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This photographic reference contains over 280 pedigree cat portraits, each accompanied by key facts about the breed, including its place of origin, physical features, temperament, grooming requirements and breed colours. It should be suitable for every would-be purchaser of a pedigree more

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  • Paperback | 400 pages
  • 136 x 160 x 26mm | 598.74g
  • Dorling Kindersley Ltd
  • DK
  • London, United Kingdom
  • New edition
  • 0751329096
  • 9780751329094

Author information

Bruce Fogle is famous for his expertise in animal behaviour, and is the publishing world's best-selling vet. He lectures internationally, frequently appears on television and radio, and writes for a variety of newspapers and more

Table of contents

Part 1 Introduction: history of selective breeding; breed profiles explained. Part 2 Longhairs: longhair; newer longhair colours; colourpoint longhair; Birman; ragdoll; Maine coon; Maine coon variations; Norwegian forest cat; Siberian forest cat; American curl; Munchkin; Scottish fold; Selkirk rex; Turkish van; Cymric; Nebelung; Turkish angora; Somali; Chantilly/Tiffany; Tiffanie; Balinese; newer Balinese; Angora; oriental longhair; la perm; Kurile Island bobtail; Japanese bobtail; random-bred cats. Part 3 Shorthairs: exotic; British shorthair; newer British shorthair colours; Manx; Selkirk rex; Scottish fold; American shorthair; American wirehair; American curl; Munchkin; snowshoe; European shorthair; Chartreux; Russian shorthair; Havana brown; Abyssinian; spotted mist; Singapura; Korat; Bombay; the Asian group; American Burmese; European Burmese; Tonkinese; Siamese; newer Siamese colours; oriental shorthair; newer oriental colours; Japanese bobtail; la perm; Cornish rex; Devon rex; Sphynx; California spangled; Egyptian mau; Ocicat; Bengal; American bobtail; pixiebob; random-bred cats. Part 4 Feline design: feline genetics; coat colours; coat patterns; face shape and body form; eye shape and more