Core Java Media Framework

Core Java Media Framework

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1151J-3 The experienced developer's guide to JMF! Core Java Media Framework is the most sophisticated, practical guide to integrating multimedia in your Java applications. Written for experienced developers by one of the world's top multimedia programmers, this book contains extensive source code, plus never-before published JMF programming secrets that will save you hours of coding and debugging! Start by understanding the JMF architecture in depth, including data source objects, players, events, controllers, and player states. Compare the leading JMF runtimes, including Sun's JMF implementation as well as Intel Media for Java. Master the Java Media Player and crucial concepts such as start-and-stop semantics, playback rates, tracking download times, and synchronization. Next, move on to advanced topics, including creating new classes of players for devices such as CD, and closed caption text; creating MediaProxies to dynamically alter multimedia content; real-time streaming over the Internet; and JMF Web applications. Finally, preview the latest JMF advances, including Web server support, the Java Sound API, special effects routines, and the JMF 2.0 Plug-in API. DEMONSTRATES howshow more

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  • Mixed media product | 500 pages
  • 175.26 x 233.68 x 25.4mm | 748.42g
  • Pearson Education (US)
  • Prentice Hall
  • Upper Saddle River, United States
  • English
  • w. figs.
  • 0130115193
  • 9780130115195

Table of contents

1. Multimedia Evolution. Why JMF Anyway? Digital Audio Primer. Time to Squeeze the Charming? Audio Woes. Sneaking Through the Audio Backdoor. Streaming Through the Backdoor. Don't Leave the Backdoor Open. JMF to the Rescue! Is JMF Worth the Risk? Summary.2. JMF's Growing Pains. Growing Pains. Little Guys to the Rescue? Examination of JMF Ports. DirectShow. Intel Versus Sun. Quicktime. Solaris. Runtime Summary. You Are Only as Good as Your Tools. Symantec Visual Cafe Setup. Installation Woes. Summary.3. Everything Revolves Around Time. Time Is Unrecoverable. Better than a Timex? Summary.4. Taking Control of the Situation. Break with Tradition. Equilibrium. Are You Listening to Me? Evolution of a Controller. Swimming Downstream. Are You a Good Citizen? A Closer Examination of Events. Finicky Controller. The Dangers of a Used Car Lot. How Long Does This Last Anyway? Summary.5. Origins. Why a MediaHandler? Being Pushy Isn't All Bad. Return of the Manager. Summary.6. AlohaJMF: A JMF Applet. Benefits of Object-Orientation. Applets 101. Juicing Up the Applet. Summary.7. Getting Control Over Your Applications. Getting a Driver's License. Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but Names Will Never Hurt Me. Gaining Control Over Your Player. Even a Broken Clock Is Right Twice a Day. Summary.8. Multimedia Swing Set. The Pain of Configuration. Building Blocks. Filtering Out the Riff-Raff. Customizing the View. Audio Sampler. Gravity Always Wins. Monitoring Progress. Souping Up AudioPreview. Summary.9. The Next Generation: Javabeans and JMF. Battle for World Dominance. Trespassing onto a Bean's Property. Conflict Between Theory and Reality. Flexibility Is Key. Outpatient Surgery for Multimedia Preview. Information Booth. The Joys of Testing. Summary.10. Going Native. Preparing the Natives. Summary.11. The Art of Synchronization. Cross-Stream. Clearing Up Time. Delving into Synchronization Details. Excedrin for Synchronization Woes. Smooth Event Handling. Summary.12. Journey to the Center of the Player. Sticking Your Nose into a Player's Business. Mysterious Lists. Installation Black MagicLooking Under the Covers of a DataSource. Speaking with a Forked Tongue. Sibling Rivalry. Trouble in Paradise? Summary.13. The Multimedia Caption Datasource. Yet Another Markup Language? Multipurpose Tool. Putting MCML to Use. The Origination of Streams. Navigating the Streams. Summary.14. Mediahandler Primer. What's the Big Secret Anyway? Bark Worse Than its Bite. Head of State. Hitting the Breaks. The Player's Achilles Heel. Cleaning Up the Mess. Summary.15. The Caption Mediahandler. ControlPanelComponent Should Listen! Text Never Looked So Good. It's All in the Threads! Events Are the Spice of Life. A Whole New Class of Events. Compilation and Debugging Help. Summary.16. Grappling with the CD. The Emperor Has No Clothes. The Natives Are Returning. The Joys of Win32 Multimedia Programming. MCI Details. Decisions, Decisions. When Is a Thread Truly Necessary? It's All Downhill from Here. Summary.17. The Ultimate Synchronization: The Marriage of Players. All of These Chapters for This Little Code? A Player's Work Is More Complicated. Ordering the Slaves Around. The Starting Block. What Could Have Been? Summary.18. Meddling in a Player's Business with a Mediaproxy. MediaProxy Overview. Single Stream Approach. MediaProxy Responsibilities. Installation Details. MediaProxy Management. Summary.19. Real-Time Streaming. IP Primer. RTP. Class Is in Session. RTP Is a Chameleon. RTSP. Are You for Real? Additions. Summary.20. A Real-Time Hybrid. Yet Another Manager? Peering Inside a DePacketizer. The Easy Route. Dumping Out RTP Statistics. Find an RTP Server to Test on. The Hard Way. Summary.21. Where is JMF Headed? JMF 1.1 Provides Immediate Relief. Pure Java, Speed Demon? Will We See a Shipping Version of JavaSound in Our Lifetimes? Will JMF 2.0 Lead Us to the Holy Grail? Summary.Appendix A: Coping with JMF Errors. Appendix B: The Confused World of Multimedia File Formats. Appendix C: Sample Code. more

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Linden Decarmo is Staff Software Engineer in the Consumer Electronics Division of Oak Technology. There, he is lead developer for DVD navigation, copy protection, and other multimedia software. He was previously a staff engineer at IBM, where he served as team leader in digital audio and MIDI development. He holds two multimedia more