Collective Diffusion on Surfaces: Correlation Effects and Adatom Interactions

Collective Diffusion on Surfaces: Correlation Effects and Adatom Interactions : Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Collective Diffusion on Surfaces: Correlation Effects and Adatom Interactions Prague, Czech Republic 2-6 October 2000

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As materials research focuses into finding ways to control the growth of atomic scale structures, there is correspondingly increasing emphasis on to the problem of surface diffusion. Clearly surface diffusion is the key process, which determines how atoms move on the surface. Controlling this motion can lead to the easy fabrication of well-controlled nanostructures broadening the present possibilities in nanotechnology. The paradigm of surface diffusion has outgrown its standard textbook description as a random walk on a rigid substrate. In real systems for more complex situations are encountered: interacting atoms are commonly present on the surface with their motions highly correlated, different phases form on the surface with different dynamics, large concentration gradients drive the system far away from the linear response regime, rich metastable structures form as a result of balanced interplay between different kinetic processes, substrate relaxation can change the energy landscape and the diffusion barriers, etc. The motivation behind this ARW was to bring together the international community working on these problems. We felt that the large number of researchers, new results, and well-formulated open questions in this area require some form of integration in a single forum. The ARW and the upcoming proceedings book with papers by the majority of the participants has provided this forum. The meeting was not planned as a continuation of the earlier NATO ASI in Rhodes in 1996, although several people have participated in both meetings.
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Table of contents

I: Surface Diffusion at Equilibrium. Quasielastic Helium Scattering Studies of Surface Diffusion: The Diffusion Barrier; A.P. Graham, J.P. Toennies. Experimental Aspects of Metal Particle Diffusion on a Silicon Surface; J. Slezak, et al. Surface Dynamics of Stepped Si(001) Studied by Temporal LEED Spectroscopy; K. Kammler. Electric Current Induced Asymmetry of Surface Diffusion - Instability of Vicinal Crystal Surfaces; S.S. Stoyanov, et al. Memory Effects and Memory Functions in Surface Diffusion; T. Hjelt, et al. Driven Diffusion in a Model of the O/W(110) System; M.A. Zaluska-Kotur, et al. Surface Diffusion and Real-Space Renormalization Group; A.A. Tarasenko, et al. Surface Diffusion Near Phase Transitions; F. Nieto, et al. II: Surface Diffusion from Profile Evolution Methods. Surface Heterodiffusion in Adsorbed and Coadsorbed Overlayers of Li, Sr, and Cu on the W and Mo (112) Surfaces; A.T. Loburets, et al. Metal Heterodiffusion on Metallic Surfaces: Case of Pb on Cu; C. Cohen, et al. Step Effects on Surface Diffusion: A Comprehensive Study of CO on Pt(111); X. Xiao. Adsorption, Desorption, and Diffusion of Potassium on Metal and Oxide Surfaces; G. Kerner, et al. III: Surface Diffusion Under Non-equilibrium Conditions. Dynamics of Interacting Adparticles Under Non-Equilibrium Conditions; Z. Chvoj. Statistical-Mechanical Description of Nonequilibrium Processes in Interacting Lattice Gases; V.S. Vikhrenko, et al. Model Studies of Collective Diffusion; I. Vattulainen. Study of Non-Equilibrium Surface Diffusion From an Initial Step-Concentration Profile With a New Probability-Based Continuum Method; M.R. Dudek, M.C. Tringides. IV: Diffusion Mechanisms in Growth Processes. Diffusion on and IN Surfaces: The Atomic Slide Puzzle; J.W.M. Frenken, et al. Decay of Two-Dimensional Islands on Ag(110); K. Morgenstern, et al. Surface Morphology and dynamics: Using Ab-initio Total Energies to make the Most of STM Data; P.J. Feibelman. Substrate-Mediated Interaction on Ag(111) Surfaces From First Principles; K.A. Fichthorn, M. Scheffler. Diffusion of Adatoms and Small Clusters on Missing-Row-Reconstructed Surfaces; F. Montalenti, R. Ferrando. Effects of Adsorbates on Submonolayer Growth; M. Kotrla, et al. Surfactants in Semiconductor Heteroepitaxy: Thermodynamics and/or Kinetics? I. Markov. V: Substrate Effects and Surface Diffusion. Nonlinear Diffusion and Sliding Friction; S.C. Ying, et al. Selective Activation Dynamics: A Minimal Path Approach; L.Y. Chen, et al. Long Jumps in Surface Diffusion Investigated by Stochastic Equations; R. Ferrando, et al. Analytical Kinetic Theory of Single-Particle and Collective Surface Diffusion; S.Y. Krylov. Adatom Island Diffusion on Metal FCC(100) Surfaces; O.S. Trushin, et al. Paths, Barriers, and Prefactors for Adatom Descent from Ag Clusters on Ag(111); T.S. Rahman, et al. Correlated Diffusion of Adatoms and Islands on the Low indexed Surfaces of Noble Metals and Alloys; A.E. Evangelakis.
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