As the Earth Trembles Part Two

As the Earth Trembles Part Two

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“Just about everyone wants to be a legend, Farari. Nobody wants to go to the dirt without their name on someone’s lips.”The city of Arcis has been taken over by Trajaen Luna’s northern army. Chaedric, the general Luna left behind, keeps a ruthless grip on the populace aided by the sniper Sonia Strome. Only a token resistance remains, holed up in the guardhouses on Baylor Bridge. It is there that Jonah Fauerbach, captain of the fallen constabulary, and the smuggler Osias Behren hope to rally their surviving forces and mount an offensive strong enough to drive the enemy out.In Sandaria, Donovan Swan and Alanna Ebere frantically wield the power of the United Coast Organization in an effort to keep the city from falling apart. Rossi, the northern mastermind behind the most formidable and terrifying military campaign the Expanse has seen, harries them at every turn with explosive terrorist attacks.Basker, a former militia man himself, now finds himself forcing those same brutal tactics on the constabulary he has been given control of. With one hand that doesn’t work, officers that don’t completely trust him and a bloodthirstiness that he has spent his life trying to control, he finds himself torn between the want of a normal life and a need for bloody vengeance.Cale Farari, a man whose early life was defined by monastic discipline, finds himself struggling now to determine who he truly is at heart. Having separated himself from the closest friend he has ever known, he trails the Army of the Bear with the intention of saving as many innocent lives as possible. Be it a burning city or a thousand fearsome warriors, he continues on undeterred, mind clear and spear in hand.At the heart of it is Salem, known as Trajaen Luna the Bear. Once an orphan searching for a legacy and finding abuse, he is now the most feared warlord in the Northern Expanse. He leads a motley crew of tribal warriors, organized criminals, northern hunters and trappers, and freed slaves on his crusade to bring order to cities he believes harbor corruption and the abuse of the innocent. Yet even as he dons his bear skull helm, even as he hefts his massive warhammer, something strikes him as being horribly awry.What started nearly a year before as a riot and an attempted coup has now erupted into all-out war. From the seedy underbelly of Sandaria to the slave city of Tipper; from Vorcuna, the massive, walled city of former outlaws to Doren, where Kiernan Lange commands his own Wisps with a literal iron fist; from the theft of barrels of chemicals to the final, fateful gunshot, loyalty, tragedy, ambition and revenge come together in a violent, definitive conclusion.The Convergence saga ends here and not everyone is making it out more

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