Catalysis by Unique Metal Ion Structures in Solid Matrices

Catalysis by Unique Metal Ion Structures in Solid Matrices : From Science to Application

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Atomically dispersed metal cations and small polyatomic cationic structures co-ordinated to the surface of porous matrices exhibit different properties from the same cationic species contained in a bulk oxide or supported on amorphous carriers. This subject is treated to an extensive review, showing how an understanding of it is essential to the development of a new generation of solid catalysts. There are also exciting opportunities to shape the catalytic properties of the transition metal cations in microporous and mesoporous matrices.
The book covers both theoretical and experimental aspects, including the distribution of framework Al atoms in Si-rich zeolites, distribution and siting of charge-exchanged metal cations, electronic, adsorptive and catalytic properties of metal cations, and correlation of metal cation structure and siting with catalytic activity.
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  • Hardback | 332 pages
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  • Dordrecht, Netherlands
  • English
  • 2001 ed.
  • VIII, 332 p.
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Table of contents

Towards a Better Understanding and Terminology of the Oxide / Transition Metal Complex Interactions; J.F. Lambert, M. Che. Ion Exchange of Non-Framework Cations in Zeolites for Catalysis; J.N. Armor. Single Metal Ions in Host Zeolite Matrices. Structure-Activity-Selectivity-Relationships; B. Wichterlova, et al. Siting and Stability of Metal Cations in Zeolites; A.T. Bell. Mono- and Multinuclear Oxo-Cations in Zeolite Cavities; H.-Y. Chen, et al. Exafs Study of Fe/ZSM-5 Prepared by Chemical Vapour Deposition and Co/FER, MOR, MFI Prepared by Ion Exchange; L. Drozdova, et al. Advances in the Determination of the Architecture of Active Sites in Solid Catalysts; G. Sankar, et al. Electronic Structure of Transition-Metal Ion Containing Zeolites; K. Klier. Migration of Ti and Fe from Framework to Extraframework Positions in Zeolitic Materials: Spectroscopic Studies; A. Zecchina, G. Berlier. Identification of Active Oxygen Species over Fe Complexes in Zeolites; G.I. Panov, et al. Catalysis Using Guest Single and Mixed Oxides in Host Zeolite Matrices; G. Centi, et al. Reactivity Theory of Zinc Cation Species in Zeolites; R.A. van Santen, et al. Local Site Deformations in Zeolites by the Coordination of (Cu)II; M.H. Groothaert, et al. Ab Initio Simulation of Cu-Species in Zeolites: Siting, Coordination, UV-VIS Spectra and Reactivity; J. Sauer, et al. Asymmetric Oxidation of Sulphide on Metal Ion Planted in Mesoporous MCM-41; M. Iwamoto, et al. Photocatalysis of Cations Incorporated within Zeolites - The Local Structures and Excited States of the Cu (I) and Ag (I) Species and their Photocatalytic Reactivities; M. Matsuoka, M. Anpo. Direct Addition of Amine N-H To CC Triple Bonds - New Hydroamination Catalysts based on late TransitionMetals; J. Penzien, et al. Immobilisation of Chiral Homogeneous Catalysts and their Use for Oxidation and Hydrogenation Reactions; W.F. Hoelderich, H.H. Wagner. Catalysis by Novel Carbon-Based Materials; V.A. Likholobov. Panel Discussions. Conclusions, Outlooks and Recommendations. List of Participants. Subject Index. Author Index.
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