Complete Idiot's Guide to Computer Security

Complete Idiot's Guide to Computer Security

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Computer Security is a huge issue for most people, whether it be concern about the many viruses that are passed via disks and email or whether it be concern for personal details when shopping online. Of course there are many ways to protect your computer and your details and this book explains them all. Written in the usual, extremeloy popular, Idiot's Guide style, this book will appeal to anyone with a PC.
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  • Paperback | 432 pages
  • 188 x 235mm | 774g
  • Pearson Education (US)
  • Prentice Hall
  • Upper Saddle River, United States
  • 0130081558
  • 9780130081551

Table of contents

Contents Introduction xiiiPart 1: Know Your Enemy 11 `Don't Buy A Computer, But...'Beware The Enemy On Your Desktop 3Are You The Master Of Your Own Computer? 6Meet Our Cast Of Characters 7Thinking Secure Thoughts 11Operating System Alert 12Watch Out For Relatives, Friends And Colleagues 14The Balanced Approach To Computer Security 152 `...If You Buy A Computer, Don't Turn It On' 19A Mish-mash Of Mismatched Machinery 19Causes Of Hardware Failures 21Acts Of God (And The Electric Company) 23Doing It Yourself 25Is Your Computer Out-of-date? 28Buying A Machine With Security In Mind 313 SOS (Save Our Operating System) 35Pity Your Operating System 35The Windows OS And Application Software 38-How Application Software Integrates With The OS (The_ Windows API) 39Knowing The Weaknesses In Windows 40Responding To Windows Error Messages 41Updating Your OS From The Internet 43Configuring Your OS For Stability And Security 454 Building A Secure System 55Do-it-yourself Computer Building 55Designing Your Own Hardware Platform 57Planning Your Disk Drive Configuration 59Choosing The Right Software 61Organizing Your Computer Work Space 63A Quick Look At Other Operating Systems 665 Vicious Viruses, Wiggling Worms And Bouncing Bombs 69What's Bugging You? 69The Low-down On Computer Viruses, Worms And Logic _ Bombs 72How Computer Viruses Attack Your Computer 76Spotting The Invaders In Your Own System 79Tracking Down Anti-virus Software 87Dealing With the Aftermath 90Part 2: Taking Control Of Your Own Machine 936 Thinking Digital 95Understanding Digital Data 95Digital Data Representation 98Storing Digital Data 99Programs Versus Data 100Data Storage Locations 102Data Security Strategies 1057 The Curse Of Software 109Why Software Is So Fragile 109How Software Operates Within The Windows Environment 110Common Software Problems 111How To Deal With Software Crashes 113-Emergency Brakes - The Three-finger Salute 115Taking Control Of Software Operations 117Stopping The Auto-starters 121-Housekeeping Routines - Keeping Your System Spick And _ Span 1258 In With The New And Out With The Old 129Loading Up Trouble For Yourself 129How New Software Installs Onto Your Computer 130The Hazards Of Installing New Software 132How To Install New Software Safely 135How To Remove Rogue Software Completely 1379 Back-ups - Computer Lifesavers 141The Terrible Risks To Stored Data 141You Are Backing Up Your Data - Aren't You? 142-The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Back-up _ Media 143Deciding On A Back-up Strategy 144Using Windows' Back-up Utility 150Save Disk Space With A Compressed Back-up 152Third-party Back-up Software 152Part 3: Going Cryptographic 15710 What Have You Got To Hide? 159Your Right To Privacy 159Scrambling Your Secrets 163The Mechanics Of Data Encryption 163Choosing Your Passwords And Pass-phrases 168Hiding The Existence Of Data (Steganography) 170Encryption Algorithms - The Tricks That Frighten _ Governments 17111 Locking Up Your Secrets 175Choosing The Right Level Of Security 175Level 1: Basic Security 177Level 2: Serious Security 182Level 3: Advanced Security 18912 Wiping The Slate Clean 195The Tracks You Leave Behind 195The Delete That Doesn't Delete 199Deleting Your Data Completely 201Deciding On Data Deletion Techniques 204 Part 4: Networks, From LAN's To The Internet 20913 Networks And Network Security 211Data Railways - The Growth Of Computer Networks 211The Growth Of The Low-cost PC 214Network Security 215Building A Secure Network 21614 The Internet - Data Sharing Goes Global 225Enter The Internet And The World Wide Web 225The Origins Of The Internet 226ARPANET 227NSFNET 228The World Wide Web 229The Development Of The World Wide Web 230The Internet As A Communications Medium 232Controlling Your Connection To The Internet 233Internet Hardware 234Internet Software 236Modifying Your Dial-up Connection Settings 24215 The Unseen Enemies On The Web 247Meet The Predators 247Understanding HTML 248The Dangers From Active Code 251Internet Traps And Snares For The Unwary 256Software To Smooth Your Browsing 25816 Surfing Unseen 261The Case For Anonymous Web Browsing 261The Information Your Browsing Reveals 262Using Web Proxies To Keep Your Online Activities Private 265Using An Anonymous Proxy Server From The Web 267Installing Proxy Software On Your Own Computer 270Using A Web-based Privacy System 27217 Cleaning Up Your Web Tracks 277Who Knows Where You've Been 277The Data Your Computer Stores Without You Knowing It 279-How Snoopers Track Your Online Activities 285Automating The Clean-up Process 28818 E-mail - A Double-edged Sword 293How E-mail Actually Works 293Who Can Read Your E-mail? 294Web-based E-mail Accounts 296Damned Spam 297The Nastiness That Lurks In E-mail Attachments 301Encrypting E-mails (And Other Transmitted Data) 302Sourcing E-mail Encryption Software 30419 Web Crime And Commerce 309Who Watches The Watchmen? 309Internet Crime 310-Commercial Profiling 313Website Privacy Policies 315Spyware - The Commercial Snooper At Work 315Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) 318Purchasing Online 319Digital Signatures 321Secure Storage For Personal Details 32320 Where Do The Children Play? 327The Moral dimension 327Do You Know Where Your Children Go? 328Pornography, Violence, Racism ... Keeping The Horrors _ At Bay 332Your Children As Marketing Targets 337The Dangers From Internet Chat Rooms 339Safe Sites For Children 341Part 5: Trespassers Will Not Be Forgiven 34321 Hello Hackers, Everywhere! 345Hacking And Cracking 345What Is A Hacker 346The `Hacker Ethic' 347Hackers On The Internet 348The Hackers' Tools 351A Hacker Speaks ... 353Understanding Software Ports 35522 The Trojan Horse 359The Trojan Wars 359Additional Dangers From New Technologies 362Spotting A Trojan At Work 362Protecting Yourself Against A Trojan Horse 364Anti-Trojan Software 36723 Building A Wall Around Your Computer 371The Mighty Firewall 371How A Firewall Works 372Firewall Strengths And Weaknesses 376Third-party Firewall Software 377Physical Barriers To Intruders 38124 Now DO Something ... 385Developing A Security Strategy 385Part 6: Resources 395Appendix 1: List Of Common Trojan Horses 397Appendix 2: A Useful List of TLAs (Three-letter Acronyms)_ And Some Two- And Four-letter Ones As Well 407Index 411
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