Christmas FAQs

Wondering what the latest order dates are for Christmas gifts?Please order as early as possible to ensure gifts arrive in time for Christmas!

What you need to know

We work out our last order dates so orders are estimated to arrive in time for Christmas, but please note these are recommendations and delivery by Christmas is not guaranteed. To avoid disappointment please order as early as possible.

Delivery updates

Please be aware that some countries may experience delivery delays due to Coronavirus, we believe that delivery is still happening within our estimated delivery times but please check your local postal guidance and allow a bit more time for delivery. We continue to monitor the situation closely and we will update our Covid delivery updates page here if there are any further delays to orders. If you are ordering for Christmas please make sure you order as soon as possible and before our last order dates listed below.

New Zealand update: 3rd December

Please note that recent flight cancellations have brought forward our last order date for New Zealand, you can find additional information on our Covid delivery updates page here.

Israel update: 3rd December

Please note that recent flight cancellations have brought forward our last order date for Israel, you can find additional information on our Covid delivery updates page here.

How will I know if I will receive my item by Christmas?

Each book is different and on every product page we will let you know if we expect the item to reach the country we believe you are in by Christmas.

If we believe an item will reach you in time we will show you "Order now for expected delivery to YOUR COUNTRY by Christmas", if we don’t believe it will reach you in time we will show you "Not expected to be delivered to YOUR COUNTRY by Christmas".

christmas delivery message

Shipping to a different country?

That’s ok please use the last order dates below as a guideline along with our usual delivery times listed here. To avoid disappointment, please order as early as possible as we cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas.

The recommended last order dates below are recommendations and delivery by Christmas is not guaranteed.

Recommended Last Order Dates

  • Algeria: 07 December
  • Andorra: 14 December
  • Antigua And Barbuda: 30 November
  • Argentina: 01 December
  • Aruba: 30 November
  • Australia: 01 December
  • Austria: 08 December
  • Bahamas: 30 November
  • Bahrain: 07 December
  • Barbados: 30 November
  • Belgium: 08 December
  • Belize: 01 December
  • Benin: 01 December
  • Bermuda: 01 December
  • Bosnia And Herzegovina: 07 December
  • British Virgin Islands: 30 November
  • Brunei Darrusalam: 30 November
  • Bulgaria: 08 December
  • Canada: 01 December
  • Canary Island: 07 December
  • Cayman Islands: 30 November
  • Channel Islands, United Kingdom: 30 November
  • Chile: 30 November
  • China: 30 November
  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands: 01 December
  • Colombia: 24 November
  • Comoros: 01 December
  • Cook Islands: 01 December
  • Croatia: 08 December
  • Cyprus: 08 December
  • Czech Republic: 08 December
  • Denmark: 08 December
  • Dominica: 30 November
  • Dominican Republic: 30 November
  • Ecuador: 01 December
  • Egypt: 15 December
  • El Salvador: 01 December
  • Estonia: 08 December
  • Falkland Islands: 01 December
  • Faroe Islands: 14 December
  • Federated States Of Micronesia: 01 December
  • Fiji: 01 December
  • Finland: 08 December
  • France: 08 December
  • Germany: 08 December
  • Greece: 08 December
  • Greenland: 08 December
  • Grenada: 30 November
  • Guadeloupe: 30 November
  • Guam: 01 December
  • Guatemala: 01 December
  • Guyana: 01 December
  • Haiti: 30 November
  • Honduras: 01 December
  • Hong Kong: 08 December
  • Hungary: 08 December
  • Iceland: 08 December
  • India: 01 December
  • Indonesia: 01 December
  • Ireland: 15 December
  • Israel: 01 December
  • Italy: 08 December
  • Jamaica: 30 November
  • Japan: 14 December
  • Jordan: 01 December
  • Latvia: 08 December
  • Liechtenstein: 07 December
  • Lithuania: 08 December
  • Luxembourg: 08 December
  • Macau: 30 November
  • North Macedonia: 01 December
  • Madagascar: 01 December
  • Malaysia: 01 December
  • Maldives: 01 December
  • Malta: 08 December
  • Martinique: 30 November
  • Mauritius: 01 December
  • Monaco: 08 December
  • Montenegro: 07 December
  • Morocco: 01 December
  • Netherlands: 14 December
  • New Caledonia: 30 November
  • New Zealand: 30 November
  • Nicaragua: 01 December
  • Norway: 08 December
  • Oman: 01 December
  • Peru: 01 December
  • Philippines: 01 December
  • Poland: 14 December
  • Portugal: 08 December
  • Puerto Rico: 01 December
  • Qatar: 30 November
  • Reunion: 01 December
  • Romania: 08 December
  • Saint Helena: 30 November
  • Saint Kitts And Nevis: 30 November
  • Saint Lucia: 30 November
  • Saint Pierre And Miquelon: 30 November
  • Saint Vincent And The Grenadines: 30 November
  • Samoa: 01 December
  • San Marino: 07 December
  • Saudi Arabia: 15 December
  • Serbia: 01 December
  • Seychelles: 01 December
  • Singapore: 14 December
  • Slovakia: 08 December
  • Slovenia: 08 December
  • South Africa: 01 December
  • South Korea: 01 December
  • Spain: 08 December
  • Sri Lanka: 01 December
  • Suriname: 01 December
  • Sweden: 08 December
  • Switzerland: 08 December
  • Taiwan: 01 December
  • Thailand: 01 December
  • Trinidad And Tobago: 30 November
  • Tunisia: 01 December
  • Turkey: 08 December
  • Ukraine: 01 December
  • United Arab Emirates: 15 December
  • United Kingdom: 16 December
  • United States: 09 December
  • Uruguay: 24 November
  • Vanuatu: 01 December
  • Vatican City: 07 December
  • Vietnam: 01 December

Last order dates are recommendations and delivery by Christmas is not guaranteed.


Will I still get free delivery during the Christmas period?

We are delighted to be able to offer free delivery on all direct orders, regardless of size, value or destination, all year round.

Can you get my order to me any faster?

We offer free delivery worldwide, and unfortunately this means we cannot offer express delivery, we do aim to get your order to you as fast as possible.

Can you combine all my orders in one shipment?

To stock as many titles as we do, we receive stock from different suppliers and this means we often dispatch items from the same order separately, and your books may arrive on different days.

My order arrived late or is unwanted, can I return it?

You can return your order within 30 days of receiving it to receive a full refund. Click here for full details on how to cancel and return your order.

Gifts and Promotions

I need some gifting inspiration, can you help?

Click here to see our handy Gift Guide where we have books for fiction lovers, budding photographers, keen cooks, history buffs, and more. You can also click here to see our dedicated Gifts for Children page. We hope this will give you ideas and inspiration for the best books to gift this Christmas.

Will you be running any offers or discounts over Christmas?

We love getting a bargain, so are happy to announce that we will be running themed promotions and offers throughout November and December, keep your eyes peeled onsite and on our social channels. If you would like to be notified by email of any upcoming promotions please sign up to our newsletter.

My order is a gift, do you offer any gift services?

While we think books make the best gifts, we are unable to offer gift-wrapping, price removal or personal messages.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Not at the moment. They're in our wishlist!

Other Questions

I have got another query, how can I contact you?

If you have any further questions, please visit our handy Help page or Contact Us

Does Santa really exist?

Yes, he does. He really, really does.