Criminal Law for Police Officers

Criminal Law for Police Officers

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Known for its accessible writing style that avoids confusing jargon and excess "legalese," the 9th edition of Criminal Law for Police Officers continues to deliver a clear, concise and lively introduction to criminal law for police officers and other criminal justice practitioners. This best-selling text includes coverage of all the latest laws and Supreme Court decisions, and presents thought-provoking questions that stimulate critical thinking and class discussions.
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  • Hardback | 352 pages
  • 177.8 x 236.2 x 22.9mm | 703.08g
  • Pearson
  • United States
  • English
  • 9th edition
  • 0131188127
  • 9780131188129

Table of contents

1. Historical Background of Criminal Law. Introduction.The Nature of Law.Crime Defined.Early Development of Criminal Law.Legal Systems and the Beginning of the Common Law.Common Law in the United States. 2. Fundamentals of Criminal Law. Introduction.Morality and the Law.Classification of Crimes.Enacting and Interpreting Statutes.Ex Post Facto Laws.Status of Municipal Ordinances.Corpus Decicti.Lesser and Greater Included Offenses. 3. Jurisdiction. Introduction and Definition.Territorial Aspects of Jurisdiction.Jurisdiction Over the Person.Jurisdiction Over the Subject Matter.Concurrent and Overlapping Jurisdiction.Venue and its Relation to Jurisdiction.Internet Jurisdiction. 4. The Criminal Act. Introduction: The Criminal Act in General.Possession as an Act.Procuring as an Act.Status as an Act.Methods Used to Commit the Act.Crime by Omission or Negative Act.Causation.Attempts.Assaults Distinguished from Attempts.Conspiracy.Solicitation.Parties to Crimes: Participation.Vicarious Liability. 5. The Mental Element. Introduction: The Mental Element.Intent.Types of Intent (Mens Rea).Recklessness.Negligence.The Mental Element in Mala Prohibita Offenses. 6. Matters Affecting Criminal Responsibility: Affirmative Defenses. Introduction.Insanity.Alibi.Intoxication.Immunity.Statutes of Limitations.Mistake of Fact.Mistake of Law.Entrapment.Consent.Duress.Necessity.Religious Belief.Custom.Victim's Guilt.Selective Enforcement.The Use of Force as a Defense.Double Jeopardy.Crimes Incidental to Each Other.Battered Spouse Syndrome as a Defense. 7. Assault and Related Crimes. Introduction.Simple Assault.Assault and Battery (Battery).Statutory Assaults and Batteries.Domestic Violence.Assaults on Sports Officials.Mayhem.Stalking Crimes.Hate Crimes. 8. Homicide. Introduction: Homicide in General.Noncriminal Homicides.Criminal Homicides.Suicide.Assisted Suicide. 9. Sex Offenses and Offenses to the Family Relationship. Introduction.Forcible Rape.Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Sexual Battery.Statutory Rape.Seduction.Fornication and Adultery.Incest.Abortion.Sodomy.Indecent Exposure.Obscenity.Prostitution and Related Offenses.Bigamy and Polygamy.Sexual Predators and Offenders. 10. Theft. Introduction: Theft in General.I. Larceny.Larceny in General.Degrees of Larceny.Shoplifting.Lost, Mislaid, and Abandoned Property.II. Embezzlement.Introductory Comments.Embezzlement Defined.III. Theft by Fraud.Introductory Comments.False Pretenses.Confidence Games: The Swindle.Larceny by Trick.Other Frauds.IV. Receiving and Concealing Stolen Property.General Comments.Elements.V. Other Thefts.General Comments.Identity Theft. 11. Robbery. Introductory Comments.Definition of Robbery.The Taking in Robbery.The Force or Threat of Force in Robbery.Modern Robbery: Statutory Modifications.Carjacking. 12. Burglary and Related Offenses. Introduction.Burglary Defined.Statutory Modifications.Home Invasion. 13. Arson. Introduction.Willful and Malicious Intent.Burning.Dwelling House.Of Another.Statutory Modifications of Arson.Burning with the Intent to Defraud an Insurer.Problems of Proving an Arson Case. 14. Forgery and Related Offenses. Introduction.Forgery.Uttering a Forged Instrument.Making and Uttering Worthless Checks.Counterfeiting. 15. False Imprisonment, Abduction, and Kidnapping. Introductory Comments.False Imprisonment.Abduction.Kidnapping. 16. Crimes Involving Narcotic Drugs and Alcoholic Beverages. Narcotics Legislation: Introductory Comments.An Analysis of the Uniform Act.Acquisition, Possession, and Use of Narcotic Drugs.Crimes Involving the Use, Sale, and Manufacture of Alcoholic Beverages: Introductory Comments.Crimes Involving the Manufacture and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages.Public Drunkenness. 17. Extortion, Blackmail, and Bribery. Introductory Comments.Extortion.Blackmail.Bribery.Other Crimes Chargeable Against Public Officials. 18. Offenses by and Against Juveniles. Introduction.Who is a Juvenile?Makeup of the Juvenile Court System.The Changing Philosophy.Juvenile Court Jurisdiction.Child Abuse.Child Molesting.Battered Child Syndrome.Juveniles and the Internet.Assaults on Schoolteachers.Vicarious Liability and Parental Responsibility.Imposition of the Death Penalty on Juveniles.The Future of the Juvenile Court System. 19. Traffic Offenses. Introductory Comments.Moving and Nonmoving Violations: Signs and Signals.Territorial Application of Traffic Laws.Who Must Obey Traffic Laws.Packing and Related Offenses.Speeding Offenses.Racing.Driving Under the Influence.Reckless Driving.Vehicular Homicide.Hit and Run.The Doctrine of Lesser Included Offenses and Traffic Laws.Can There be a Defense for Mala Prohibita Offenses?Criminal or Civil: Which? 20. Crimes Affecting Judicial Process. Introductory Comments.Perjury.Subornation of Perjury.Embracery.Escape, Rescue, and Breaking Prison.Obstructing Justice.Criminal Contempt. 21. Crimes Against Public Order. Introductory Comments.Unlawful Assembly, Rout, and Riot.Affray.Breach of the Peace, Disturbing the Peace, Disorderly Conduct.Nuisance.Malicious Mischief, Malicious Destruction of Property, Vandalism, CriminalMischief.Trespass of Real Property.Vagrancy.False Public .Alarms, Harassment, and Violation of Privacy.Gambling and Related Offenses. 22. Organized, White Collar, and Commercial Crimes. Introduction.I. Addressing Organized Crime.RICO and Contraband Forfeiture.Extortionate Credit Transactions.Money Laundering.Mail and Wire Fraud.II. Addressing White Collar and Commercial Crime.Tax Evasion.False Advertising.Securities Acts.Food and Drug Acts.Monopoly and Antitrust Laws.Computer Crimes.Environmental Crimes.Insurance Fraud.
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"I believe that the organization and the non-legalese format makes this book reader friendly. The student finds practical applications more interesting and helpful. The author lists problems at the end of the chapters to help reinforce the material. This is an excellent approach." - Robert P. Griffiths, Esq., Suffolk County Community College, Seldon, NY
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