Electronics into the Future: Electron Flow

Electronics into the Future: Electron Flow

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Electronics Into the Future is a new interactive CD-ROM based product from Delmar that will be the perfect technology accompaniment to your DC/AC circuits text or as a stand-alone learning tools. Electronics Into the Future will offer your students and you as an instructor a range of multimedia presentations and interactive simulations designed to develop and expand major concepts in electronics. Electronics Into the Future will put the power of nonlinear technology in instructor's and students hands. As a classroom learning tool, Electronics Into the Future will give you the power to use technology to assist in clearly illustrating difficult concepts. As a gives students the power to learn theory and troubleshooting from interactive practical applications.ALSO AVAILABLEStudent Version, ISBN: 0-7668-0659-6show more

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  • CD-ROM
  • Cengage Learning, Inc
  • Delmar Cengage Learning
  • Clifton Park, United States
  • English
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  • 076680657X
  • 9780766806573

Table of contents

Electronics in Today's World. Atomic Structure. Units of Measurement and Technical Notation. Multiple and Submultiple Units. Charge. Voltage. Current. Resistance. Power. Ohm's Law. Resistors. Switches. Fuses and Circuit Breakers. Optical Indicators. Safety Practices for Technicians. Requirement for Current Flow. Types of Circuit Configurations. Tracing Current Flow in a Circuit. Circuit Measurement. Applied Technology. Current Through Each Component. Kirchhoff's Voltage Law. Computing Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power. Ground and Other Reference Points. Multiple Voltage Sources. Applied Technology: Voltage Dividers. Troubleshooting Series Circuits. Voltage Drops Across Resistors. Current Through Branches. Kirchhoff's Current Law. Computing Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power. Multiple Voltage Sources. Applied Technology: Current Dividers. Troubleshooting Parallel Circuits. Positive Identification Method. Simplification with Equivalent Circuits. Computing voltage, Current, Resistance, and Power. Applied Technology: Series-Parallel Circuits. Troubleshooting Series - Parallel Circuits. Positive Identification Method. Mesh Analysis. Nodal Analysis. Superposition Theorem. Therenin's Theorem. Norton's Theorem. Millman's Theorem. Pi-to-Tee and Tee-to-Pi Conversions. Cells and Batteries. Other Power Sources. Conductors, Semiconductors, Superconductors, and Insulation. Troubleshooting Power Sources, Conductors, and Insulators. Analog Meters. Digital Meters. Current Meters. Voltmeters. Ohmmeters. Multimeters. Oscilloscopes. Magnetic Fields. Units of Measurement. Electromagnetic Induction. Magnetic Circuit Analysis. Applied Technology: Magnetic and Electromagnetic Devices. Relay Circuit Analysis. Generation of Alternating Voltage. Characteristics of Sine Waves. Working with Phasors. Resistive AC Circuit Analysis. Applied Technology: Alternating Voltage Applications. Oscilloscope Fundamentals. Electromagnetic Induction. Self-Induction. Types of Induction. Multiple Circuit Inductances. Inductance in DC Circuits. Inductance in AC Circuits. Troubleshooting Inductors. Series RL Circuits with Sinusoidal Currents. Parallel RL Circuits with Sinusoidal Currents. RL Circuit Calculations. Phase Measurements with a Scope. Pulse Response of RL Circuits. Applied Technology: RL Circuits. Troubleshooting RL Circuits. Capacitance Fundamentals. Capacitor Construction. Multiple Circuit Capacitances. Capacitive Reactance. Power Dissipation. Troubleshooting Capacitors. Series RC Circuits with Sinusoidal Current. Parallel. RC Circuits with Sinusoidal Currents. RC Circuit Calculations. Complex RC Circuit Computations. Pulse Response of RC Circuits. Applied Technology: RC Circuits. Troubleshooting Rc Circuits. Introduction to RC Circuits. RLC Circuit Calculations. Resonance. Troubleshooting RLC Circuits. Applied Technology: RLC Circuits. Mutual Inductance and Coupling. Transformers. Analysis of Transformer Circuits.show more