Criminal Procedure Today

Criminal Procedure Today : Issues and Cases

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For courses in Criminal Procedure.This combination text/casebook on criminal procedure offers a welcome alternative to most of the other texts on the subject-which are either texts OR casebooks and are geared more towards attorneys than introductory-level students. Using language that is easily accessible to students, it combines both the "black letter" law approach and the case approach by beginning each chapter with a discussion of the law, followed by significant cases (carefully edited and abridged) in that area. Comprehensive in coverage, it explores criminal procedure in relation to the courts; the justice system; the Fourth Amendment; Fourth Amendment exceptions; interrogation, confessions, and admissions; remedies; identification; pretrial proceedings; counsel; grand jury, charging decision and speedy trial; and more

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Table of contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with a Summary, Discussion Questions, and Endnotes.)1. Introduction. Overview. Justice System Structure and Process. Evolution of Criminal Procedure. Types of Law. Criminal Law Administration. Criminal Procedure's Controversies. Legal Research and Methodology. CAPSTONE CASES: Griswold v. Connecticut. Robinson v. California. Kolender v. Lawson. 2. The Courts. Choosing the Correct Court. The Dual Court System. The Federal System. State Court Systems. Effect of Judicial Decisions. Writ of Habeas Corpus. CAPSTONE CASES: Ex Parte Merryman. Lonchar v. Thomas. In re Antonio Cordero Jr. In re McDonald. Wrenn v. Benson. Groppi v. Wisconsin. Cooper v. Oklahoma. 3. Overview of the Justice System. Legal Authorization for the System. The Due Process Concept. Constitution and State Codes. Continuity of Procedures. Participants in the Proceedings. Extradition. CAPSTONE CASES: Rochin v. California. Barron v. City of Baltimore. Duncan v. Louisiana. Taylor v. Kentucky. Goldberg v. Kelly. Shadwick v. City of Tampa. United States v. Agurs. 4. The Fourth Amendment. Introduction. Coverage of the Fourth Amendment. Probable Cause. Search Warrants. Eavesdropping. Law of Arrest. CAPSTONE CASES: Draper v. United States. Maryland v. Garrison. Illinois v. Gates. Stoner v. California. United States v. Jenkins. United States v. Santa Maria. Skinner v. Railway Labor Executives' Association. 5. The Fourth Amendment-Exceptions. Introduction. Searches Without Probable Cause. Searches Without Warrants. Vehicle Stops and Searches. Searches Incident to Lawful Arrest. Stop and Frisk and Other Detentions. CAPSTONE CASES: California v. Acevedo. California v. Greenwood. Bumper v. North Carolina. Camara v. Municipal Court. Hudson v. Palmer. Oliver v. United States. Whren et al. v. United States. Terry v. Ohio. Ornelas et al. v. United States. 6. Interrogation, Confessions, and Admissions. Introduction. When the Privilege Applies. Proceedings in which the Privilege Applies. Procedural Aspects of Privilege. The Voluntariness Test. Miranda. Grants of Immunity. Right to Counsel During Interrogations. Waiver of Rights Under Miranda. CAPSTONE CASES: Miranda v. Arizona. United States v. Garibay. Fare v. Michael C. Brewer v. Williams. Rhode Island v. Innis. California v. Byers. Colorado v. Connelly. Minnick v. Mississippi. Illinois v. Perkins. 7. Remedies. Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule. Exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule. Fifth Amendment Exclusionary Rule. Sixth Amendment Exclusionary Rule. Limitations to the Exclusionary Rule. Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine. CAPSTONE CASES: Harris v. New York. United States v. Leon. Illinois v. Krull. Michigan v. Harvey. Oregon v. Elstad. Nix v. Williams. Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole v. Scott. 8. Identification. Introduction. Identification Procedures. Witness' Testimony. Other Identification Procedures. Two-Factor Test. CAPSTONE CASES: United States v. Wade. Kirby v. Illinois. Neil v. Biggers. United States v. Ash. Manson v. Brathwaite.9. Pretrial Proceedings. Bail. Pretrial Detention. Pretrial Release. Arraignment. Preliminary Hearing. Pretrial Motions. CAPSTONE CASES: Stack v. Boyle. Schib v. Kuebel. United States v. Salerno. Gerstein v. Pugh. Bell v. Wolfish. Coleman v. Alabama. Williams v. Florida. Boykin v. Alabama. North Carolina v. Alford. 10. Counsel. Right to Counsel. Right of Self-Representation. Effective Representation. When the Right to Counsel Attaches. CAPSTONE CASES: Gideon v. Wainwright. Argersinger v. Hamlin. Douglas v. California. Ross v. Moffit. Strickland v. Washington. Nix v. Whiteside. Faretta v. California. 11. Grand Jury, Charging Decision and Trial. The Grand Jury. The Decision to Prosecute. Right to a Speedy Trial. The Trial Phase. CAPSTONE CASES: Costello v. United States. Yick Wo v. Hopkins. Bordenkircher v. Hayes. United States v. Goodwin. United States v. Batchelder. Barker v. Wingo. Doggett v. United States. Lewis v. United States. Estelle v. Williams. Coy v. Iowa. Sheppard v. Maxwell.12. Punishment. Sentencing. The Death Penalty. Fines. CAPSTONE CASES: United States v. Grayson. Gregg v. Georgia. more