Coastal Lagoon Eutrophication and ANaerobic Processes (C.L.E.AN.)

Coastal Lagoon Eutrophication and ANaerobic Processes (C.L.E.AN.) : Nitrogen and Sulfur Cycles and Population Dynamics in Coastal Lagoons A Research Programme of the Environment Programme of the EC (DG XII)

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This multidisciplinary volume comprehensively reviews our current knowledge of the effects of urban, industrial and agricultural pollution on the biology of shallow coastal marine lagoons. All the authors are internationally recognized authorities and have had many years of experience in their respective fields. The major strength of this volume is that it integrates several fields of research including biogeochemistry, marine microbiology, marine algology and marine zoology. By adopting such a strategy the reader is provided with a clear insight of the key processes involved in lagoon eutrophication and dystrophy and their impact on the different biological communities which live in such environments. This book will therefore provide an essential reference work for environmental biologists, ecologists, microbiologists and those involved in the management and commercial exploitation of these economically important ecosystems.
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  • Hardback | 226 pages
  • 198.12 x 261.62 x 17.78mm | 771.1g
  • Dordrecht, Netherlands
  • English
  • Reprinted from HYDROBIOLOGIA, 329, 1996
  • XXVIII, 226 p.
  • 0792341651
  • 9780792341659

Table of contents

Preface. Introductory: Eutrophication Gradients in Coastal Lagoons as Exemplified by the Bassin d'Arcachon and the Etang du Prevost; J. Castel, et al. Part I: Eutrophication Effects on Population Dynamics, Biodiversity and Trophic Relationships in Coastal Lagoons. Heterotrophic Bacterial Activity and Bacterial Diversity in Two Coastal Lagoons as Detected by Culture and 16S rRNA Genes PCR Amplification and Partial Sequencing; S. Benlloch, et al. Description of Prokaryotic Biodiversity Along the Salinity Gradient of a Multipond Solar Saltern by Direct PCR Amplification of 16S RDNA; S. Benlloch, et al. Anoxygenic Phototrophic Bacteria in Eutrophic Coastal Lagoons of the French Mediterranean and Atlantic Coasts (Prevost Lagoon, Arcachon Bay, Certes Fishponds); R. Guyoneaud, et al. Zooplankton Variability Related to Environmental Changes in a Eutrophic Coastal Lagoon in the Po Delta; S. Sei, et al. A Field Experiment on the Effect of Two Types of Sediment Disturbance on the Rate of Recovery of a Meiobenthic Community in a Eutrophicated Lagoon; M.A. Colangelo, et al. Diel and Seasonal Vertical Distribution of Meiobenthic Copepods in Muddy Sediments of a Eutrophic Lagoon (Fish Ponds of Arcachon Bay); E. Buffan, J. Castel. The Role of Phototrophic Sulfur Bacteria as Food for Meiobenthic Harpacticoid Copepods Inhabiting Eutrophic Coastal Lagoons; L.P. Souza-Santos, et al. Part II: Eutrophication Effects on Biogeochemistry of Nitrogen and Sulfur in Coastal Lagoons. Growth of the Seaweed Ulva rigida C. Agardh in Relation to Biomass Densities, Internal Nutrient Pools and External Nutrient Supply in the Sacca di Goro Lagoon (Northern Italy); P. Viaroli, et al. Macrophyte Communities and Their Impact on Benthic Fluxes of Oxygen, Sulphide and Nutrientsin Shallow Eutrophic Environments; P. Viaroli, et al. Differential Anaerobic Decomposition of Seagrass (Zostera noltii) and Macroalgal (Monostroma obscurum) Biomass from Arcachon Bay; S. Bourgues, et al. Nitrification, Denitrification, and Nitrate Ammonification in Sediments of Two Coastal Lagoons in Southern France; S. Risgaard, et al. Benthic Oxygen Respiration, Ammonium and Phosphorus Regeneration in Surficial Sediments of the Sacca Di Goro (Northern Italy) and Two French Coastal Lagoons; M. Bartoli, et al. Seasonal Variation in Rates of Heterotrophic Nitrogen Fixation (Acetylene Reduction) in Zostera noltii Meadows and Uncolonised Sediments of the Bassin d'Arcachon, South-West France; D.T. Welsch, et al. Relationship Between Porewater Organic Carbon Content, Sulphate Reduction and Nitrogen Fixation (Acetylene Reduction) in the Rhizosphere of Zostera Noltii; D.T. Welsch, et al. The Biogeochemistry of Two Eutrophic Marine Lagoons and its Effect on Microphytobenthic Communities; L.J. Stal, et al. Sulfur Bacteria in Sediments of Two Coastal Ecosystems: The Bassin d'Arcachon and the Etang du Prevost, France; B.E.M. Schaub, H. Van Gemerden. Sulphide Release from Anoxic Sediments in Relation to Iron Availability and Organic Matter Recalcitrance and its Effects on Inorganic Phosphorus Recycling; G. Giordani, et al. Index. Summary.
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