Carrier of the Mark

Carrier of the Mark

3.52 (12,016 ratings by Goodreads)
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Their love was meant to be.

When Megan Rosenberg moves to Ireland, everything in her life seems to fall into place. After growing up in America, she's surprised to find herself feeling at home in her new school. She connects with a group of friends, and she is instantly drawn to darkly handsome Adam DeRís.

But Megan is about to discover that her feelings for Adam are tied to a fate that was sealed long ago--and that the passion and power that brought them together could be their ultimate destruction.
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  • 12-17
  • Paperback | 352 pages
  • 132 x 201 x 25mm | 295g
  • HarperCollins Publishers
  • New York, NY, United States
  • English
  • 0062027875
  • 9780062027870
  • 94,981

Review Text

"First-time novelist Fallon has blended a unique tale of magic, folklore, friendship, and sweet romance into a tantalizing mystery with a modicum of danger." Booklist
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Review quote

"With its page-turning pacing, tension is high and readers will want to read future episodes."--Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA)
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About Leigh Fallon

Leigh Fallon was born in South Africa, raised in Dublin, Ireland, and moved to Cork in her twenties. Leigh and her family now share their time between Ireland and the United States. She is also the author of Carrier of the Mark.
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Rating details

12,016 ratings
3.52 out of 5 stars
5 28% (3,328)
4 26% (3,130)
3 25% (3,020)
2 13% (1,513)
1 9% (1,025)

Our customer reviews

Mythical Ireland is home to our carriers of the mark. A country that is on top of my list of places to visit, because of its wide landscapes and allurement of originality. But we aren't granted to revel in its stunning beauty for long, Megan has to face the paranormal side of her life very soon. When Megan and her father move to the green island, everything seems to come together just perfectly. She easily finds new friends, adapts well to her new school and is immediately drawn to gorgeous Adam DRís. Adam is the local boy of high romantic interest, that Megan just can't take her eyes off. He and Megan sense an instant attraction that quickly leads to more deeper feelings. But them being together promises to be hard. Adam and Megan are both marked ones who are forbidden to by physically together. Their love story is dainty, but I wouldn't declare it the story's strongest feature. The DeRís family is charismatic and sticks together like an old clan and like every family should. There wasn't one family member I wasn't fond of. Adam and his siblings Aíne, Rían and Fionn in their union made CARRIER OF THE MARK a kick-ass read characterwise. DeRís daughter Aíne is a character with best friend potential which one cannot but approve of. A certain paranormal kick is supplied by assorted elemental abilities the DeRís kids and apparently Megan possess. The teenagers don't hesitate to make use of their powers and present us with what they're capable of. Earth, air, water and fire form an essential quartet in the task to fulfill their prophesied fate. THE VERDICT 3,5/5 ***/* CARRIER OF THE MARK- An atmospheric and mystical read with the elemental powers of Ireland! Megan's story might have a complex and mythical background, even so it never entirely grabbed my full attention. CARRIER OF THE MARK is about inheritance, bearing your family's fate and learning to be your own person and to figure out what to make out of it more
by MissPageTurner
I think I've read this book before, though it was under a different name and instead of people who possessed the powers of the four elements, they were vegetarian vampires... The first half of this book is pretty much exactly the same as Twilight. Megan has just moved to a new town, and is left speechless after first laying eyes on Adam DeRis. He, continuing in the Twilight theme, is arrogant and standoffish, sticking to his siblings while at school, and of course, is devastatingly handsome. The only difference is that he also seems flustered by Megan's presence, running into a door frame on his way out of class after catching her eye. His family has a notorious history within town, and the weird things that seem to happen when they're around do nothing to dispel the rumours. After being in town a couple week, Megan has a boating accident and Adam is able to jump in and save her life, much like when Edward saved Bella from being crushed by a car. As in Twilight where Edward accompanies Bella to the hospital, and waits to speak with her once she is released, Adam is waiting for Megan when she emerges from her room. Later, on her way to a Halloween party, Megan is harassed by two drunk guys from her school. Before anything can really happen, a gust of wind picks up the two boys and throws them away from Megan. All of a sudden, Adam is there asking if she is ok. Sounds an awful lot like when Bella was saved by Edward from a group of men with sinister intentions. When they do make it to the party, Adam tells Megan that he hasn't been able to stop thinking about her since the moment he first laid eyes on her. He tells her that he was warned to stay away from her, but that he isn't strong enough (an exact quote from Edward, if memory serves) and that he feels like their destinies are inexplicably linked. And the last thing I will point out is that like in Twilight, where Alice warms to Bella while Rosalie gives her the cold shoulder, in Carrier of the Mark, Adam's twin Aine warms to Megan while his older brother Rian is quite upset with her presence. (For more Twilight comparisons, check out this review I found on Goodreads, coming from Stephanie at Book Catching - be warned, I did not check her review for spoilers!). The explanation of the Order and the history of the Mark, while interesting in concept, was laid out in one info-dumped chapter. I had to re-read it a few times, and I still don't think I fully understand the mythology. Maybe if it had been shown instead of told to me I would have made more sense of it. This left absolutely no no room for suspense, as the most important details were given in one long-winded speech from Fionn. Any remaining details that surfaced seemed to be a weak attempt at causing conflict, so we wouldn't get bored. One of these conflicts was the Order's complete rejection of Megan and Adam's relationship, as it had "apocalyptic" consequences. Unfortunately, I could care less about whether or not Adam and Megan are able to be together, as there was absolutely NO development of their love story. Their elements spoke to each other, and therefore they were destined. Shortly before the Order's condemnation of their relationship, Megan mentions that they had only been dating for two weeks and that she barely knew Adam. But then when faced with the possibility of separation from him, she exclaims: "There has to be a way I can keep the element and you too. How can I separate the two things that make me feel whole?" And a couple pages later... "Everything else paled in significance. I could not live without him. As much as it upset me to hurt the others, it was nothing compared to the stabbing pain I felt when I thought of being parted from him." Ugh. You know someone for two weeks and all of a sudden you can't live without them? Give me a break. On a side note, how many times does it have to be mentioned that she was putting on her red converses?show more
by Pretty Little Reader
Also reviewed on my blog, The Vintage Bookworm ( I've wanted to read this book the moment I saw that it was discovered through As an aspiring YA author, that really inspired me and once I read the summary, I had to read it. I checked my library catalog for weeks after it was released and finally last month I saw that it was on order and I put it on hold. It's been waiting for me to read it for a couple of weeks. I've heard mixed reviews on this book. A lot of them good, but a few that are bad. I got a little worried, but after a couple of pages in, I knew I would love this book. I had a few problems, but nothing too major. This book reminds me a little bit of A Witch in Winter. Which I did like, but not as much as I do this one. The writing flowed nicely and I was easily through with fifty pages before I knew it. The characters were fun to read about and I was really glad that Megan was strong and not a damsel in distress. She took all the information she learned about herself with maturity and didn't whine about it. And I really liked Adam. Sometimes he was a bit too good to be true, but I loved him for it. The only thing I can think of that bugged me was how easily Megan and Adam fell in love. I get that they had a connection, but it just bothered me a little bit. But don't get me wrong, I love their relationship. I'm rooting for them! Overall, this was an enjoyable read. I flew through it and I'm looking forward to the sequel. I wish I had it right now to devour! This was a unique storyline. When I read about the summary and read reviews on it, I thought they were witches. But they aren't! But there is some magic involved. I can definitely see myself re-reading this in the future, and though I do love to re-read my favorite books, I'm not necessarily a more
by Amanda
I've been contemplating on how to start this review. Lets start with the summary. Megan Rosenberg moves to Ireland when her dad gets a new job there. Her first day of school was uneventful as ever until she notices the dark and handsome, Adam DeRis staring at her like she's a piece of meat. And immediately she feels a drawn to him and him to her. Then Megan finds out that this "draw" or "captivation" towards him is more related to the supernatural that might be way too powerful and even destructive for both of them and the whole world. The beginning of the book was captivating, especially with the perfect prologue. Megan goes to a new school and meets new people and notices Mr. Hottie staring at her and she stars back. Her unmistakeable pathetic draw to this guy is cute and somewhat romantic but when we're talking about realistic love, this isn't much like that. Then again, this is fiction and appeals more to the teenage generation of our time. So I can't blame Fallon for that. Events begin to roll in and the book starts to drag. Then finally things started to become a lot more unpredictable and a little more exciting until I get this realization that I've seen all this before. The characters and parts of the story reminded me so much of (A lot of people have said this already but I can't help but say it as well) Twilight. Yes, Twilight. It started from Rosalie (Rian), then to Alice (Aine), then The Voltori (The Order) and even Carlyle (the DeRis' guardian). This realization nearly stopped me from reading the book all together and since I'm the kind to never give up (so to speak), I kept on reading. On the bright side, Fallon touched a new twist in the paranormal genre involving 'The Elements' which I found very cool and fresh. Though her characters seemed a little lacking in uniqueness, I still liked them. Especially, the crow Randel. Hes cute. :D In conclusion, the story and characters did hold some cliches and at the same time held its own unique flare that is strong enough to get you to read the next book in the series. I'm looking forward to seeing a change in Fallon's writing especially when it comes to this more
by Najla Qamber
Carrier of the Mark is a wonderful addition to the YA genre. Carrier of the Mark is a thoroughly enjoyable read and it will take you only an afternoon of your time to devour it. And you will devour it. Once you start, there is no stopping. The author created such a wide range of interesting characters, not just the main ones, but also side characters that really livened up the story. My favorite one is Caitlin. Her own boy troubles really enriched the story and she offers a welcome relief from Megan's angst over her realization of who she is and what that means for her future. The DeRis family is also a bunch of fascinating characters, they are really connected and they support each other no matter what. So that was one of the aspects of this book that I enjoyed a lot. Megan is a great main character. I generally enjoy reading about a girl who transfers to another country and finds herself out of her comfort zone and I love to read about how she tries and succeeds to adapt to her new surroundings. And Megan is one of my favorite characters to read about who has to deal with her whole life being uprooted. She just handles all the changes in her life really well, doesn't let herself be scared and uncertain, she doesn't try to fade into the background. She also has a good relationship with her dad, something that I've been missing lately in YA fiction. The only downside to this book is that the plot development and the development of Adam and Megan's relationship are too fast. Everything just happened so quickly and I often felt like there could be more to a certain event or conversation that happened in this book. Though I did like that there were no excessive descriptions of people and places. And the beginning is especially riveting as strange, unexplainable things started happening almost immediately. I really enjoyed the book, it's a fast and really good read with no dull moments in it. I am eagerly awaiting the more
by mateja
Sometimes do you feel like just getting lost in a swoon-worthy, enchanting book? Me, too. Carrier of the Mark is that kind of book. From the ominous prologue, through the very last line, this book pulled me in and carried me along on the remarkable journey of Megan Rosenberg. Carrier of the Mark has so much going for it. Starting with the characters. Megan is a lovely teen protagonist. She is sweet, slightly awkward, and has a great sense of humor. She's not perfect. She occasionally has a snarky comeback, but usually keeps the snark in her head. She is an American new to Ireland, along with it's customs and slang. Her confusion and funny reactions to the slang she doesn't understand and the names she can not pronounce had me smiling through the whole book. You would think my favorite guy in Carrier of the Mark would be Adam. And I do dig Adam, I'll get to him next. But my favorite man is Megan's dad, Caleb Rosenberg. The father/daughter relationship is so heart-warming and great to see in a Young Adult novel. So many of the fathers in these books are absent or bumbling, cartoon-ish men or distant and hateful with their child. Megan's father is loving and attentive with Megan. He's not completely clueless and that was so awesome! Now for Adam. If you like your guy to be a appropriately mysterious and aloof when first meeting, and handsome (of course), then you will fall fast and hard for Adam. He's sweet and loving, but not cheesy. Romantic, without being sleezy. Protective, but not condescending. Adam is everything you want in a Young Adult guy. As for the rest of the characters, they are all equally fabulous. If I went into all the details about why I liked each one, this review would be way too long! Megan's friends, Caitlin and Jennifer are always good for a laugh. Adam's family Fionn, Rian, and Aine (forgive me because I lack the proper character keys to type their names properly) are all equally as intriguing as Adam. Fionn just completely breaks my heart. Aine is a delight. And Rian, well, I think (and hope) we will learn a lot more about this mysterious quasi-bad boy in the future. Author Leigh Fallon did a fantastic job of creating her own spin on the "paranormal young adult" genre. The paranormal aspect of the story is completely unique. Yay! Because, let's face it. Sometimes we really need a change from the same old story. I try so hard for spoiler-free reviews, so I won't get into the details, but her background for the story is elaborate and extremely well-developed, and not overly confusing. And if you are into Irish lore and traditions, and who isn't, you will really enjoy the background story of the Carrier of the Mark. Carrier of the Mark is such an enjoyable book. I devoured it within a day. Leigh Fallon has such an ease in her story-telling, making you feel as if you are part of the world. Carrier of the Mark is paranormal Young Adult at it's finest. Favorite Quote: " 'You feel it, too. I can tell. It's more than just attraction.' His finger that was caressing my lips moved slowly to my cheek. He let it slide gently up my jawbone toward my ear, stopping there to twirl a lock of my hair in between his finger and thumb." * I received this book from Harper Teen, in exchange for an honest review. *show more
by Andrea Thompson
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