Dendritic Cells

Dendritic Cells : Biology and Clinical Applications

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Dendritic Cells is the first definitive book on this subject, and brings together the most current information in the field for scientists and clinicians. It outlines research studies, the first reports of therapeutic applications of dendritic cells, and the enormous potential of these unique cells. Contributors are from the key research groups around the world who are working on the immunobiology of dendritic cells and in applied areas, striving to develop their therapeutic potential.
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  • Hardback | 32 pages
  • 170 x 244 x 52mm | 1,478.73g
  • Academic Press Inc
  • San Diego, United States
  • English
  • 116 b&w illustrations
  • 0124558607
  • 9780124558601

Table of contents

M. Lotze and A. Thomson, Preface. R. Steinman and J. Banchereau, Introduction. Origin of Dendritic Cells: A. Galy, L. Wu, and K. Georgopolous, Hematopoietic Cell Fate and the Development of Dendritic Cells. K. Shortman and L. Wu, Thymic Dendritic Cells. J.W. Young, Cell Fate Development in the Myeloid System. J.G. Tew, Z. Kapasi, D. Qin, and A.K. Szalcal, Origin of Follicular Dendritic Cells. C. Cauz, S. Lebecque, Y.-J. Liu, and J. Banchereau, Development Pathways of Myeloid Dendritic Cells. E. Maraskovsky, B. Pulendran, and K. Shortman, Lymphoid-Related Dendritic Cells. Dendritic Cells in the Periphery: D. Maurer and G. Stingl, Dendritic Cells in the Context of Skin Immunity. A.S. McWilliam, P.A. Stumbles, and P.G. Holt, Dendritic Cells in the Lung. G. MacPherson and L. Lu, Intestinal Dendritic Cells. R.J. Steptoe and A. Thomson, Dendritic Cells in the Liver, Kidney, Heart, and Pancreas. J.M. Austyn, Dendritic cells in Spleen and Lymph Nodes. P. McMenamin and J.V. Forrester, Dendritic Cells in Central Nervous System and Eye and Their Supporting Tissues. Dendritic Cells and Interaction with Other Cells: A. Viola, G. Iezzi, and A. Lanzavecchia, The Role of Dendritic Cells in T Cell Priming: The Importance of Being Professional. B. Chambers and H.-G. Ljunggren, NK Cells. F. Briere, C. Caux, B. Dubois, J. Fayette, S. Vandenabeele, and J. Banchereau, Interaction Between Dendritic Cells and B Lymphocytes. Y. Yamaguchi and M. Ogawa, Dendritic Cells and Cells of the Monocyte/Macrophage Linage. I. Kimber, M. Cumberbatch, R.J. Dearman, and S.C. Knight, Langerhans Cell Migration and Cellular Interactions. A. Larrengina and A. Morelli, Dendritic Cells in the Reproductive Tract. Dendritic Cells in Disease: M. Lotze and R. Jaffe, Cancer. A.J. Demetris, N. Murase, J.J. Fung, and T.E. Starzi, Dendritic Cells in Rejection and Acceptance of Solid Organ Allograft. H.A. Drexage, F.G.A. Delemarre, K. Radosevic, and P.J.M. Leelnan, Dendritic Cells in Autoimmunity. M. Rescigno, M. Rittig, S. Citterio, M. Matsyzak, M. Foti, F. Granucci, M. Martino, U. Fascio, P. Rovere, and P. Ricciardi-Castagnoli, Interaction of Dendritic Cells with Bacteria. R.M. Steinman, A. Granelli-Piperno, K. Tenner-racz, P. Racz, S. Frankel, E. Delgado, R. Ignatius, and M. Pope, Dendritic Cells During Infection with HIV-1 and SIV. A.E. Semper, J.A. Hartley, I.G. Reischl, and S.T. Holgate, Dendritic Cells in Allergy. DC Based Therapies: M. Lotze, H. Farhood, C. Wilson, and W.J. Storkus, Dendritic Cell Therapy of Cancer and HIV Infection. L. Lu, S.J. Khoury, M.H. Sayegh, and A. Thomson, Dendritic Cell Tolerogenicity and Prospects for Dendritic Cell-Based Therapy of Allograft Rejection and Autoimmunity. Techniques and Other Topics in DC Biology: G. Schuler, M. Lutz, A. Bender, B. Thurner, C. R der, and N. Romani, A Guide to the Isolation and Propagation of Dendritic Cells. S.J. Turley, R.M. Steinmann, I. Mellman, and K. Inaba, Propagation and Culture of Dendritic Cells. G. Clark and D.N.J. Hart, Phenotypic Characterization of Dendritic Cells. M.T. Crowley and D. Lo, Targetted Gene Knockouts: Insights into Dendritic Cell Biology. S. Barrett-Boyes and L.D. Falo, Jr., Mobilization, Migration and Localization of Dendritic Cells. T. Tuting, L. Zitvogel, and Y. Nishioka, Genetic Engineering of Dendritic Cells. J. Gong, D. Avigan, and D. Kufe, Dendritic--Tumor Cell Fusions. M. Cella, M. Salio, D. Scheidegger, A. Engering, J. Pieters, F. Sallusto, and A. Lanzavecchia, Regulation of Antigen Capture, MHC Biosynthesis, and Degradation Optimized Presentation of Infectious Antigens in Maturing Dendritic Cells. G. Girolomani, M. Rescigo, and P.R. Castognoli, Development and Testing of Dendritic Cell Lines. L. Zitvogel, A. Regnault, A. Lozier, G. Raposo, and S. Amigorena, Dendritic Cell--Derived Exosomes: Potent Immunogenic Cell-Free Vaccines. N. Romani, F. Koch, C. Heufler, E. Kampgen, and G. Schuler, Dendritic Cells as Donors and Recipients of Cytokines Signals.; M.R. Shurin, C. Esche, A. Lokshin, and M. Lotze, Apoptosis in Dendritic Cells. W.S. Garrett and I. Mellman, Studies of Endocytosis. Appendix. Index.
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Review quote

"...represents the first book that attempts to draw together the exponential growth in our knowledge about this fundamental cell. --IMMUNOLOGY TODAY (March 2000)
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