Creating Weaponry and Accessories in 3-D

Creating Weaponry and Accessories in 3-D

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This book targets a diverse audience with compelling material that cannot be found anywhere else. Inside, noted 3D authority R. Shamms Mortier applies his knowledge and expertise to the topic of weaponry-specifically, the 3D weaponry that is such an integral part of big-screen animation, the Web, computer games, and other CD content. Creating Weaponry and Accessories in 3D focuses on the principles of weapons design, equipping games designers and animators with the understanding they need to work effectively using the tools and platform of their choice. It is also historically accurate, and thus sure to appeal to weapons enthusiasts with an interest in how weapons are designed and represented in various venues. The accompanying CD provides many 3D models that readers can take apart or modify for their own uses, and eight color plates provide examples of the author's own work.
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  • Mixed media product | 294 pages
  • 187 x 235 x 22mm | 706g
  • Morgan Kaufmann Publishers In
  • San Francisco, United States
  • English
  • colour plates, illustrations
  • 0125082037
  • 9780125082037

Table of contents

Acknowledgments; Preface; Introduction; Chapter 1 - Tools, Processes, and Applications; Tools and Processes; Extrusion; Lathing; Boolean Operations; Lofting (Pipe-Extrusion); Skinning; NURBS; Arrays; Deformation F/X; Vertex Level Editing; Linking and Grouping; Texture Map Modeling; MetaBalls; Moving Along;; Chapter 2 - Archaic and Prehistoric Weaponry Design; Archaic/Prehistoric; The First Weapons; Sticks and Stones; Sticks as Weapons; Stones as Weapons; The Marriage of Sticks and Stones; Moving Along; Chapter 3 - Ancient Weaponry Design; 3D Design Tutorials; The Boomerang; The Paddle-Club; Metal Axes; German Ceremonial Ax; Knives and Daggers; Pole Arms; The Mace; Rule of the Sword; Ancient Shields; Moving Along; Chapter 4 - Greek and Roman Weaponry Design; 3D Design Tutorials; Stones; Daggers and Swords; Greek Dagger; Roman Pugio Dagger; Classic Greek Sword; Roman Gladius; Roman Spears; Shields; Greek Shield; Roman Scutum; Helmets; Classic Lydian Helm; Roman Punic Infantry Helmet; Gladiator's Helmet; Roman Caltrop; Engines; Greek Mounted Crossbow; Roman Catapult; Moving Along; Chapter 5 - In Times of Chivalry; 3D Design Tutorials; Daggers and Swords; Moorish Dagger; Scimitar; Cinquedeas; Stiletto; Two-Handed Sword; Falchion; Targetier; Viking Sword; Pikes, Bills, Halberds, and Lances; Bill; Halberd; Partisan; Linstock; Bardiche Pole Ax; Lance; Maces and Axes; Horseman's Ax; War Hammer; Mace; Morning Star; Hand Ballistas; Cranequin Crossbow; Wheel-Lock Key; Flintlock Grenade Gun; Early Hand Cannon; Matchlock Caliver; Wheellock Pistol; Heavy Ballistas; Hooped Bombard; Mons Meg; Siege Engines; Medieval Germ Warfare; Armor; Rowel Spur; Medieval Helm; Triple-Crested Burgone; Crusader Shield and Helm; Crusader Helm; Crusader Shield; Chain Mail Exercise; Full Body Armor; Moving Along; Chapter 6 - The Old West; 3D Design Tutorials; Daggers and Swords; The Dirk; Bowie Knife; Tulwar; Nayar Sword; British Bayonet; Handguns; Remington Derringer; Knuckle Duster; Chinese Hand Cannon; Triumph; Colt Model 1851; Colt 45 Six-Shooter; Savage (Navy); Rifle-Pistol (also Rifle-Gun); Rifles; Rifle Cane; J. D. Greene Breechloading Carbine; Winchester 202; ""Doc"" Holliday's Shotgun; Air, Sea, and Mechanized Ground; Balloons; The Warrior; Argonaut the First; War Cart; AFV; Other Weapons; Grenades; Fortress Gun; Moving Along; Chapter 7 - Contemporary Times; 3D Design Tutorials; Daggers and Knives; Trench Knife; Butterfly Knife (also ""Bali-Song""); Pistols; German Luger; Colt 45 Automatic; Walther PPK; Automatic Rifles; Thompson; M-16; G11; Heavier Guns; Bazooka; Browning M1917; CIW; Mechanized Ground Armor; About Tank Design; Renault FT; Elefant; AFV; On and Under the Sea; Escort Carrier; Galileo Galilei; Air; Fokker TriPlane; Apache Helicopter; F117A Stealth Fighter; Missiles; V1 ""Buzz Bomb""; Tomahawk Cruise Missile; SS19 ICBM; Moving Along;; Chapter 8 - The Future; Future Weapons Design; Modeling from the Past; Mechanized Supply Transport; Missile Transport; SubCopter; AFV 2050; Mobile Stealth Airfield; New Resource Models; Summing Up;; Appendix A: What's on the CD; Appendix B: Software Used for the Models; Appendix C: Reference Materials; Index
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About R.Shamms Mortier

By Shamms Mortier and R. Shamms Mortier
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