Encyclopedia of Underwater Life

Encyclopedia of Underwater Life

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A fascinating, in-depth exploration of the hidden underwater world, this spectacularly illustrated encyclopedia examines the creatures that inhabit our seas, rivers, lakes, and oceans, revealing the often unexpected and bewilderingly diverse secrets of the deep. Divided into two main sections - aquatic invertebrates and fish - it offers detailed, comprehensive coverage of underwater species including barracudas, piranhas, sharks, octopuses, corals, sponges, jellyfish, and leeches, describing the distribution, habitat, anatomy, behaviour, breeding, and conservation status of groups. Clear, authoritative scholarship from an international team of experts is enhanced by incredible colour photographs and explanatory diagrams. 'Fact file' panels provide key data to aid the reader; locator maps show the distribution of species; and there are feature articles on key topics such as the biological organization of coral reefs, and the lifecycle of the salmon. A list of scientific names, a glossary, and a general index make this encyclopedia accessible and easy to navigate.A unique and invaluable study resource, this is a captivating guide for anyone interested in learning more about aquatic life.show more

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  • Hardback | 312 pages
  • 230 x 290 x 30mm | 1,719.11g
  • Oxford University Press
  • Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Colour illustrations throughout
  • 0192806742
  • 9780192806741
  • 1,505,548

Table of contents

AQUATIC INVERTEBRATES; What is an Aquatic Invertebrate?; Protozoans, Sponges, Sea Anemones & Jellyfishes, Comb Jellies, Gnathostomulids, Acoelomorphs, Gastrotrichs & Arrow Worms, Water Bears, Velvet Worms, Crabs, Lobsters, Shrimps and Allies, Other Crustaceans, Horseshoe Crabs, Sea Spiders, Roundworms, Flatworms & Ribbon Worms, Molluscs, Sipunculans, Echiurans, Segmented Worms, Rotifers or Wheel Animalcules, Spiny-headed worms, Endoprocts, Horseshoe Worms, Moss Animals, Lampshells, Spiny-skinned Invertebrates, Acorn Worms & Allies, Sea Squirts & Lancelets; FISHES; What is a Fish?; Lampreys & Hagfishes, Sturgeons & Paddlefishes, Garfishes & Bowfin, Tarpons, Bonefishes, & Eels, Herrings & Anchovies, Bonytongues & Allies, Pike, Salmon, Argentines, & Allies, Bristlemouths & Allies, Lizardfishes & Lanternfishes, Characins, Catfishes, Carps & Allies, Codfishes, Anglerfishes and Allies, Silversides, Killifishes, and Ricefishes, Perchlike fishes, Flatfishes, Triggerfishes & Allies, Seahorses & Allies, Other Spiny-finned Fishes, Oarfishes & Allies, Bichirs, Coelacanths, & Lungfishes, Sharks, Skates, Rays, & Sawfishes, Chimaerasshow more

Review quote

Some serious science comes to the coffee table in an impressive reference companion which is as intellectually rigorous as it is easy on the eye. Stunning presentation certainly helps, as does a wonderfully readable yet thoroughly authoritative text by a distinguished team of experts. All underwater life is here: from plankton to piracnhas, from the reproductive cycle of the salmon to the structure of the coral reef. Michael Kerrigan, The Scotsman "It is all here: form, distribution, behaviour, sex and more. Well structured, clearly written, illustrated with fabulous colour photographs, excellent diagrams and attractive artwork - the Encyclopedia of Underwater Life is a fine if weighty volume of up-to-date knowledge on living things which creep, crawl, swim or flagellate through fluids." Philip Watson, TLSshow more