Ccnp 2.0: Routing

Ccnp 2.0: Routing

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Network professionals seeking the brand-new CCNP 2.0 certification must pass Cisco's new Routing Exam (640-503) replaces the earlier Advanced Cisco Router Configuration Exam. In this book, one of the world's leading Cisco networking trainers offers start-to-finish coverage of every exam objective -- including extensive labs and scenarios that deliver real, hands-on practice! Begin by reviewing the key challenges associated with building scalable, reliable, secure Cisco enterprise networks. Understand the causes of network congestion, and your options for preventing it; then review each type of queuing available for controlling internetwork traffic, including Weighted Fair, Priority, and Custom Queuing. Walk through setting up and maintaining standard and extended access lists for controlling TCP/IP traffic; and managing IPX and AppleTalk traffic. Next, review routing protocols in depth, including Link State, Distance Vector, and Hybrid protocols; and master Variable Length Subnet Masking and Network Address Translation. The book includes in-depth coverage of Cisco's powerful EIGRP and OSPF protocols, including configuration, troubleshooting, and maintenance; techniques for providing ISP connectivity with both BGP and static/default routes; and routing optimization. You'll also find a full chapter on Dial-on-Demand more

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  • Hardback | 352 pages
  • 175.26 x 238.76 x 30.48mm | 861.82g
  • Pearson Education Limited
  • Prentice-Hall
  • Harlow, United Kingdom
  • English
  • index
  • 013090306X
  • 9780130903068

Table of contents

Introduction. Acknowledgments. About the Author. 1. Routing Concepts. Routing Tables. Router R0. Router R1. Router R2. Router R3. Load Balancing. Administrative Distance. Convergence. Types of Routing Protocols. Distance Vector. Link State. Advanced Distance Vector. Classful. Classless. Summary. Exam Objective Checklist. Chapter 1 Practice Questions. 2. Managing IP Addresses. A Brief History of IP Addresses. Solutions to IP Addressing Problems. Subnet Masking (RFC 950, 1985). Route Summarization (RFC 1518, 1993). Classless InterDomain Routing (RFCs 1518, 1519, 2050). Network Address Translation (RFC 1631, 1994). Private Addresses (RFC 1918, 1996). Variable Length Subnet Masking (RFC 1812, 1995). IP version 6 (RFC 2373, 1998). Variable Length Subnet Masking (VLSM). IP Address Review. Rule 1:. RULE 2:. Calculating VLSM Addresses. Route Summarization. Calculating Route Summarization Addresses. Summarization with Discontiguous Networks. CIDR. Other Methods of Managing IP Addresses. Helper Addresses. Summary. Exam Objective Checklist. Chapter 2 Practice Questions. 3. EIGRP. EIGRP Operation. Load Balancing. Route Summarization. EIGRP and WANs. Troubleshooting. Summary. Exam Objective Checklist. Chapter 3 Practice Questions. 4. An Introduction to OSPF. Operations. Overview. Router ID. Establishing Neighbors. Electing the DR and BDR. Configuring OSPF. Exchange Protocol. Dijkstra Algorithm. Maintaining the Routing Table. WAN Connectivity. Point-to-Point. Point-to-Multipoint. Point-to-Multipoint Non-Broadcast. NBMA. NMBA with Broadcast. WAN Recap. Summary. Exam Objective Checklist. Chapter 4 Practice Questions. 5. Scaling OSPF. Configuring Multiple Areas. Route Summarization. Stub and Totally Stubby Areas. Virtual Links. NBMA and Multiple Areas. Summary. Exam Objective Checklist. Chapter 5 Practice Questions. 6. An Introduction to BGP. Mechanics. To BGP or Not To BGP. Static Routes. BGP Operations. Attributes--Path. Attributes--Origin. Attributes--Next Hop. Attributes--Local Preference. Attributes--Weight. Attributes--MED. Attributes--Community. Summary of Attributes. Route Summarization. Peer Groups. Internal BGP. Review. Summary. Exam Objective Checklist. Chapter 6 Practice Questions. 7. Scaling BGP. Prefix Lists. Multihomed Scaling Issues. Scalability Issues. Redistribution with Interior Protocols. Redistributing Into bgp. Redistributing Into igp. Summary. Exam Objective Checklist. Chapter 7 Practice Questions. 8. Optimizing Routing Operation. Static Routes. Redistribution in One Direction. Redistribution in Both Directions. Route Update Filters. Modifying the Administrative Distance. Filtering Routing Updates. Policy Maps. Summary. Exam Objective Checklist. Chapter 8 Practice Questions. Appendix A: Routing Commands. Appendix B: Practice Question Answers. Appendix C: TC/IP Subnetting. more

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