The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 5

The Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, Volume 5 : The Philosophy of the Grammarians

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This volume of the monumental reference series being prepared under the general editorship of Karl Potter provides summaries of the main works in the Grammarian tradition of Indian philosophy. Describing the functions of language on different levels, from ordinary empirical speech to the poetic intuition of the divine, the Grammarians sought to demonstrate that the correct grammatical use of language and the devotional chanting of mantras are ways of moving from lower to higher stages of knowledge and self-realization. This work gives special emphasis to the thought of Bhartrhari, the great systematizer of the Grammarian philosophy. For those unacquainted with Indian philosophy, the editors' introduction provides an explanation of the basic concepts found in the Grammarian texts. Grammarian thought is based on the Vedas, and the writings of Panini, Patanjali, Bhartrhari, and others develop implicit Vedic ideas about language and its function. Their works combine a grammatical analysis of Sanskrit language with a philosophy that takes language as divine. Originally published in 1991.
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Table of contents

*Frontmatter, pg. i*Contents, pg. vii*Preface, pg. xi*1. Historical Resume, pg. 3*2. Metaphysics, pg. 33*3. Epistemology, pg. 51*4. Word Meaning, pg. 63*5. Sentence Meaning, pg. 83*1. Philosophical Elements in Vedic Literature, pg. 101*2. Philosophical Elements In Yaska's Nirukta, pg. 107*3. Philosophical Elements In Panini's Astadhyayi, pg. 111*4. Philosophical Elements In Patanjali's Mahabhasya, pg. 115*5. Bhartrhari, pg. 121*6. Durvinita Or Avinita, pg. 175*7. Dharmapala, pg. 177*8. Hari Vrsabha Or Vrsabhadeva, pg. 179*9. Mandana Misra, pg. 181*10. Helaraja, pg. 193*11. Prameyasamgraha, pg. 199*12. Punyaraja, pg. 201*13. Kaiyata, pg. 203*14. Jyesthakalasa, pg. 205*15. Maitreya Raksita, pg. 207*16. Purusottamadeva, pg. 209*17. Dhanesvara, pg. 211*18. (Rsiputra) Paramesvara II, pg. 213*19. Sesa krsna, pg. 215*20. Satyananda or Ramacandra Sarasvati, pg. 219*21. Sesa Cintamani, pg. 221*22. Sesa Viresvara or Ramesvara, pg. 223*23. Sesa Narayana Bhatta, pg. 225*24. Visnumitra, pg. 227*25. Isvarananda or Isvaridatta Sarasvati, pg. 229*26. Bharata Misra, pg. 231*27. Sphotasiddhinyayavicara, pg. 235*28. Annambhatta, pg. 237*29. Appayya Diksitai, pg. 239*30. Bhattoji Diksita, pg. 241*31. Sesa Visnu, pg. 243*32. Sivaramendra Sarasvati, pg. 245*33. (Sesa) Cakrapani (Datta), pg. 247*34. Mallaya Yajvan, pg. 249*35. Nilakantha Sukla, pg. 251*36. Narayana (Sastrin), pg. 253*37. Konda (or Kaunda) Bhatta, pg. 255*38. Taraka Brahmananda Sarasvati, pg. 309*39 Cokkanatha or S'okanatha Diksita, pg. 311*40. Tirumala Yajyan, pg. 313*41. (Rama) Narayana (Sarman) (Vandyopadhyaya), pg. 315*42. Sadasiva, pg. 317*43. Hari Diksita, pg. 319*44. Ramabhadra Diksita, pg. 321*45. Nagesa (or Nagoji) Bhatta, pg. 323*46. Jnanendra Sarasvati, pg. 351*47. Gopalakrsna Sastrin, pg. 353*48. Dharanidhara, pg. 355*49. Vaidyanatha Payagunda, pg. 357*50. Satyapriya Tirtha Svamin, pg. 359*51. Jayakrsna Maunin, pg. 361*52. Harivallabha, pg. 363*53. Vasudeva Diksita, pg. 365*54. Srikrsna Bhatta Maunin, pg. 367*55. Umamahesvara or Abhinava Kalidasa, pg. 371*56. Nilakantha Diksita, pg. 373*57. Asadhara Bhatta, pg. 375*58. Ramasevaka, pg. 377*59. Indradatta Upadhyaya, pg. 379*60. Krsnamitracarya or Durbalacarya, pg. 381*61. Haribhatta, pg. 383*62. Dharanidhara (II), pg. 385*63. Mannudeva or Manyudeva or Gopaladeva, pg. 387*64. Bhairava Misra, pg. 389*65. Kumara Tataya, pg. 391*66 Satara Raghavendracarya (Gajendragadkar), pg. 393*67. Gangadhara Kaviraja, pg. 395*68. Taranatha Tarkavacaspati, pg. 397*69. Khuddi Jha (Sarman), pg. 399*70. Nityananda Panta Parvatiya, pg. 401*71. Dravyesa Jha, pg. 403*72. Suryanarayana Sukla, pg. 405*73. Gopala Sastri Nene, pg. 407*74. P.S. Anantanarayana Sastri, pg. 409*75. Brahmadeva, pg. 411*76. V. Krsnamacarya, pg. 413*77. Sadasiva Sastri (Sarman), pg. 415*78. Bala Krsna Pancoli, pg. 417*79. Rama Prasda Tripathi, pg. 419*80. Rudradhara Jha Sarman, pg. 421*81. Kalika Prasada Sukla, pg. 423*82. Sabhapati Sarman Upadhyaya, pg. 425*83. Raghunatha Sarman, pg. 427*84. Satyakama Varma, pg. 429*85. Ramajna Pandeya, pg. 431*Bibliography on Grammar, pg. 433*Notes, pg. 549*Cumulative Index, pg. 563
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