A Dictionary of English Synonymes and Synonymous or Parallel Expressions

A Dictionary of English Synonymes and Synonymous or Parallel Expressions

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Excerpt: ...a. That may be interchanged. Interchangeableness, n. Interchangeability. Interchangeably, ad. Alternately, by interchange, by reciprocation. Intercourse, n. Communication, commerce, converse, communion, connection, mutual exchange. Interdependence, n. Mutual dependence. Interdict, v. a. Forbid, prohibit, inhibit. Interdict, n. Prohibition, interdiction. Interdiction, n. 1. Interdicting. 2. Prohibition, interdict. Interest, v. a. 1. Concern, affect, touch, be of importance to. 2. Engage, enlist. Interest one's self, Take an interest, feel an interest, be engaged, be concerned. Interest, n. 1. Good, benefit, profit, weal, advantage. 2. Share, portion, part, participation. 3. Concern, regard, sympathy. 4. Authority, influence. 5. Selfishness, self-interest, private interest. 6. Premium for the use of money, profit from money loaned. Interested, a. Partial, biassed, prejudiced, not disinterested. Interesting, a. Engaging, attractive, pleasing, entertaining. Interfere, v. n. 1. Intermeddle, meddle, interpose, PUT IN ONE'S OAR, THRUST ONE'S NOSE IN . 2. Clash, conflict, be opposed, come into collision. Interference, n. 1. Intermeddling, interposition. 2. Clashing, opposition, interfering, collision. Interfering, n. Clashing, interference. Interim, n. Interval, intermediate time, mean time. Interior, a. 1. Internal, inner, inward, not outward. 2. Inland, remote from the shore or the frontier. Interior, n. Inside, inner part, interior part. Interjacent, a. Intervening, intermediate, interposed. Interject, v. a. Insert, put between, throw in between. Interjection, n. Exclamation. Interlace, v. a. Intertwine, interweave, inweave, intwine, twine together. Interlard, v. a. Mix, intersperse, diversify by mixture. Interline, v. a. 1. Write between the lines of. 2. Write in alternate lines. Interlineal, a. Interlined. Interlinear, a. Interlined. Interlink, v. a. Interchain, join closely together. Interlock, v. a. Interchain, join closely together. Interlocution, ...
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