Cytokines and the Liver

Cytokines and the Liver

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Cytokines are synthesized and secreted in the liver by Kupffer cells, and are important for inflammation processes, the non-specific immune response, and probably the destruction and removal of tumour cells. The production of signal substances such as tumour necrosis factor-alpha, interleukin 1 and 6, and interferon alpha/beta is regulated by a complex set of pathways, which can also be modified by cellular mediators, e.g. prostaglandins, growth factors and cortico-steroids. Signal exchange between different cell types in the liver is important for the synthesis of acute phase proteins, liver fibrosis, permeability and liver regeneration. This has clinical implications for hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver transplantation.
This book contains the proceedings of the 78th Falk Symposium (Part II of the Gastroenterology Week, Freiburg, 1994) held on 15--16 June and brings together clinicians and researchers worldwide to discuss the role of cytokines in hepatology.
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Table of contents

Introduction. Part A: Cytokines and their Receptors in the Liver. Section 1: Regulation of Synthesis. 1. Cytokine response to infection; A. Cerami. 2. Interleukin-8 and other chemokines: new perspectives in inflammation; M. Baggiolini, M. Uguccioni, M. d'Apuzzo. 3. Induction of IL-1ra synthesis by hepatic acute phase proteins; J.W. Mier. 4. IL-6 signal transduction from the plasma membrane to the nucleus; F. Horn, C. Lutticken, U. Wegenka, J. Yuan, P.C. Heinrich. Section II: Signal Transduction Pathways and Effects. 5. Activation of NH-kappa-B and AP-1 in rat Kupffer cells; T.A. Tran-Thi, K. Decker, P.A. Bauerle. 6. Cytokines and adhesion molecules in the liver; K. Tanikawa. 7. Regulation and functional implications of hepatic NO synthesis from L-arginine; A. Mulsch. Part B: Cell Biological Aspects. Section III: Inflammation and Fibrogenesis. 8. Production of inflammatory cytokines by Kupffer cells: evidence for autocrine and paracrine regulatory mechanisms; M. Grewe. 9. Role of sinusoidal endothelial cells in liver fibrosis; G. Ramadori, K. Neubauer. 10. The contribution of hepatocytes to cytokine-directed activation of fat-storing cells -- a pathogenetic key mechanism in liver fibrogenesis; A.M. Gressner, C. Hoffman, M.G. Bachem, G. Schuftan, B. Lahme, A. Brenzel. Section IV: Function of Stellate Cells and Growth Regulation. 11. On the contraction and relaxation of stellate cells induced by Kupffer cell-derived vasoactive substances; N. Kawada, K. Decker. 12. The initiation of liver regeneration and the regulation of liver growth by transforming growth factor alpha (TGF alpha); N. Fausto. 13. Role of HGF in liver regeneration; G.K. Michalopoulos, W.M. Mars, M-L. Liu. Part C: Clinical Implications. Section V: Hepatitis and Cirrhosis. 14. Kupffer cell processing of bacterial lipopolysaccharide; E.S. Fox, P. Thomas. 15. Cytokines in alcoholic liver cirrhosis; J. Deviere, O. Le Moine, M. Goldman, E. Dupont. 16. Autoimmune hepatitis and cytokines; C. Trautwein, M.P. Manns. 17. Cytokine profiles in primary biliary cirrhosis: an approach to define the underlying immunoreactivity; P.A. Berg, R. Klein, M. Leuschner, U. Leuschner. Section VI: Responses of the Challenged Liver. 18. Growth factors in liver disease; W.E. Fleig. 19. Cytokine regulation of hepatic acute phase protein expression; Z. Xing, C.D. Richards, T. Braciak, V. Thibault, J. Gauldie. 20. Cytokine-induced alterations in hepatic lipid metabolism; K.R. Feingold, I. Hardardottir, C. Grunfeld. Section VII: Liver Transplantation. 21. Cytokines in liver transplantation and alcoholic liver disease; R.G. Thurman, E. Savier, Y. Adachi, S.I. Shedlofsky, J.J. Lemasters, W. Gao, B.U. Bradford, Z. Zhong, K.T. Knecht, W. Qu, R.T. Currin, S. Lichtman, J. Wang, M. Goto. 22. Role of cytokines in the regulation of cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesion molecules in human liver transplants; G. Steinhoff. 23. Cytokines in liver allograft rejection; A.S. Gaweco, W.J. Hofmann. Index.
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