Complete Idiot's Guide to High-Speed Internet Connections

Complete Idiot's Guide to High-Speed Internet Connections

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Tired of slowpoke modem connections to the Internet? Baffled by the alphabet soup of TCP/IP, DSL, FAP, and other Internet jargon? Looking for the easy, authoritative, friendly way to choose a broadband Internet connection that won?t take you to the cleaners? The Complete Idiot?s Guide to High-Speed Internet Connections is exactly what you?re looking for! You?ll find complete, easy-to-understand coverage of leading broadband solutions such as DSL, cable modem, ISDN, fixed wireless broadband, and satellite-based services. Wondering which service is the best buy for you? Not sure if you can connect your favorite broadband service to your computer? Wondering if you can share your broadband connection with other users - and still keep intruders out? Wondering how easy a "self-installed" broadband solution really is? Wonder no more! This book is the book you've been looking for!
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Table of contents

I. GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR TELEPHONE LINES. 1. How the Internet Works. The World's Largest Network-And More. Elements of the Network of Networks. The Software Standard Called TCP/IP. Routable Networks-The Information Superhighway- 1 Mile. How Routable Networks Work-Two Comparisons. The Domain Naming System-Computer Names Only a Human Could Love. Life Before the Internet. Computer Networks. Calling Another Computer. File Transfer Follies. How the Internet Changed Everything. Battle of the Networking Stars-The Internet Versus Other Networks. Browsers, Web Pages, and Hyperlinks. Don't Get Stuck Thinking the Web Is All the Internet. Clicking Across the Web with Hyperlinks. Surfing the Net. Adventures in Cyberspace. 2. Dial-Up Modems and Internet Slowdowns. How Modems Work. Why Computers and Telephones Don't Mix. How Modems Bring Computers and Telephones Together. Modems, Modems, Everywhere. The Inside Story on Internal Modems. Flexible Outsiders-External Modems. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due-PC Card Modems. How Slow Is That Modem in Your PC? CPUs Leave Modems in the Dust. How Fast Is the Internet? It Depends. Information Superhighways and On Ramps. Traffic Jams on the IP. The Last Mile Problem. Why Your Modem Is a Permanent Traffic Jam. 3. Speed Up and Fix Up Your Dial-Up. Old Modems Become New. Bring Me a New Brain, Igor! What You Need to Know to Perform Brain Surgery on Your Modem. Don't Just Call Any Number (Choosing the Correct Dial-Up Number). It's Not Your Modem-It's Your Phone Line. Testing, Testing-Is Your Phone Line Ready to Rumble? Tweaking Your System for Faster Speed. Adding Extra Horsepower to Your Internet Connection. Software That Makes Tweaking Easier. Super Glue Two Modems Together with Bonding. How Bonding Works. Will Your ISP Approve? Upgrading Windows 95 for Multilink Support. Setting Up a Multilink Connection on Your Computer. "We Interrupt This Online Session" (Getting Calls While You're Online). Grabbing Messages While You're Online. II. UNDERSTANDING YOUR HIGH-SPEED CHOICES. 4. I Smell Dollars Now with ISDN. What's This ISDN Thing, Anyway? (How ISDN Works). Can Every Phone Line Be an ISDN Line? How Do I Connect My Phone, Fax, and Computer? BRI or PRI? What?!? Can ISDN Replace Your Existing Phone Service? Should You Put All Your Eggs in a Single Digital Basket? How Fast Is ISDN? Gimme an ISDN-Yes, You! ISDN Service-But Not for Your Computer?! How Much Is That ISDN in the Window? How Much Is ISDN? It Depends on Where You Live. Internet Not Included! Don't Forget the Terminal Adapter! Adding It All Up. 5. Teaching Old POTS New Tricks with DSL. Explain This DSL Thing to Me, Okay? Connecting DSL to Your Computer. Filtering Out the Voice from the Data. Your DSL Connection Is Yours Alone. DSL's Alphabet Soup (Types of DSL Services). How Fast Is DSL? Typical DSL Speeds. Why DSL Speeds Vary. Where Can I Get DSL? Seven Reasons You Might Not Have Access to DSL-Yet. Does the D in DSL Stand for Dollars? (How Much Is DSL?) 6. It's Not Just TV: It's HTTP...Cable Modems. So This Wire Carries Cable TV and the Internet... Channeling Cable Internet Data. Splitting the Signals. Getting Cable Internet into Your Computer. You Are Not Alone in Cyberspace. What's Happening at the Other End of the Cable? Types of Cable Modem Services. Two-Way Cable Modems. One-Way (Telco Return) Cable Modems. Which One Is in Your Neighborhood? One-Way Is Going Away. How Fast Is a Cable Modem? Overcoming Potential Congestion Problems with Cable Modem Service. Cool-Where Can I Get Cable Modem Service? A Fistful of Digital Dollars-How Much for Cable Modem Service? Lease or Buy Your Cable Modem? Why Cable Modem Leasing Can Make Sense. DOCSIS Has the Prescription for Incompatible Cable Modems. Sticker Shock and Scapegoats. Are Cable Modems Worth Buying? Leasing Wins-At Least for Now. 7. Understanding DirecPC. From a Satellite to Your Desk. How DirecPC Connects to Your Computer. How Much DirecPC Do You Need? "All-You-Can-Eat" or "Diet" Internet with Your Choice of Plans. Give Your Modem a Break with Turbo Newsgroups and Turbo Webcasts. Email Notification Any Time with Email Alert. How Fast Is DirecPC? Web Surfing: A Mix of Speedy and Slow. Game Players See No Speedups with DirecPC. Having Your PC and TV Too with DirecDuo. Where Can I Get DirecPC? Coming Soon: DirecPC-Powered Broadband from Third Parties. You Won't Always Need Your Modem: The Coming Two-Way Service. How Much Is DirecPC? Pricing the Hardware. DirecPC Installation. Shelling Out for DirecPC. Hidden Costs Ahead-Hold On To Your Wallet! Getting Started-The Bottom Line. Changes Ahead for DirecPC. 8. Look Ma, No Wires!-Wireless Internet. "I'll Have Fast Internet-Hold the Wires". How (Fast!) Wireless Internet Works. It Uses a Dish-But, Hold the Satellite. The Connection in Your Home. Up on the Roof. Far, Far Away at the Tower... From Your Home to the Internet. Types of Wireless Internet Services. How Fast Is Fixed Wireless Internet? Who Can You Call for Fixed Wireless Internet? How Much to Cut the Wire? 9. Decisions, Decisions: What's the Best Choice for Me? The High-Speed Contestants. Choosing What's Available Today. Don't Waste Your Time on Services That Aren't Around Yet. Is Your Computer Up To It? Which Features Do You Care About Most? How Fast Is the Service with the Features You Need? Calculating the Best "Bang for the Buck". You Want Uptime and Reliability. "The Envelope Please"-You Choose the Winner. When ISDN Makes Sense. DSL's the Best When... Cable Modems Rule When... Why Fixed Wireless Is Fine. DirecPC Rules If... Your Selection Process in Review. III. GETTING YOUR HIGH-SPEED CONNECTION WIRED AND WORKING. 10. Getting ISDN. Choosing Your ISDN Provider. What's the Best ISDN Package for You? 64Kbps or 128Kbps? Getting the Right ISP. Dynamic or Static IP Address? Your ISDN Order, Please. Is Your Line Good Enough for ISDN? Buy or Lease Your Hardware? Making Sure Your System Is Ready for ISDN. Digging Up Your Operating System. Installing ISDN. Whose Wire Is It Anyway?-Wiring Your Home for ISDN. Attaching the ISDN TA to Your Computer. Installing Drivers for the ISDN TA. Configuring Your TA the Easy Way (?!). Getting Online with Your ISDN TA. Checking the List and Getting ISDN Right. 11. Getting DSL. Choosing Your DSL Provider. The DSL Players Behind the Scenes. Selecting the Best DSL Package. Ordering DSL. Your First Move-Getting Qualified for DSL. Choose a Plan. Place Your Order. Choose an Installation Method. Waiting for the Truck Roll. Installing DSL. Making Sure You're Ready for DSL. Do-It-Yourself DSL. Have the DSL Provider Do It For You. Sharing Your DSL Connection. Your DSL Check List. 12. Getting a Cable Modem. Choosing Your Cable Modem Provider. Why Cable Modems Aren't Available Everywhere. Selecting the Best Cable Modem Package. Ordering Cable Modem Service. Getting Your System Ready for Cable Modem Service. Fixing Common Shortcomings of Your System. Installing the Cable Modem Service. Self-Install Your Cable Modem? Maybe You Can! Avoiding Installation Problems. Your Cable Modem Checklist. 13. Getting DirecPC. Selecting the Best DirecPC Package. AOL and DirecPC? It's Here. DirecPC or DirecDuo? Ordering DirecPC. Making Sure Your System Meets the DirecPC Requirements. Installing DirecPC Yourself. Nine Steps to Going Online with DirecPC. Installing the DirecPC Hardware and Software in Your Computer. Dish and Cable Assembly and Installation Tips and Hints. It's Software Time! Getting Online with DirecPC. Two-Way Rivals to DirecPC. Your DirecPC/DirecDuo Checklist. 14. Getting Wireless. Choosing Your Wireless Provider. Getting Qualified for Wireless Service Selecting the Best Wireless Package. Save Money and Skip Symmetrical. Dynamic IP Is Okay by Me. Ordering Wireless. Why You Might Not Qualify for a Standard Installation. Buy It or Lease It? What to Do About Your Wireless Broadband Modem. Making Sure Your System Meets the Requirements. Installing Your Wireless Service. Your Wireless Checklist. IV. CONNECTION SHARING AND SECURITY. 15. Share the Wealth: Internet Connection Strategies. Making Sure Sharing Is Okay with Your ISP. What You Need to Share an Internet Connection. Types of Internet Sharing Solutions. Gateways. Proxy Servers. Routers. Microsoft's Solutions. The Microsoft Gateways to the Internet. Setting Up ICS with Windows 98 Second Edition. Setting Up the ICS Clients. How ICS Changes the Gateway Computer's Network Configuration. Setting Up a Gateway with Windows Me. Proxy Servers. Differences in Proxy Server Programs. Routers. Troubleshooting Your Shared Connection. 16. Don't Be a Bullseye-Securing Your Internet Connection. The Dangers of "Always-On" Internet Access. Sharing More Than Just the Experience with Cable Modems. Are You Inviting Your Neighbors Over for Free Hard Disk Viewing? Why You Need to Lock Down Your System. Sharing Too Much with Share-Level Access. Windows 95/98/Me-A Little Too Friendly for Network Neighbors? Beyond the Network Neighborhood-Threats from the Internet. Closing the Front Door to Internet Threats. Static Versus Dynamic IP Addresses. TCP/IP Ports = Unlocked Doors to Internet Intruders. While You're Out, Pick Up Some Security-Hardware and Software Solutions. What Firewalls Are and How They Work. Firewall Software for Home and Small-Business Users. Routers and Switches. Putting It All Together. Stopping Your Network Neighbors from Getting Too Neighborly. How to Keep File Sharing off the Internet. Time to Fight Viruses. Building a Firewall Between the World and You. Check with Your ISP. V. SQUEEZING MORE OUT OF YOUR HIGH-SPEED CONNECTION. 17. A Survivor's Guide to TCP/IP. What's an IP Address? A Simple Example of How IP Addresses Work. Where Do IP Addresses Come From? At the Dawn of Internet Time, the Static IP Address Ruled. Beating the Number Crunch. How to See (and Set) Your IP Address, and a Whole Lot More. Accessing the TCP/IP Properties for Your Network Card. TCP/IP Configuration Varies by Connection Type. IP Address Settings. WINS Configuration. Gateway. DNS Configuration. NetBIOS. Bindings. Accessing the TCP/IP Properties for Your Modem. Using WINIPCFG. Special Notes for Sharing a Connection. 18. ISDN Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting. ISDN Tips and Tricks. Optimizing Windows Registry Settings. Switching to a Faster Connection for Your External TA. Using a Download Manager. Using Browser Synchronization to Preload Your Favorite Web Sites. Troubleshooting Your ISDN Connection. Can't Connect at All. Can't Connect at the Correct Speed. 19. DSL Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting. DSL Tips and Tricks. Increasing Speed Through Registry Tweaking. New Network Card Drivers. Replacing Your ISA Network Card with a PCI Network Card. Browser Tweaks for IE. Alternatives to IE. Adding Your Favorite Sites to Hosts. DSL Troubleshooting. Dial-Up Configuration. Releasing and Renewing Your IP Address. Network Card Problems. Using ping. Finding Line Problems. Using Your DSL Modem to Troubleshoot Problems. 20. Cable Modem Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting. Cable Modem Tips and Tricks. Increasing Speed Through Registry Tweaking. New Network Card Drivers. Replacing Your ISA Network Card with a PCI Network Card. Browser Tweaks for Internet Explorer. Alternatives to Internet Explorer. Teaching Your PC to Memorize Your Favorite Sites. Using Browser Synchronization to Preload Your Favorite Web Sites. Using a Download Manager. Cable Modem Troubleshooting. No Cable TV Means No Cable Internet, Either. Cable Modem Problems. Physical Cable and Connection Problems. Network Card Problems. USB Port Problems. TCP/IP Configuration Problems. 21. DirecPC Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting. DirecPC Tips and Tricks. Configuring DirecPC Software. Tweaking Windows 9x to Avoid Slowdowns. Optimizing Your Browser for Use with DirecPC. Troubleshooting DirecPC with Terrestrial Mode. Networking DirecPC to Solve Compatibility Problems. The Official DirecPC Glossary. Troubleshooting DirecPC. Autosetup and Dish Realignment. Troubleshooting DirecPC Satellite Modems. Getting Software Upgrades from DirecPC's FTP Site. Can You Avoid Getting FAPed? Troubleshooting Connection Problems with DirecPC. 22. Broadband Wireless Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting. Broadband Wireless Tips and Tricks. Upgrading to a Faster Service. Increasing Speed Through Registry Tweaking. New Network Card Drivers. Replacing Your ISA Network Card with a PCI Network Card. Browser Tweaks for IE. Alternatives to IE. Fast Tracks to Your Favorites Sites. Your Favorite Web Sites Are Already Loaded with Browser. Synchronization. Using a Download Manager. Broadband Wireless Modem and Antenna Troubleshooting. No Wireless TV Might Mean No Internet. Antenna Problems. Troubleshooting Overview. Broadband Wireless Modem Problems. Physical Cable and Connection Problems. Network Card Problems. TCP/IP Configuration Problems. Got a Brand-New Computer? Don't Forget To Reinstall Your Software! Glossary. Index.
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