Civilizations Past and Present: from 1300 v. 2

Civilizations Past and Present: from 1300 v. 2

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Civilizations Past and Present, written by specialists in Islamic, African, Asian, Ancient, and East European history- offers a clear and accessible analysis of diverse trends shaping world history. Civilizations Past and Present, now in its Twelfth Edition, is a survey text well known in the marketplace for its readability, offering a strong narrative exploration of world history that examines details at levels appropriate for both students and instructors. The book's narrative-enriched by photographs, maps, primary source documents, timelines, and other pedagogical aids-places great emphasis on the connections between the world's many cultures and regions. The book uses intriguing avenues of historical interpretation and examines all of the major areas of historical study: social, political, economic, religious, cultural, and more

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Civilizations Past & Present Twelfth Edition, Volume I (to 1650) Robert R. Edgar, et al."An exceptional text. Clear and engaging writing with sound and current scholarship."-Gary Gibbs, Roanoke College"This is the best book in the field and I recommend it without hesitation. The authors are well qualified, they can write, and they have done their homework."-William McDonald, Mid-American Christian UniversityWritten by specialists in Islamic, African, Asian, East European, and ancient history, "Civilizations Past & Present" offers a clear and accessible analysis of diverse trends shaping world history. Now in its Twelfth Edition, this survey text is well known for its readability, with a strong narrative that examines details at levels appropriate for both students and instructors. Offering strong regional coverage in addition to highlighting the connections between the world's many cultures and regions, the book explores all of the major areas of historical study: social, political, economic, religious, cultural, and geographic.New to this Edition -New co-author, Matthew Gordon, a scholar in Middle Eastern history at the Miami University of Ohio, adds new perspectives to the text's coverage of the Islamic world. -"Seeing Connections" features in each chapter visually illustrate the diverse linkages between the world's civilizations, religions, ideologies, arts, and social movements. -Additional content has been added throughout the book on the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Oceania. Available versions of "Civilization Past & Present"Combined Volume ISBN 10: 0-205-57430-0 ISBN 13: 978-0-205-57430-8 Volume I (to 1650) ISBN 10: 0-205-57375-4 ISBN 13: 978-0-205-57375-2 Volume II (from 1300) ISBN 10: 0-205-57431-9 ISBN 13: 978-0-205-57431-5Please visit us at more

Table of contents

12.The Great Dynastic Empires of Eurasia, 1300-1650 New Polities in Eurasia The Ottoman Empire The Safavid Empire in Iran The Mughal Empire in South Asia Networks of Trade and Communication DISCOVERY THROUGH MAPS The World Map of Piri Reis DOCUMENT The Coming of Ismail Safavi Foretold DOCUMENT The Idea of Seclusion and Lady Nurjahan SEEING CONNECTIONS Religious Tolerance Under Akbar 13. East Asian Cultural and Political Systems, 1300-1650 China: The Ming Dynasty Korea: The Making of a Confucian Society Japan: The Era of ShMguns and Warring States Southeast Asia: States Within a Region DISCOVERY THROUGH MAPS Map of China's Ancient Heartland, circa 1500 C.E. DOCUMENT Zhang Han's Essay on Merchants DOCUMENT Sotoba Komachi, a Fourteenth-Century Japanese NM Play DOCUMENT A Traveller's Account of Siam SEEING CONNECTIONS A Giraffe in the Ming Court 14. European Cultural and Religious Transformations The Renaissance and the Reformation, 1300-1600 An Era of General Crisis The Italian Renaissancen Italian Renaissance Art The Northern Renaissance The Crisis in the Catholic Church: 1300-1517 Luther and the German Reformation Henry VIII and the Anglican Reformation Protestantism from Switzerland to Holland Reform in the Catholic Church DISCOVERY THROUGH MAPS The Lagoon of Venice DOCUMENT Machiavelli, The Prince: On Cruelty and Mercy SEEING CONNECTIONS Marco Polo's Book of Wonders DOCUMENT Anne Ayscough (Mrs. Thomas Kyme), English Protestant Martyr 15. State Development in Europe: Western and Central Europe, Russia, and the Balkans to 1650 Western and Central Europe, 1300-1500 Politics, Diplomacy, and the Wars of Religions, 1556-1598 The Austrian Hapsburgs and the Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648 Russia: From the Tatar Yoke to the Romanovs The Balkans: Byzantine Collapse and Ottoman Rule DISCOVERY THROUGH MAPS The Battle of Kahlenberg DOCUMENT Simplicissimus on the Horrors of the Thirty Years' War SEEING CONNECTIONS The Fall of Constantinople 16. Global Encounters: Europe and the New World Economy, 1400-1650 The Iberian Golden Age The Portuguese and Africa The Growth of New Spain Iberian Systems in the New World Beginnings of Northern European Expansion DISCOVERY THROUGH MAPS Savage Pictures: Sebastian Munster's Map of Africa DOCUMENT Portuguese Encounters with Africans DOCUMENT Disease and the Spanish Conquest omen SEEING CONNECTIONS The Portuguese in Benin 17. Absolutism and Limited Central Power in Europe, 1650-1774: Politics during the First Age of Capitalism Louis XIV, the Sun King: The Model for European Absolutism The Gravitational Pull of French Absolutism Holland and England: Limited Central Power Breaking the Bank: Diplomacy and War: 1650-1774 The Decline of European Absolutism, the Example of Louis XV: 1715-1774 Capitalism and the Forces of Change Social Crises During the Capitalist Revolution DOCUMENT Catherine II on Life in St. Petersburg in 1750 DOCUMENT Conditions Among Eighteenth-Century French Peasants DISCOVERY THROUGH MAPS The Elegant Destruction of Poland SEEING CONNECTIONS A New Product from the New World: Tobacco 18. New Ideas and Their Political Consequences: The Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment, and the French Revolutions Discovering the Laws of Nature: the Scientific Revolution The Age of Reason and the Ancien Regime The Failure of Monarchical Reform The French Revolution: The Domestic Phase, 1789-1799 The French Revolution: The Napoleonic Phase, 1799-1815 DISCOVERY THROUGH MAPS The Heliocentric Cosmos of Copernicus The Widening Scope of Scientific Discovery DOCUMENT Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen DOCUMENT Olympe de Gouges on the Rights of Women SEEING CONNECTIONS Benjamin Franklin in Paris 19. Africa in the World Economy, 1650-1850 The Atlantic Slave Trade The End of the Slave Trade in West Africa Islamic Africa Africans and European Settlement in Southern Africa African State Formation in Eastern and Northeastern Africa DISCOVERY THROUGH MAPS The Myth of the Empty Land DOCUMENT A Slave's Memoir DOCUMENT Usman dan Fodio on Women and Islam SEEING CONNECTIONS Moshoeshoe in European Dress 20. Asian and Middle Eastern Empires and Nations, 1650-1815 The Ottomans in the Early Modern Era Muslim Politics in Persia Early Modern India Under the Mughals The Qing Dynasty Before the Opium War Korea in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries Early Modern Japan: The Tokugawa Period Southeast Asia: Political and Cultural Interactions Europeans in the New Pacific Frontiers DOCUMENT Lady Montagu, Florence Nightingale, and the Myths of "Orient" DOCUMENT Lan Dingyuan, County Magistrate: Depraved Religious Sects Deceive People DOCUMENT Ihara Saikaku: "The Umbrella Oracle" SEEING CONNECTIONS Jesuits in the Ming Court 21. The Americas, 1650-1825: From European Dominance to Independence The Iberian Colonies: 1650-1789 The West Indies Breaking Away: The Creation of the United States of America Haiti: The First Successful Slave Revolution The Latin American Revolutions DISCOVERY THROUGH MAPS The Island of California DOCUMENT Letter from Abigail Adams DOCUMENT Simon Bolivar, Proclamation to the People of Venezuela SEEING CONNECTIONS Gold and Precious Stones in Brazil 22. Industrialization: Social, Political, and Cultural Transformations The Industrial Revolution: British Phase Industrialization: Continental Phase The Workers: The Manchester Microcosm Socialism and Industrialization The Middle Classes Science, Technology, and the Second Industrial Revolution Cultural Responses to the Age DOCUMENT Child Labor DOCUMENT Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management (1861) SEEING CONNECTIONS Singer Sewing Machines in Zululand 23. Europe, 1815-1914: Political Change and Diplomatic Failure Reassembling Europe, 1815-1850 1848: The Revolutionary Year Prussia, German Unification, and the Second Reich The Decline of Austria Italy to 1914 France: The Second Empire and the Third Republic The United Kingdom: Reform and Stability Russia: Reform and Revolution The "Eastern Question" and the Failure of European Diplomacy to 1914 DOCUMENT Bismarck and the Ems Dispatch DOCUMENT Emmeline Pankhurst, from "My Own Story..." SEEING CONNECTIONS French and German Rivalry 24. Africa and the Middle East During the Age of European Imperialism European Conquest of Africa European Technology and the African Response to Conquest The Mineral Revolution in South Africa and the Anglo-Boer War Colonial Rule in Africa The Growth of Christianity and Islam in Africa The Ottoman Empire Refashioned Iran and the Great Power Struggle DOCUMENT That Was No Brother DOCUMENT General von Trotha's Extermination Order DOCUMENT A Middle Eastern Vision of the West SEEING CONNECTIONS The Suez Canal 25. Imperialism and Modernity in Asia and the Pacific, 1815-1914: India, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and Oceania India Southeast Asia China: The Long Nineteenth Century Japan: Modernity and Imperialism Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands DOCUMENT The Great Revolt of 1857-1858 DOCUMENT Lin Zexu on the Opium Trade DOCUMENT "The Beefeater" SEEING CONNECTIONS Western Houses in Tokyo 26. The Americas, 1825-1914; The Challenges of Independence Challenges to Latin American States After Independence Latin America, 1875-1914 The United States DISCOVERY THROUGH MAPS An American View of the World in the 1820s DOCUMENT Newspaper Advertisements for Runaway Slaves in Brazil DOCUMENT Jose Marti's Observations on the United States and Cuba DOCUMENT Susan Anthony, On Women's Right to Vote SEEING CONNECTIONS The Paris of the Pampas 27. World War I and Its Economic and Political Consequences World War I The Allied Peace Settlement Economic Disasters Politics in the Democracies The Western Tradition in Transition: Changing Certainties DOCUMENT The Western Front: Christmas 1914 DOCUMENT John Maynard Keynes on Clemenceau SEEING CONNECTIONS African American recipients of the Croix de Guerre 28. The Failure of the Liberal Model and the Rise of Authoritarianism: Japan, Italy, Germany, and the USSR, 1917-1940 Japan: From Budding Democracy to Militarist State A European Response to Liberal Decline: Fascism Italy and Mussolini The German Tragedy Revolutions in Russia: 1917 and 1928-1939 DISCOVERY THROUGH MAPS Wishful Thinking: A Nazi Tourism Map DOCUMENT The New German Woman DOCUMENT Stalin and State Terror SEEING CONNECTIONS Mussolini and Imperial Destiny 29. Forging New Nations in Asia, 1910-1950 China: Revolution and Republic Korea: From Monarchy to Colony Nationalism in Southeast Asia India: The Drive for Independence DISCOVERY THROUGH MAPS What's in a Name? Siam or Thailand? DOCUMENT Lu Xun and China's May Fourth Generation DOCUMENT Gandhi and "Truth-Force" SEEING CONNECTIONS Gandhi the Civil Rights Leader 30. National Movements and the Drive for Independence in the Middle East and Africa from the 1920s to 1950s The Middle East Divided The Challenge to Colonial Rule in Africa Pan-Africanism World War II and Its Aftermath Decolonization DOCUMENT We Have Not Come as Conquerors, But as Liberators DOCUMENT The Color Line Belts the World DOCUMENT Pass Laws and African Women in South Africa SEEING CONNECTIONS The Hashimite Family 31. World War II: Origins and Consequences, 1919-1946 The Troubled Calm: The West in the 1920s Epoch of the Aggressors World War II Postwar Settlements DOCUMENT Erich Maria Remarque, The Road Back DOCUMENT The Hossbach Memorandum DOCUMENT The Nazi Death Camps SEEING CONNECTIONS Modern Civilization and Mass Killing 32. Europe and the United States Since 1945: The Cold War and After The Cold War: The US and The USSR in Global Competition to 1991 The Soviet Union and the Russian Republic Eastern Europe: From Soviet Control to Independence Western Europe The United States DISCOVERY THROUGH MAPS Massive Retaliatory Power, 1954 DOCUMENT Khrushchev's Address to the Twentieth Party Congress DOCUMENT Martin Luther King Jr., "Beyond Vietnam, A Time to Break Silence" SEEING CONNECTIONS JFK and Khrushchev 33. The Middle East and Africa Since 1945: The Struggle for Survival The Middle East: Religion and Politics Africa: The Search for National Identities DISCOVERY THROUGH MAPS Borders and Identities: The UN Partition Plan DOCUMENT The Village That Has "Eaten Itself Limb by Limb" SEEING CONNECTIONS Ayatollah Khomeini 34. Latin America Since 1910: Reform, Repression, and Revolution Latin America: 1910-1945 The Perils of the Post-War Era South America The Caribbean Mexico Central America DOCUMENT President Hugo Chavez's 2006 Address to the U.N. General Assembly DOCUMENT Evita Speaks SEEING CONNECTIONS Lucha Libre 35. Asia and the South Pacific since 1945: Political, Economic, and Social Revolutions The People's Republic of China and Other Chinese Countries Japan: From Defeat to Dominance to Doubt Korea: A Nation Divided Southeast Asia The Subcontinent Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands DOCUMENT Mao on Communism in China DOCUMENT Kora Rumiko, "When the War Ended" DOCUMENT Benazir Bhutto at Harvard SEEING CONNECTIONS The Transistor 36. Into the 21st Century: An Uncertain Future An Uncertain Future Economics: The Tension Between Dollars and Sense The Promises and Perils of Technology People on the Move in a Changing World Toward a World Culture Looming Challenges Reasons for Hope DOCUMENT Muhammad Yunus's Acceptance Speech for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize DOCUMENT Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex DOCUMENT Wangari Maathai, A Matter of Life or Death SEEING CONNECTIONS The Earthshow more
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