Dark Guardian #2: Full Moon

Dark Guardian #2: Full Moon

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Chapter OneSupposedly, dreams reflect our hidden fears and secret desires, all clamoring for attention. The one I'd had last night had been so vivid that even now, as evening drew near, it still made me squirm in my chair. I sat against a wall in the counsel room where the elders and the Dark Guardians-protectors of our society-were discussing how best to ensure our survival. Because I hadn't yet experienced my first transformation, I was considered a novice and was not allowed to sit at the large, round table with the others. This was okay by me, because it gave me the freedom to let my mind wander-without anyone noticing that I wasn't paying attention.In my dream, I'd been standing in a clearing with my declared mate, Connor, our arms wrapped around each other so tightly that we could barely breathe. The full moon served as a spotlight.Then dark clouds drifted over the moon, and everything went black. Still holding him near, I was acutely aware of the muscles and bones in his body undulating against me. He grew taller and broader. My fingers were in his hair, and I felt the strands thicken and lengthen. His mouth covered mine, but his lips were fuller than before. The kiss was hungrier than any he'd ever given me. It heated me from head to toe, and I thought I knew what it was to be a candle, melting from the scorching flame. I knew I should move away, but I clung to him as though I'd drown in a sea of doubts if I let go.The hovering clouds floated away, and the moonlight illuminated us once again-only I was no longer in Connor's arms. Instead I was pressing my body against Rafe's, kissing him, yearning for his touch. . . .I shifted uncomfortably in my chair with the memory of how desperately I'd wanted Rafe. It was Connor I was supposed to long for. But I'd woken up in a tangle of sheets, clamoring for another of Rafe's touches-even if it were only in a dream.Squirming again, I felt a sharp elbow in my ribs."Be still, will you?" Brittany Reed whispered harshly beside me. Like me, she would soon be turning seventeen and would experience her first transformation with the next full moon.I'd known Brittany since kindergarten. We were friends, but I'd never felt as close to her as I did to Kayla-whom I'd met only last summer, when her adoptive parents had brought her to the park to face her past. We'd connected on a deep level almost as soon as we met. We'd spent the past year sharing our lives through emails, text messages, and phone calls.During the last full moon she'd discovered that she was one of us and that Lucas Wilde was her destined mate. I can't imagine how frightening it would be to have so little time to prepare. We Shifters can't control the first transformation. When the full moon rises, our bodies react to its call. But now Kayla sat at the table with the others. The summer solstice, the longest day of the year, is usually a time when as many of our kind as possible come together to celebrate our existence. But this year a pall hung over us as we gathered at Wolford, a village hidden deep within a huge national forest near the Canadian border. All that remained there of what had once been a vibrant community were a few small buildings and the massive, mansionlike structure that serves as the home of the elders who rule over us. The residence also houses most of us when we're here for the solstice celebration.We've always been a secret society. Even though we have lived among the rest of the world, we show our true selves only to each other. But recently, we discovered that Lucas's older brother had betrayed us by telling someone in the outside world about our existence. Now some scientists who work for a medical research company called Bio-Chrome were determined to capture us and discover what makes us tick-or more important, what makes us transform. They wanted to patent this ability, develop it, and use it for their own financial gain. But being dissected and studied wasn't how any of us wanted to spend our summer vacation.Although we hadn't seen any signs of Bio-Chrome scientists since Lucas and Kayla had escaped from their clutches, none of us believed they'd given up their quest so easily. We were all on edge because we could sense an impending confrontation-the way animals sense a coming storm. Nature had made us attuned to danger. It was the reason we hadn't gone the way of the dinosaur.
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About Rachel Hawthorne

Rachel Hawthorne believes in happy endings and adopting older rescue dogs. She also writes as New York Times bestselling author Lorraine Heath and as J. A. London with her son, Alex. She lives near Dallas, Texas, with her husband and is presently spoiling a pooch named Jake.
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6,209 ratings
3.95 out of 5 stars
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4 31% (1,936)
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Our customer reviews

Lindsey's had her whole life mapped out for her, including her soul mate. Her parents have chosen him and they've grown up together. Connor is in all of her important memories - but lately she's beginning to question if she loves him because she loves him or because they've been pushed together so often that she can't imagine herself without him. It's no surprise that she's having these thoughts when she can't get Rafe out of her head. His glances leave her breathless - something Connor's never does. She dreams about kissing him. In her society, mates are chosen after one's 17th birthday to help with the change. The transformation into a werewolf for the first time is a painful process, and having your mate there eases the pain and intensifies the experience. Lindsey doesn't know who or what to trust. Her friends aren't really a big help, either, because Brittany believes the system is archaic since males go through the transformation without their mates. Plus, Kayla's so disgustingly happy with her mate. How will Lindsey decide something so important and in such a short time - with her heart or her head? FULL MOON is the second book in the DARK GUARDIAN series. Each book is written from a perspective of a girl in the pack about to transform for the first time, and each takes a different look at love. There's danger lingering over from the first book, with scientists looking to capture and run tests on a werewolf and expose their secrets. Danger, paranormal, and romance - the perfect combination!show more
by TeensReadToo
Can I just say....love triangle anyone? Wow, talk about being torn between two guys....poor Lindsey! Full Moon, the second installment in the Dark Guardian's series by Rachel Hawthorne picks up right where Moonlight left off and we're immediately thrown back into the action and romance that I came to love about this series. Lindsey's transformation is coming up and a girl needs a guy to get through it, but not just any guy...her one true mate, and wolves mate for life...no pressure on making the right choice huh? Yikes! So is Lindsey going to go with her constant friend over the years and current boyfriend, Connor or will Rafe pique her interest with his bad boy ways? You guys have to read this book, it's just so good. I've seen and read stories with love triangles before and usually I've got no sympathy for the girl or guy who's in the middle, because who hasn't dreamed about having two people fighting for their attentions right? But not so much in this case, I actually felt for Lindsey and was feeling just awful for her, I mean this was not just about choosing a guy to go to a dance with or have a romantic dinner, we're talking FOREVER here and if you choose wrong, there's no turning back and nothing you can do about it, ouch! Rachel Hawthorne's writing is compelling and you'll find yourself flying through the pages and having no trouble finishing this one in no time at all. I've read the first and now the second book of this series in two days, yep you heard me, it's been a book a day. It's a great read for a rainy day or one where you just want to be entertained by a book and nothing else. Full Moon will keep you guessing, make you miserable for the main characters and the struggles they're going through and at the same time you might just find your heart breaking over events that take place one minute and the next you could be overjoyed...I guess it all depends on who you're rooting for in the end. Most of you know by now that I love a good series because I never have to say goodbye to the characters I've grown to love and can't get enough of, and the Dark Guardian's series is no exception. Hawthorne might move on to focus on other characters more fully with each new book, but she doesn't leave behind our old favorites. All the characters are brought back into this installment and I was glad. This series has everything I'm usually looking for; romance, action and intrigue and enough suspense that I had to keep turning the pages in order to find out what happened next....and did I mention romance? There's no way to resist the characters Hawthorne's created and the story she's spinning, and to be honest you won't want to. So if you haven't given this series a try I totally recommend it.show more
by Katelyn
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