Don't Leave for the UK Without This!

Don't Leave for the UK Without This! : Life-Saving Advice, Tips, Help and Vital Information for UK Visitors

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When you move from one country to another you bring with you your worldview formed in your country of origin. Unfortunately this can often land you in trouble in two ways 1. You may be unaware of local crime conditions and become a victim of crime. You might have read in the news of foreign tourists travelling to countries and becoming victims of crime. This is because of a failure to understand the local crime conditions - the rules of living every seasoned citizen of that country knows. Did you know that about 4000 rapes happened in the Greater London area in 2013-14? Like other countries, the UK too has its share of crime vulnerabilities. Every country has its peculiar crime situation and you need to be aware of the scene here in the UK to avoid becoming a victim of crime. This book helps you with that. 2. You might not know local UK laws and you may break the law here. Visitors to the UK need to understand what is, and what is not, an offence in the UK. You don't want to foolishly commit offences and completely ruin your UK experience! You might come from a society where law enforcement is lax, and think the same of life in the UK. Never make that terrible error. You could easily become a victim of crime or become a law breaker. This is not to scare you off coming to the UK, but just to warn you to be prepared, and don't take chances. This book has advice the British Council or a British university will not give you. They are here to attract you to come here. Saving your life is in your hands. You are making a wise decision to come to the UK. The UK is a fantastic country to live, work or study in. It is a land of promise and opportunity and the UK needs you if you have good written and spoken English, are young, skilled, hard-working, ambitious, and willing to learn and adapt. Are you are keen to move to the UK to live, work or study? If so, your mind may be full of questions about various aspects of UK life. The author too was in that position nearly twenty years ago. He arrived in the UK as an international student in 1995. Since then he has worked in the UK, seen success and failure, interacted closely with the British, and knows the good and bad about this country. He is now a keen observer of life in Britain and a writer of books preparing others for UK life. In this book, he distils his nearly two decades of experience of living in the UK to warn you about crime in the UK. He also gives you all the best advice, help, and vital information you need to have a successful and positive time here in the UK. This book warns you of the mistakes that you should not make while living in the UK. Your UK life should be a positive and life-changing experience, bringing new qualifications, a new career, financial security, growth and opportunities. It should not be a humiliating, unhappy or tragic experience. Be warned there are dangers lurking in Britain. Britain can be a safe place. But you must not be naive and base your life and actions on wrong notions. Learn from one who has been an observer of this country for two decades. This book is more than mere information. This is advice based on experience. The author, Rajiv Immanuel, tells you about life in the UK as it actually is with no attempt to hide the truth. That is the advantage of being an experienced foreigner in the UK: objectivity in looking at this country. Saving your life and ensuring your UK mission is a success is the goal of this book. Do not waste your time in the UK going round in circles making mistakes that could even cost you your life. Let your UK life begin on a positive note with the tips in this book. If could be the purchase that saved your life.
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About Rajiv Immanuel

Dickens, Hardy, Hopkins, Chaucer, Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, Shakespeare, Milton, Maugham, Emerson... you name it - we had it. Works by such authors lined our bookshelves at home in India. Our wealth was mostly in our heads. This was the type of home I was born into in 1965. Apart from being Christians, another way in which we were different from people around us was that we spoke English at home. In the India of those days that was unusual. After a degree in Economics in 1982, I added an MBA in 1985. I worked for a while as a Civil Servant in India. I soon got bored with pushing files. In 1995 I arrived at Reading University, UK, to study for a PhD degree in Economics. The scholarship I came on is listed in this book. I learnt a lot about UK university life. As the years passed in the UK, we, my wife and I, found that our roots in the UK had become too strong to consider going back. Both our children were born here in the UK. We realised how much we loved this country and with the Home Office's co-operation decided to make the UK our home. Meanwhile, I had found my metier in life: to be a writer. Since then I have been a keen observer of life in the UK. Being Christians, we have been privileged to be invited into the homes of hundreds of British Christian families. And have had the opportunity of observing the British from close-up. While I have a great regard for this land, I am also aware that like any country there are problems here too. I am an INFP. It is one of 16 personality types derived from the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) developed by psychiatrist Carl G. Jung in his book Psychological Types (1921). Meaningful work matters a great deal to INFPs. The personal freedom and flexibility of a working artist is one that is embraced by many INFPs. They are driven to help others, and get much satisfaction from helping others grow and develop and realize their full potential. It is important to them that their clients (in this case, readers) feel something special as a result of reading their work. Paul and Barbara Tieger, authors of Do What You Are (2001) write: "INFPs can be truly noble in their desire and efforts to improve the quality of life for others." My life's mission is to write books that help other migrants after me understand this country, make the most of opportunities here, contribute to UK society, and avoid nasty surprises. In short: to prepare new migrants for UK life."
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