product | 224 pages
  • 162.56 x 241.3 x 38.1mm | 521.63g
  • Random House USA Inc
  • Living Language,U.S.
  • New York, United States
  • English
  • Unabridged
  • Unabridged
  • 1400006031
  • 9781400006038
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Table of contents

INTRODUCTION    xi   LESSON 1: DEPARTURE AND ARRIVAL    1   Dialogue: Where Will You Be Flying Today?    2 Words In Action    3 Take A Closer Look: Question Words    5 Forming Questions    7 Stress In Questions    8 Verbs Ending in -ing    9 Listening Exercise    10   LESSON 2: ASKING FOR DIRECTIONS    13   Dialogue 1: Can You Tell Me How to Get To . . .?    14 Dialogue 2: No Parking!    14 Words In Action    15 Take A Closer Look: Expressions with Common Verbs    17 Commands    19 Articles A, An, The, Some    20 Listening Exercise 1    22 Listening Exercise 2    22   LESSON 3: APARTMENT HUNTING    25   Dialogue: We’ll Take It!    26 Words In Action    27 Take A Closer Look: Contractions, Part One    29 Personal Pronouns    30 This, That, These, Those    31 Listening Exercise    32   LESSON 4: GETTING THINGS FIXED    35   Dialogue: A Few Problems    36 Words In Action    36 Take A Closer Look: Contractions, Part Two    38 Simple Present vs. Present Continuous Tense    39 Expressions of Quantity    40 Listening Exercise    42   LESSON 5: DAILY HOUSEHOLD CHORES    45   Dialogue: You’ll Do That, Won’t You?    46 Words In Action    46 Take A Closer Look: Tag Questions    48 Expressing the Future    49 Listening Exercise    51   LESSON 6: ALL ABOUT FOOD    53   Dialogue 1: What’s For Dinner Tonight?    54 Dialogue 2: What Can I Get You?    54 Words In Action    55 Take A Closer Look: Making Suggestions and Recommendations    56 May and Might    57 Listening Exercise    58   LESSON 7: A JOB INTERVIEW    61   Dialogue: I’m Impressed With Your Resume    62 Words In Action    63 Take A Closer Look: Polite Questions and Requests    64 If . . . Would    65 The Present Perfect Tense    67 Listening Exercise    70   LESSON 8: THE FIRST DAY IN THE OFFICE    73   Dialogue: You Must Be Our New Colleague!    74 Words In Action    75 Take A Closer Look: Uses Of Must    77 Possessives    78 Verbs in the Past Tense    79 Listening Exercise    82   LESSON 9: A BUSINESS MEETING    85   Dialogue: Let’s Go Over That Proposal    86 Words In Action    87 Take A Closer Look: Must, Need to, Have to, Had Better, Should    88 Present Perfect Continuous Tense    90 Listening Exercise    91   LESSON 10: ON THE PHONE    93   Dialogue 1: May I Ask Who’s Calling?    94 Dialogue 2: I’m Sorry, He’s in a Meeting at the Moment    94 Words In Action    95 Take A Closer Look: Using Can and May    96 Each Other and One Another    98 Past Perfect Tense    98 Listening Exercise    99   LESSON 11: DINING OUT    101   Dialogue: A Table For Two, Please    102 Words In Action    103 Take A Closer Look: Expressing Preference with Would Rather    104 Verbs Followed by the Gerund    105 Listening Exercise    109   LESSON 12: AT THE POST OFFICE    111   Dialogue: One More Thing . . .    112 Words In Action    112 Take A Closer Look: Using A, An, Per, and Each    114 Verbs Followed by the Infinitive    115 Listening Exercise    117   LESSON 13: AT THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE    119   Dialogue: Is It an Emergency?    120 Words In Action    121 Take A Closer Look: Uses of Self    122 The Past, Present Perfect, and Present Perfect Continuous Tenses    124 Listening Exercise    127   LESSON 14: AT THE DRUGSTORE    129   Dialogue: I Haven’t Seen You in Ages!    130 Words In Action    130 Take A Closer Look: Uses of Right    132 To Have Somebody Do Something/To Have Something Done    133 The Passive Voice    134 Listening Exercise    135   LESSON 15: IN A DEPARTMENT STORE    137   Dialogue 1: Can I Help You?    138 Dialogue 2: I’d Like to Return These Pants    138 Words In Action    139 Take A Closer Look: Uses of Make    141 Make and Get—More Causatives    142 Let and Allow—Permissives    143 Listening Exercise    144   LESSON 16: A PARTY    147   Dialogue: Very Nice To Meet You    148 Words In Action    149 Take A Closer Look: Uses of Use    151 The Past With Used to and Would    152 If and Would in the Past    153 Listening Exercise    154   LESSON 17: WEEKEND ACTIVITIES    157   Dialogue 1: What a Great Day!    158 Dialogue 2: Are You Ready to Play Golf?    158 Dialogue 3: I’m So Glad You Got Tickets!    159 Words In Action    159 Take A Closer Look: Uses of What    162 Noun Clauses with Question Words    163 Verbs Followed by Gerunds or Infinitives    164 Listening Exercise    166   LESSON 18: HOLIDAYS    169   Dialogue: Long Time No See!    170 Words In Action    171 Take A Closer Look: Too, Also, So, Either, and Neither    173 Verbs Followed by Prepositions    174 Noun Clauses with If and Whether    178 Listening Exercise    179   LESSON 19: MONEY    181   Dialogue: I’d Like to Deposit a Check    182 Words In Action    183 Take A Closer Look: Expressing Desire    185 Verbs Followed by an Object and an Infinitive    187 Listening Exercise    188   LESSON 20: JURY DUTY    191   Dialogue: Has the Jury Reached a Verdict?    192 Words In Action    192 Take A Closer Look: Uses of Get    195 Noun Clauses With Infinitives    199 Adjectives Followed by Prepositions    200 Listening Exercise    202show more