Critical Perspectives on Diversity in Organisations

Critical Perspectives on Diversity in Organisations

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Decades of investigations into diversity in the workplace has created mixed answers about what kinds of effects it has on employees and teams, and whether or not it can be managed effectively to generate positive outcomes for organisations. It is known that workers in modern organisations vary according to demographic characteristics and many other individual differences, and that when they come together to work in groups and teams, various psychological processes can act to enhance or undermine how these differences shape performances in different contexts. However, trying to make exact predictions about which types of diversity will have particular effects under particular circumstances has, perhaps unsurprisingly, proved elusive. In contrast to much of this mainstream work from management and psychology, critical views on workplace diversity have emerged that arguably better acknowledge and emphasise the messy social and political realities of workplace diversity as they operate in context.
Critical Perspectives on Diversity and Organizations therefore seeks to review, integrate and build upon these emerging critical perspectives on workplace diversity to help give a fuller understanding of how employee differences affect workplace interactions, relationships, employment, inequality, culture, and society. Critical perspectives help to fill in and openly recognise many of the more far-reaching issues that pure management and psychology approaches can leave out - issues of power, inequality, politics, history, culture, and lived experiences. If organisations don't try to take these issues into account and critically reflect on them, then diversity management is likely to remain a relatively blunt instrument or worse, a hollow piece of rhetoric.
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Table of contents

List of Tables and Figures Foreword Preface Part I Overview 1. Diversity and Organisations: An Overview of Mainstream Approaches from Psychology and Management 2. Taking a Critical Perspective on Diversity and Organisations: Progress and Prospects PART II Defining Aspects of a Critical Perspective on Diversity and Organisations 3. History and Historiography's Value in Engaging Diversity in Organisations 4. Power and Inequality's Role in Explaining Diversity in Organisations 5. The Role of Institutions and Change in Shaping Diversity in Organisations PART III Elaborating on Critical Themes Concerning Diversity and Organisations 6. Intersectionality and the Messiness of Diversity in Organisations 7. Discourses and Ways of Thinking, Writing and Talking about Diversity in Organisations 8. Multiculturalism and the Political Philosophy of Diversity in Organisations 9. Sensemaking and the Ongoing Interpretation of Diversity in Organisations 10. Place, Space and the Geography of Diversity in Organisations PART IV Implications for Practice and Policy in a Future of Diverse Organisations 11. Seeing Beyond Diversity Management and the Business Case for Diversity 12. Linking a Critical Perspective with Taking Action: Critical Performativity and Agency in Relation to Diversity in Organisations 13. Imagining Diverse Futures of Diversity in Organisations: Utopias, Dystopias and Heterotopias 14. Conclusions: The Interdisciplinary Importance of Humanities and Social Sciences in Shaping Critical Perspectives on Diversity in Organisations References Index
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Author information

Dr Tom Calvard is Lecturer in HRM in the Organisation Studies Group at the University of Edinburgh Business School, UK
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