Dreamtyme : The Australian Adventure

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Almost everyone has, at one time or another, wanted to go to Australia. Its a continent, its a country and its almost 24 million inhabitants seem to be universally friendly. Maybe its because it has the fifth highest per capita income in the world, and the second highest human development index. All of its major cities score well in the livability index and Australia was the only developed country that did not suffer a recession in 2008. Then again, maybe we're overthinking it. Whatever the reason, Maren Lofton chose the Whitsunday Island, way up on the eastern coast of Australia, as their new home. She surprised Jon, her lover and longtime boyfriend, by telling him only after they were already on their way there. She hoped he would understand after she gave him a full explanation. Shakespeare once said, “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged cupid painted blind.” Maren was hoping Jon's love for her was like that. She would soon find out.Below are a few passages to give you some idea:“I need to go in the surf and clean off, should I put my suit on?”“I don't know why. There is no one in sight.”“Well, I'll go but you have to join me.”That was an easy decision for Jon. He got up and stripped off his rumpled shirt and pushed his bathing suit down the rest of the way. Maren had already made it upright and ran ahead of him towards the surf. The sight of his companion's taut body completely naked running into the water was his invitation to hurry. He followed her in the water at breakneck speed, catching her from behind on waist deep water as they both crashed into the waves. If you have ever skinny-dipped, you know that the feeling of the water directly on your skin gives you a oneness with the sea. its a feeling that makes you want to celebrate that freeness. They came together and kissed again, falling back in the water on purpose.“God, this is wonderful,” escaped Jon's lips. “I'm going to remember this always.”Maren agreed by coming to him in another full embrace and kissing him again. They frolicked in the water for another ten minutes or so when Maren spotted someone on the beach walking their way.“We had better go get dressed, there's someone coming.”They hastily exited the surf and quickly dressed. The interloper was now close enough to see what they were doing and piece together what had happened.Back in their suits, they headed back, which meant they were walking directly towards him. As they passed, he smiled.“That looked like it must have been fun,” were his words.Maren answered. “As much fun as we've ever had,” as they all continued walking.Jon looked at his lover. “Did you plan that?”“Surely what do you mean?” was her coy reply. “You know exactly what I mean.”“You don't think that I……..” and she was cut off mid-sentence.“Yes, I do think that you led innocent me into the desolate part of the beach so you could have your way with me.”Her smile was undeniable. “And I would do it again in a heartbeat.”“Just as I suspected.” Jon was milking this for all it was worth. “You are a conniving,” and he paused having made his point and changed his direction, “horny, beautiful, wonderful, exciting partner.”“Well thank you, kind sir. You're not so bad yourself. And I'm not so sure that the thought didn't enter your mind before it did mine.”Jon knew that was true, but did not want to give her the upper hand too easily. He just spouted, “Hussy.”“Well, thank you again. And I am going to hussy more in the future.”Jon smiled back sat her and simply said, “Good.”
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  • Paperback | 156 pages
  • 152 x 229 x 8mm | 218g
  • English
  • Illustrations, black and white
  • 1514250764
  • 9781514250761