Early Years in Machine Translation

Early Years in Machine Translation : Memoirs and biographies of pioneers

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Machine translation (MT) was one of the first non-numerical applications of the computer in the 1950s and 1960s. With limited equipment and programming tools, researchers from a wide range of disciplines (electronics, linguistics, mathematics, engineering, etc.) tackled the unknown problems of language analysis and processing, investigated original and innovative methods and techniques, and laid the foundations not just of current MT systems and computerized tools for translators but also of natural language processing in general. This volume contains contributions by or about the major MT pioneers from the United States, Russia, East and West Europe, and Japan, with recollections of personal experiences, colleagues and rivals, the political and institutional background, the successes and disappointments, and above all the challenges and excitement of a new field with great practical importance. Each article includes a personal bibliography, and the editor provides an overview, chronology and list of sources for the period.show more

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  • Hardback | 400 pages
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  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Table of contents

1. Preface; 2. Common abbreviations; 3. Acknowledgements. Cyrillic transliteration; 4. The first decades of machine translation: overview, chronology, sources (by Hutchins, W. John); 5. Warren Weaver and the launching of MT: brief biographical note (by Hutchins, W. John); 6. Erwin Reifler and machine translation at the University of Washington (by Micklesen, Lew. R.); 7. Early research at M.I.T.: in search of adequate theory (by Yngve, Victor H.); 8. Machine translation at Harvard (by Oettinger, Anthony G.); 9. The Georgetown project and Leon Dostert: recollections of a young assistant (by Vasconcellos, Muriel); 10. Is FAHQ(M)T possible? Memories of Paul L. garvin and other MT colleagues (by Montgomery, Christine A.); 11. The early days of GAT-SLC (by Zarechnak, Michael); 12. Machine translation: just a question of finding the right programming language? (by Brown, Antony F.R.); 13. From Serna to Systran (by Toma, Peter); 14. My early years in machine translation (by Lehmann, Winfred P.); 15. David G. Hays (by Kay, Martin); 16. Gilbert W. King and the USAF Translator (by Hutchins, W. John); 17. Translation and the structure of language (by Lamb, Sydney M.); 18. Pioneering MT in the Soviet Union (by Kulagina, Olga S.); 19. Machine translation and formal linguistics in the USSR (by Mel'cuk, Igor); 20. My memoirs of MT in the Soviet Union (by Molosnaja, Tat'jana N.); 21. MT in the former USSR and in the Newly Independent States (NIS): pre-history, Romantic era, prosaic time (by Piotrovskij, Raimund G.); 22. Machine translation: early years in the USSR (by Marcuk, Jurij N.); 23. The beginnings of MT (by Booth, Andrew D.); 24. R.H. Richens: translation in the NUDe (by Jones, Karen Sparck); 25. Margaret Masterman (by Wilks, Yorick); 26. Yehoshua Bar-Hillel: a philosopher's contribution to machine translation (by Hutchins, W. John); 27. Silvio Ceccato and the correlational grammar (by Glasersfeld, Ernst von); 28. Early MT in France (by Gross, Maurice); 29. Bernard Vauquois' contribution to the theory and practice of building MT systems: a historical perspective (by Boitet, Christian); 30. Pioneer work in machine translation in Czechoslovakia (by Kirschner, Zdenek); 31. Alexander Ljudskanov (by Paskaleva, Elena); 32. Memoirs of a survivor (by Wada, Hiroshi); 33. Index of names; 34. Index of subjects; 35. Locations of photographs; 36. Participants at US conferences; 37. Weaver, Reifler, Yngve, Oettinger; 38. Dostert, Garvin, Zarechnak, Toma; 39. Brown, Lehmann, Lamb; 40. Participants at USSR conference; Mel'c uk, Molosnaja, Reformatskij; 41. Marcuk, Piotrowski, Booth; 42. Richens, Masterman, Ceccato; 43. Sgall, Wada, Vauquoisshow more