Christmas Tree Space Sails. Volume 76.

Christmas Tree Space Sails. Volume 76.

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Herein this volume and in the next several volumes, we formulate the notion of psychological energy propulsion modes for Light String Christmas Tree Sails. The variables W, Th, E, I, A, M, and S stand for Will, Thought, Emotion, Instinct, Attitude, Memory, and Sexuality. The variables t, w, a, i, and m refer in a differing context and emphasis to, thought, will, affect, instinct, and memory. The variable T stands for psychological time, the xj and tj stand for as usual in the context of the lengthy formulas presented herein this series of books and thus represent the variable of distance traveled by differential increment in space and spacecraft reference frame time. As such, the associated operator is highly abstract yet denoting a large number of possible contributions of psychological energy to spacecraft propulsion. Here, F stands for force which is integrated with respect to incremental distance traveled for which the time derivative of the integral is taken. In reality, the number of psychological power terms as possibilities is at least an ensemble, perhaps an infinity scraper, and maybe even a function of arbitrary Aleph numbers. Aleph 0 is the number of integers, Aleph 1 is greater by a factor of infinity and is equal to the number of real numbers according to the Continuum Hypothesis, Aleph 2 is analogously greater than Aleph 1 although the concept is a little more detailed, Aleph 3 is likewise analogously greater than Aleph 2, and so-on into eternity. Now, psychological energy propulsion may or may not ever be realized let alone be possible. Due to reasonable philosophical limits, the psychological energy would seem to require amplification or production from more or less ordinary physical energy and/or matter forms. The human brain may already do this although non-physical psychological energy is currently relegated to the subject of metaphysics and the philosophy of the human soul. Another possibility is the storage of psychological energy in a manner similar to say the storage of milk from a bovine heard, or honey from a Honey Bee hive. Psychological energy might in principle be donated by human, ETI, or any UTI volunteers in much the same way as blood donors give blood. The energy may also be harvested from living live-stock or other sentient non-human lower animal life-forms. It is even possible that psychological energy once obtained from a sentient living person or other animal form could be cultured to multiply on its own in a self-replicating manner by consuming ordinary physical matter and energy, of real and/or zero point virtual forms. Regardless, psychological energy as produced directly by a human person, or any other personal or lower animal life-forms is likely to be a very, very weak force in terms of its effects on the physical realm just as assuredly as the best evidence for psychokinetic powers is meager at best if at all valid, and commensurate with the limited abilities of so-called psychics according to the fringe literature on the topic of psychokinesis. However, given that the concept of psychological energy in a differing context is woven into the dynamics of psychodynamic personality theory, although not in the context of so-called psychic powers, the possibility of somehow amplifying and/or storing psychological energy as an energy source for powering spacecraft or other machines is fascinating to contemplate.
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