Cyanobacteria: Volume 167

Cyanobacteria: Volume 167

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In recent years, cyanobacteria have become the focus of intense study. As simple bacteria, they would seem to be the obvious organisms of choice for the study of such fundamental processes as oxygen-evolving photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation. This book will prove useful to investigators with little previous experience with cyanobacteria as well as to those who wish to change the emphasis of their research.
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  • Hardback | 915 pages
  • 152 x 229 x 44.45mm | 1,410g
  • Academic Press Inc
  • San Diego, United States
  • English
  • 0121820688
  • 9780121820688

Table of contents

Isolation, Identification, and Culturing of Cyanobacteria:
R. Rippka, Isolation and Purification of Cyanobacteria.
R. Rippka, Recognition and Identification of Cyanobacteria.
R.W. Castenholz, Culturing Methods for Cyanobacteria.
C.P. Wolk, Purification and Storage of Nitrogen-Fixing Filamentous Cyanobacteria.
R.W. Castenholz, Thermophilic Cyanobacteria: Special Problems.
J.B. Waterbury and J.M. Willey, Isolation and Growth of Marine Planktonic Cyanobacteria.
A. Mitsui and S. Cao, Isolation and Culture of Marine Nitrogen-Fixing Unicellular Cyanobacteria Synechococcus.
J.C. Meeks, Symbiotic Associations.
S.E. Stevens, Jr. , Cell Stability and Storage.
W.T. Stam and B.K. Stulp, New Taxonomic Methods: DNA/DNA Hybridization.
E. Stackebrandt and W. Ludwig, 16 S Ribosomal RNA Cataloging.
D.J. Lane, K.G. Field, G.J. Olsen, and N.R. Pace, Reverse Transcriptase Sequencing of Ribosomal RNA for Phylogenetic Analysis.
A. Aitken, Protein Sequences as Taxonomic Probes of Cyanobacteria.Ultrastructure, Inclusions, and Differentiation.
G. Stanier (Cohen-Bazire) , Fine Structure of Cyanobacteria.
J. Weckesser and U.-J. Jurgens, Cell Walls and External Layers.
T. Vaara and M. Vaara, Cyanobacterial Fimbriae.
J.M. Shively, Inclusions: Granules of Polyglucose, Polyphosphate, and Poly-/-hydroxybutyrate.
J.M. Shively, Inclusions: Carboxysomes.
M.M. Allen, Inclusions: Cyanophycin.
P.K. Hayes, Gas Vesicles: Chemical and Physical Properties.
M. Herdman, Cellular Differentiation: Akinetes.
M. Herdman and R. Rippka, Cellular Differentiation: Hormogonia and Baeocytes.
Membranes, Pigments, Redox Reactions, and Nitrogen Fixation:
N. Murata and T. Omata, Isolation of Cyanobacterial Plasma Membranes.
N. Sato and N. Murata, Membrane Lipids.
G.C. Papageorgiou, Rapid Permeabilization of Anacystis nidulans to Electrolytes.
S. Katoh, Photosystem I and Photosystem II Preparations from Thermophilic Synechococcus.
S. Katoh and K. Satoh, Prenylquinones.
D.S. Bendall, J.M. Bowes, A.C. Stewart,and M.E. Taylor, Oxygen-Evolving Photosystem II Particles from Phormidium laminosum.
J.J. Brand and D.W. Becker, In Vivo Effect of Calcium on Photosystem II.
E. Gantt, J.D. Clement-Metral, and B.M. Chereskin, Photosystem II-Phycobilisome Complex Preparations.
A.N. Glazer, Phycobiliproteins.
A.N. Glazer, Phycobilisomes.
T. Katoh, Phycobilisome Stability.
N. Tandeau de Marsac and J. Houmard, Complementary Chromatic Adaptation: Physiological Conditions and Action Spectra.
G. Sandmann, In Vitro Carotenoid Biosynthesis in Aphanocapsa.
F. Juttner, Carotene Oxygenase in Microcystis.
R. Malkin, Cytochrome b6-f Complex in Cyanobacteria: Common Components of Respiratory and Photosynthetic Electron Transport Systems.
D.B. Hicks, Preparation of Coupling Factor F1-ATPase from Cyanobacteria.
G.A. Peschek, W.H. Nitschmann, and T. Czerny, Respiratory Proton Extrusion and Plasma Membrane Energization.
S. Belkin, Y. Shahak, and E. Padan, Anoxygenic Photosynthetic Electron Transport.
H. Matsubara and K. Wada, Soluble Cytochromes and Ferredoxins.
P. Rowell, A.J. Darling, and W.D.P. Stewart, Thioredoxin System.
N.A. Crawford, B.C. Yee, M. Droux, D.E. Carlson, and B.B. Buchanan, Ferredoxin/Thioredoxin System.
R. Cammack, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Characterization of Iron-Sulfur Proteins.
G.A. Peschek, V. Molitor, M. Trnka, M. Wastyn, and W. Erber, Characterization of Cytochrome c Oxidase in Isolated and Purified Plasma and Thylakoid Membranes from Cyanobacteria.
I.V. Fry and G.A. Peschek, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance-Detectable Cu2+ in Synechococcus 6301 and 6311: aa3-Type Cytochrome-c Oxidase of Cytoplasmic Membrane.
H. Almon and P. Bvger, Nitrogen and Hydrogen Metabolism: Induction and Measurement.
B.B. Jensen and R.P. Cox, Measurement of Hydrogen Exchange and Nitrogen Uptake by Mass Spectrometry.
L.J. Stal, Nitrogen Fixation in Cyanobacterial Mats.
A. Mitsui and S. Kumazawa, Nitrogen Fixation by Synchronously Growing Unicellular Aerobic Nitrogen-Fixing Cyanobacteria.
R.L. Smith, C. Van Baalen, and F.R. Tabita, Isolation of Metabolically Active Heterocysts from Cyanobacteria.
H. Bothe and G. Neuer, Electron Donation to Nitrogenase in Heterocysts.
K.K. Rao and D.O. Hall, Hydrogenases: Isolation and Assay.
R.J. Mehlhorn and R. Sullivan, Measurement of Bioenergetics Phenomena in Cyanobacteria with Magnetic Resonance Techniques.
Physiology and Metabolism:
R.L. Oliver and A.E. Walsby, Buoyancy and Suspension of Planktonic Cyanobacteria.
R.H. Reed, Osmotic Adjustment: Organic Solutes.
A. Kaplan, Y. Marcus, and L. Reinhold, Inorganic Carbon Uptake by Cyanobacteria.
J.A. Bassham and S.E. Taylor, Carbon Metabolism: Studies with Radioactive Tracers in Vivo.
A.J. Smith and J.E. More, Transport of Carbohydrate into Cyanobacteria.
J. Gibson, Ammonium Transport.
E. Padan and A. Vitterbo, Cation Transport in Cyanobacteria.
A. Schmidt, Sulfur Metabolism in Cyanobacteria.
M. Herdman and K. Elmorjani, Cyclic Nucleotides.
G. Borbely and G.J. Schneider, CyanobacteriaDNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase.
D.J. Scanlan and N.G. Carr, Extracellular Proteins.
H. Naes, Geosmin Production.
F. Juttner, Quantitative Trace Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds.
Y. Bar-Or and M. Shilo, Cyanobacterial Flocculants.
G. Borbely and G. Suranyi, Cyanobacterial Heat-Shock Proteins and Stress Responses.
M. Brouers, D.J. Shi, and D.O. Hall, Immobilization Methods for Cyanobacteria in Solid Matrices.
General Physical Methods:
B.B. J~alorgensen and N.P. Revsbech, Microsensors.
A.E. Walsby, Determination of Turgor Pressure and Other Cell-Solute Relations by Using Gas Vesicles as Pressure Probes.
S. Spath, R. Bligny, J.-B. Martin, C. Roby, and L. Packer, Energetic Status of Cyanobacteria: 31P NMR Spectra.
S. Belkin, R.J. Mehlhorn, and L. Packer, Electron Spin Resonance Oximetry.
S. Belkin and L. Packer, Determination of pH Gradients in Intact Cyanobacteria by Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy.
B. Dimon, P. Gans, and G. Peltier, Mass Spectrometric Measurement of Photosyntheticand Respiratory Oxygen Exchange.
M.-E. Rivihre, G. Johannin, D. Gamet, G.A. Peschek, and B. Arrio, Laser Light Scattering Techniques for Determining Size and Surface Charges of Membrane Vesicles from Cyanobacteria.
Molecular Genetics:
R.D. Porter, DNA Transformation.
F. Joset, Transformation in Synechocystis PCC 6714 and 6803: Preparation of Chromosomal DNA.
S.S. Golden, Mutagenesis of Cyanobacteria by Classical and Gene-Transfer-Based Methods.
F. Joset, Selection for Mutants in Energetic Pathways: Enrichment Procedures.
D. Friedberg, Use of Reporter Genes in Cyanobacteria.
J. Elhai and C.P. Wolk, Conjugal Transfer of DNA to Cyanobacteria.
D.A. Bryant and N. Tandeau de Marsac, Isolation of Genes Encoding Components of Photosynthetic Apparatus.
J.G.K. Williams, Construction of Specific Mutations in Photosystem II Photosynthetic Reaction Center by Genetic Engineering Methods in Synechocystis 6803.
T. Kallas and R. Malkin, Isolation and Characterization of Genes for Cytochrome b6/f Complex.
A.L. Cozens and J.E. Walker, Genes for ATP Synthase in Synechococcus 6301.
C. Franche and T. Damerval, Tests on nif Probes and DNA Hybridizations.
J. Houmard and N. Tandeau de Marsac, Cyanobacterial Genetic Tools: Current Status.
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Praise for the Volume
"This two-volume treatment of fluorescence microscopic techniques is excellent. Taken together, the two volumes provide an extensive and up-to-date view of modern fluorescence microscopy."
Praise for the Series
"The Methods in Enzymology series represents the gold-standard."
"Incomparably useful."
"It is a true 'methods' series, including almost every detail from basic theory to sources of equipment and reagents, with timely documentation provided on each page."
"The series has been following the growing, changing and creation of new areas of science. It should be on the shelves of all libraries in the world as a whole collection."
"The appearance of another volume in that excellent series, Methods in Enzymology, is always a cause for appreciation for those who wish to successfully carry out a particular technique or prepare an enzyme or metabolic intermediate without the tiresome prospect of searching through unfamiliar literature and perhaps selecting an unproven method which is not easily reproduced."
"If we had some way to find the work most often consulted in the laboratory, it could well be the multi-volume series Methods in Enzymology...a great work."
"A series that has established itself as a definitive reference for biochemists."
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