Classics of Philosophy: Volume III: The Twentieth Century

Classics of Philosophy: Volume III: The Twentieth Century

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This is Volume 3 of the most comprehensive anthology of writings in Western philosophy in print. It assembles the classic essays of Western philosophy of the twentieth century which have given shape and value to its character and structure. From logical Positivism, American Pragmatism, and Ordinary Language Philosophy to Continental Philosophy, the selections have been chosen because they are creative, controversial, and typically fascinating. Fifty four selections of thirty nine authors are included, featuring the work of McTaggart, Moore, Russell, Wittgenstein, Carnap. Quine, Ayer, Kipke, Harrison, Gettier, Goldman, Strawson, Ryle, Dennett, Davidson, Putnam, Nagel, Serle, Nozick, Rawls, Hussert, Heidegger, Sartre, Foucault, Derrida, Rourty, and Habermas. Also featured are seminal works in the philosophy of mind, free will/determinism, the debate over religious truth, and political and moral philosophy while the emphasis of the earlier volumes on epistemological and metaphysical issues continues. This is a collection which students and intelligent lay people can use without needing advanced technical ability in logic or semantics.
The volume opens with a general essay by the editor on philosophy in the twentieth century; a biographical sketch accompanies each author; and each selection includes by an abstract and short bibliography.
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Table of contents

Preface ; General Introduction ; PART I: THE ANGLO-AMERICAN ANALYTIC TRADITION ; I: Background: British Idealism ; 1. John McTaggart, The Unreality of Time ; II: British Pluarlist Realism ; 2. G.E. Moore ; How to Make Our Ideas Clear ; Presupposition of Science: Common Sense and Religion ; 3. Bertrand Russell ; The Problems of Philsophy (ch. 1-12, 15) ; On Denoting: The Theory of Definite Description ; A Debate on the Existence of God between Father F.C. Copleston and Bertrand Russell ; PART II: PRAGMATISM ; 4. Charles Sanders Pierce ; How to Make Our Ideas Clear ; Presupposition of Science: Common Sense and Religion ; 5. William James ; The Will to Believe ; What is Pragmatism? ; The Pragmatic Notion of Truth ; PART III: LOGICAL POSITIVISM AND REACTIONS TO IT ; 6. Rudolph Carnap, The Elimination of Metaphysics through Logical Analysis of Language ; 7. A.J. Ayer ; The Abolition of Metaphysics ; A Critique of Ethics and Theology ; 8. Ludwig Wittgenstein ; Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus ; Philosophical Investigations ; 9. J.L. Austin, Sense and Sensibilia: A Critique of the Theory of Sense Data ; 10. Karl Popper ; Conjecture and Refutation ; Knowledge Without a Knowing Subject ; 11. Thomas Kuhn, Objectivity, Value Judgments, and Theory Choice ; 12. W.V.O Quine ; Two Dogmas of Empiricism ; Epistemology Naturalized ; Ontological Relativity ; 13. Saul Kripke, A Priority Knowledge, Necessity, and Contingency ; 14. Jonathan Harrison, A Defence of Empiricism ; PART IV: CONTEMPORARY ISSUES ; 15. Edmund Gettier, Is Justified True Belief Knowledge ; 16. Alvin Goldman, What is Justified Belief? ; 17. Nelson Goodman, The New Riddle of Induction ; 18. Donald Davidson, Truth and Meaning ; 19. Hilary Putnam, Meaning and Reference ; 20. Peter F. Strawson, Freedom and Resentment ; 21. Harry Frankfurt, On Freedom of the Will and the Conception of a Person ; 22. Richard Taylor, Defense of Libertarian Freedom ; 23. Anthony Flew, R.M. Hare, and Basil Mitchell, The Falsification Debate on Religious Belief ; 24. Gilbert Ryle, Exorcizing Descartes, "Ghost in the Machine" ; 25. Thomas Nagel ; What Is It Like to Be a Bat? ; Moral Luck ; 26. Daniel Dennett, The International Stance ; 27. John Searle, Minds, Brains, and Programs (The Chinese Room) ; 28. Derek Parfit, Personal Identity ; 29. Robert Nozick ; A Defense of Libertarianism ; The Experience Machine ; 30. John Rawls, A Liberal Theory of Justice ; 31. Wallace Matson, Justice, A Funeral Option ; PART V: CONTEMPORARY CONTINENTAL AND POST-MODERN PHILOSOPHY ; 32. Edmund Husserl: Ideas: General Introduction to Pure Phenomenology ; 33. Martin Heidegger ; On Dasein and Anxiety ; The Fundamental Question of Metaphysics ; 34. Jean Paul Sartre ; Being and Nothingness: Bad Faith ; Existentialism and Humanism ; 35. Michel Foucault, Knowledge/Power ; 36. Jacques Derrida, Plato's Pharmacy ; 37. Richard Rorty, Dismantling Truth: Solidarity versus Objectivity ; 38. Margarita Rosa Levin, A Defense of Objectivity ; 39. Jurgen Habermas, Philosohy as Stand-In and Interpreter
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