Contemporary Readings in Physical Anthropology

Contemporary Readings in Physical Anthropology

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A supplement for courses in Anthropology. This special topics reader includes articles from the New York Times, journals, and popular sources. It presents an intriguing introduction to currently debated issues in physical anthropology. The readings have been carefully selected and organized to challenge students with the basic inquiries about these controversial more

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Table of contents

Preface. SECTION I: THEORETICAL ISSUES. Oppressed by Evolution, by Matt Cartmill. Paleoanthropology Today, by Glenn Conroy. The Piltdown Perp, by Shanti Menon. SECTION II: ORIGINS OF THE HUMAN LINEAGE. Weather Man, by Mark Ridley. We Are All Panamanians, by Kathy Svitill. Sunset on the Savanna, by James Shreeve. An Upstanding Ape, by Anon. Pre-humans Stood Up and Walked 4 Million Years Ago, Researchers Say, by J.N. Wilford. New Clues to the History of Male and Female, by J.N. Wilford. Hominid Hardware, by Shanti Menon. Death from the Pleistocene Sky, by Anon. Ludwig in the Sky with Diamonds, by Anon. Mary Leakey, 83, Dies. Traced Human Dawn, by J.N. Wilford. The Grand Dame of Archaeology, by Anon. New Analysis of Fossils May Muddy Accepted Path of Human Evolution, by J.N. Wilford. SECTION III: EARLY MEMBERS OF THE GENUS HOMO. 2.3 Million-Year Old Jaw Extends Human Family, by J.N. Wilford. Three Human Species Coexisted Eons Ago, New Data Suggest, by J.N. Wilford. Geological Analysis Damps Ancient Chinese Fires, by Bernice Wuethrich. Ancient Island Tools Suggest Home Erectus Was a Seafarer, by Ann Gibbons. Atapuerca: The Face of an Ancestral Child, by Robert Kunzig. Fossils Called Limb in Human Family, by J.N. Wilford. SECTION IV: CULTURAL ORIGINS, LANGUAGE, AND COGNITIVE ABILITIES. Bonobo Society, Amicable, Amorous, and Run by Females, by Natalie Angier. In Society of Female Chimps, Subtle Signs of Vital Status, by Natalie Angier. Road Maps of Apes, by AP Times. You Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours, by David Papineau. Evolution and Morality, by Lionel Tiger. Are Apes Naughty by Nature?, by David Berreby. Going Ape, by Mark Ridley. How Did May Get So Bad? Looking to Apes, by Christopher Lehmann-Haupt. The Tarzan Syndrome, by Karen White. A Conversation with Emily Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, by Claudi Dreifus. Ancestral Humans Could Speak, Anthropologists Finding Suggest, by J.N. Wilford. Ideas and Trends, Look Who's Talking. Don't Bother Listening, by J.N. Wilford. Brain of Chimpanzee Sheds Light on Mystery of Language, by Sandra Blakeslee. A Brain That Talks, by Jo Ann Gutin. Madam, I'm Adam, by Derek Bickerton. Origin of Speech, by Phillip Lieberman. The Material Basis of the Human Voice, by Verlyn Klinkenborg. SECTION V: ORIGINS OF MODERN HOMO SAPIENS. Not About Eve, by J.N. Wilford. Neanderthals Need Not Apply, by Robert Richards. Anthropologists Links a Shift in Skull Bone to Face of Modern Man, by J.N. Wilford. Strong Bones, and Thus Dim-witted?, by Tim Folger. Neanderthal DNA Sheds New Light on Human Origins, by Nicholas Wade. Not Our Mom, by Robert Kunzig. Neanderthals on the Run, by Chris Stringer and Robin McKie. Don't Bring Politics Into Neanderthal Debate. Lack of DNA Evidence, by Milford Wolpoff, Alan Mann, and Rachel Caspari. Out of Africa and Back, by Kathy Svitil. To People the World Start with 800, by Nicholas Wade. Footprints from the Human Dawn, by Shanti Menon. Playing the Flute May Have Graced Neanderthal Fire, by J.N. Wilford. New Women of the Ice Age, by Heather Pringle. Art in Australia 60,000 Years Ago, by Shanti Menon. SECTION VI: THE FUTURE: PROGNOSTICATIONS AND PREDICAMENTS. Think Tank; Lofty Ideas May Be Losing Altitude, by Janny Scott. You Can't Beat Mother Nature, by Dorian Sagan. The Bell Curve, Revisited by Scholars, by Michael Weinsein. The First Gene to be Linked with High Intelligence Is Reported Found, by Nicholas Wade. In the Hunt for Useful Genes, A Lot Depends on "Snips", by Nicholas Wade. Science and the Native American Cosmos, by Jace Weaver. Scientists Brace for Changes in Path of Human Evolution, by Gina Kolata. Human, by Karen more